Enhance The Competence Of Maintenance Workers And Managers Construction Essay

Building care pattern is of import to guarantee that the edifice is in good status. Building care patterns is intended to bring forth a better program where installations and equipment may be treated with attention and ever look into every clip so there is no harm and defect to the edifice. Good efficiency in edifice care patterns can bring forth energy nest eggs in usage. There are several points to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care patterns such as work agenda, good supervising, good communicating, engineering, and in conclusion heighten the competency of care workers and directors.

Efficiency in term of clip is work agenda. Work agenda is based on the work assigned to the employee to supervise the edifice so that harm and jobs can be identified more rapidly. Efficiency in good supervising is the monitoring of the machine and besides for employees. Supervision is made to guarantee that the machine is in good status and monitoring of employees is to guarantee that employees were making their occupation. Workers must hold good communicating in order to keep the image of the company. Communication non merely through meetings but besides communicating is by telephone and electronic mail. Technology besides is one manner to guarantee efficiency in the care edifice. Increasingly sophisticated engineering at the present clip can ease the undertaking of the workers to pull off the edifice. To heighten the competency of care workers and directors is to supply preparation to them. The preparation is to guarantee the efficiency of workers in manage the edifice care.

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Enhance The Competence Of Maintenance Workers And Managers Construction Essay
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Maintenance procedure purposes to guarantee that the installations in the edifice ever work good so that constructing assets can be protected. Care is a procedure that is carried out to forestall harm and mending harm to edifices. Damage occurs when the original status of a portion of the edifice is no longer working decently.

Harmonizing to British Standard Glossary of footings ( 3811:1993 ) defined care as the combination of all proficient and administrative actions, including supervising actions, intended to retain an point in, or reconstruct it to, a province in which it can execute a needed map ( Wood, 2009 ) .

In 1972, harmonizing to Department of the Environmental, the commission on constructing care commended this definition of care is work carried out in order to maintain, reconstruct or better every installation. That is every portion of the edifice, its services and surrounds to a presently acceptable criterion and to prolong the public-service corporation and value of the installation ( Wood, 2009 ) .

The efficiency in edifice care pattern is really of import to guarantee edifice in good status. There are five ( 5 ) points to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care patterns. That are following: –

Work Agenda

Good Supervision

Good Care


Enhance the competency of care workers and directors

First is work agenda. Scheduling program is necessary in constructing care. It is because to guarantee that care work can be carried out more on a regular basis. Employees who are under the care section should continuously supervise the edifice so that there is no harm or defect to the edifice.

For illustration, caput of the care section may direct an employee to work for 24 hours in conformity with the displacement. Assignment to the displacement will be distributed reasonably to all employees. Each employee will work in a period of 8 hours in response to switch. So, in a twenty-four hours have 3 displacements to be implemented by employees. This manner, constructing care can be monitored at all clip.

Besides that, to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care pattern is good supervising. Good supervising is the of import factor to guaranting efficiency in edifice care. Supervision is a direction activity undertaken to guarantee that work intended is carried out right and decently.

For illustration, the supervising should be performed on the machines that are used for constructing care. Purpose of monitoring is to do certain every machine that used to work decently map. If there are any noticeable marks which will do harm to the machine, the employee must mend the machine before harm is done to avoid the high costs to mend the machine. If harm is found on the machines, workers must mend or replace the machine rapidly so that no work is delayed due to damage to the machines.

Other supervising on the machines, the supervisor besides should supervise every work done by the workers so that they do a good occupation. Supervision is done to guarantee that all employees carry out their duties to guarantee that the edifice in good status.

Then, good communicating besides is one manner to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care. Building care workers need to pass on with the populace like the edifice direction, visitants, clients and others. So, communicating is really of import to constructing care workers as they will stand for the company they work for. If, they shown the good communicating and client satisfaction so it will lend to the companyaa‚¬a„?s image. Other than face to confront communicating, constructing care workers should besides pass on on the phone with the client to order supplies to assist fix and add-ons to the edifice. Besides that, they besides must react quickly to memos and electronic mails received. This means that communicating is really of import to constructing care workers to maintain the image of the company and besides to guarantee efficiency in edifice care pattern ( “ The Duties of a Building Maintenance Worker, ” 2012 ) .

Following is engineering. Technology in constructing care is really of import. Before the engineering is used in edifice care, a batch of work has done employees manually. After the engineering were introduced care work easier and a batch of work done by the workers replaced by machines. So, constructing care work can be done more rapidly and efficaciously. Timelines could be bettering after the engineering used. In add-on, with the coming of engineering, the development of the present can cut down labour cost. Furthermore, the mistakes in building are inevitable.

For illustration, the gondola is used by big and tall edifice to rush up the procedure of cleaning the mirror. In add-on, the usage of the gondola can cut down the hazard of hurt faced by workers. Before the gondola was introduced, mirror cleaning procedure is done by utilizing the ladder. So, this method will decelerate mirror cleaning procedure the edifice. Besides that, the hazard will be borne by the employees is really high.

Last is heightening the competency of care workers and directors. Constructing care workers should hold the preparation to keep the construction of the edifice. In add-on, they besides need to mend the harm caused to the edifice. Training in care work should be made available to employees to heighten the accomplishments of workers. Good preparation for care work purposes to heighten efficiency and productiveness of workers to pull off the edifice. Training should be continuously to guarantee that all employees have better accomplishments to pull off and keep the edifice. If employees are non trained, workers do non hold much accomplishment with the edifice mechanization system and this will do a less efficient operation.

Proper planning is needed to guarantee that the preparation plan can be made better. Planing besides determines the preparation demands of employees and to place developing aim was made. It aims to guarantee that employees follow the range of work. Good preparation can assist the edifice continues to run more smoothly and aid workers better their accomplishments.

Maintenance section should necessitate all employees to undergo care preparation every twelvemonth. Maintenance section demand to put a clip frame to be in complete preparation for workers. For illustration, the care section set 7 yearss preparation must be attended by an employee in a twelvemonth. So, constructing care workers should successfully finish of 7 yearss of developing annually.

For illustration, if a worker is non skilled plenty to manage new stuffs although the lastingness of stuffs used is really good, a edifice constructed still nit able to work at maximal efficiency. Therefore, efficient accomplishments are of import to their employees to run the edifice.


Efficiency in edifice care pattern is really of import to continue and guarantee lasting edifices constructed prior is choice and can work in good conditions, to take attention of the quality of the edifice and besides to take attention of or protect the assets available in the edifice. In add-on, the care was done to guarantee the comfort and safety of the populace as users of a edifice. Besides that, care activities play an of import function to keep the image of a edifice. So, care activities should be carried out from clip to clip to guarantee the quality of the edifice is ever good.


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