English I Pre AP Fall Semester Review Essay

English I Pre AP Fall Semester Review Archetypes The ritual Yellow The scapegoat The hunting group Fire v. ice Magic weapon Death v. rebirth Mentor Temptress Red Green Nature v. mechanistic world Short Story Elements Conflict Climax Irony Tone Symbol Theme Foreshadowing Point of view Flashback Setting Allusion Hyperbole Connotation Vocabulary Words: know the definitions, synonyms, and antonyms Belligerent meticulous nostalgia cursory feasible Premeditated explicit uncannyskulk chivalrous Dearth temerity accede discrepancy altruistic Truculent esteem musty remiss rampant

Facile finite clemency comprise panacea Short Stories The Most Dangerous Game 1) What was the theme of this story? 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) How do you know? What happened at the end of the story? Who were the main characters? Who was the protagonist? And the antagonist? Who is the dynamic and who is the static character? There are 3 types of conflict in this story. Explain The Scarlet Ibis 9) What did Doodle’s brother think of him when he was a baby? 10) How would you characterize Doodle? And his brother? 11) Why does Doodle’s brother push him so hard to walk and run? 2) How and hy is the Scarlet Ibis a symbol for Doodle ( do not put because they are both dead) 13) Discuss Doodle’s brother’s internal conflict 14) What are the results of Doodle’s brother’s negative pride. Be specific. Don’t just tell me what but how or why. The Odyssey Books 1-12 Study Questions 1. What happens to Odysseus when he is finally able to leave Calypsos island? 2. What does Odysseus do when he is the guest of honor of King Alcinous? 3. How did Odysseus decide who would help him blind the Cyclops? 4. Why does the Cyclops not receive any assistance from his countrymen after he is attacked? 5.

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After the encounter with the Laestrogynians, how many of Odysseus’s men are left? 6. Why did Eurylochus find it difficult to speak when he ran back to Odysseus’s ship after the incident in Circe’s hall? 7. Describe Scylla’s physical appearance. 8. What is the difference between Scylla and Charybdis? 9. What does Odysseus order his men not to do on the island of Thrinakia? 10. What happens when Odysseus and his men leave Thrinakia? Books 13-23 Study Questions 1. Why does Athena disguise Odysseus as a beggar when he arrives back in Ithaca? 2. Who is the servant who assists Odysseus when he returns home? Describe Argos’s condition when Odysseus finds him. 4. What metaphor is used to describe the death of Argos? 5. How does Eurycleia recognize Odysseus? 6. Why is it ironic that Odysseus competes in the contest Penelope prepares for the suitors? 7. Which of the suitors die first? Describe the scene of his death. 8. How 9. Penelope tells Telemachus that she will recognize the beggar as Odysseus if he can do what? 10. How does Penelope try to trick Odysseus after all the suitors have been killed? The Count of Monte Cristo Review all chapter chunk powerpoints and handouts in LMS.


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