Energy Unit Vocab

Question Answer
Force (include unit of measurement) A Push or Pull Exaggerated on an object
Work (include equation unit of measurement) Work is the use of force to move an object some distance.
Wave A Disturbance that transfers energy.
Medium The material, solid, liquid, or a gas through which a wave can travel.
Crest The point where the wave is at its highest.
Trough Waves which move through water and sound like sound waves that vibrate.
Compression To push forward or to pull together.
Rarefaction Diminution in the Testing of something special, air gas.
Transverse Waves In this wave the spring coils go up and down as it passes.
Mechanical Waves which product through a matter or medium.
Electromagnetic Waves which can vacuum of outer space.
Amplitude Periodic variable is a measure of its change over a single period.
Wavelength the distance between successive crests of a wave.
Frequency Three cyclically flashing lots from lowest frequency to highest.
Hertz (Hz) is the of frequency in the rational system of units/
Wave speed The speed is the distance be given point on the wave.

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