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Year 10 History Assessment Gough Whitlam was born 1 lth July 1916. In 1972 he led the labor party into government after a period of 23 years of conservative government in Australia. Major polices Gough Whitlam came to the office claiming a demand for a wide-ranging program of social reforms. In a lot of activity government – ??? Ended conscription and withdrew Australian troops from Vietnam giving students and mothers the peace of mind. ?? Launched an inquiry into education and funded government and non- overnment schools on a needs basis to provide equal and more education and resources to students. ???Recast our foreign policy by withdrawing support for South Africa, recognising China, granting independence to Papua-New Guinea and distancing Australia from USA foreign policy which proved ourselves to be more individual while maintaining strong economic links. The public lives of Gough Whitlam and his wife Margaret extend over half a century.

After serving in the Royal Australian Air Force, Whitlam Joined the Australian Labor Party in 1945. He became the Member for Werriwa in Sydneys south in 1952, retaining the seat in 11 more federal elections over the next 25 years. Whitlam led the reform of the Labor Party platform during the long years in Opposition. As Prime Minister he immediately set about implementing a reform program that included strengthening Australia’s status by making Queen Elizabeth II Queen of Australia.

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His government drew on international agreements to develop programs on human rights, the environment and conservation. Margaret Whitlam played an important role as a political and prime ministerial wife. An outspoken public speaker, broadcaster and columnist, she accompanied Gough Whitlam on his countless overseas travels. As a qualified social worker, she was particularly interested in social conditions. Their public lives continued after they left The Lodge in 1975. Mrs Whitlam died in March 2012.


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