Enjoying Your Christmas Break Essay

Well finally! The time of joy & happiness is here and present, the time when school releases their students for 1 ? weeks after exams for them to welcome & enjoy their family & friends, good ‘ol Christmas/winter break. Personally, this is my favorite time of year, which supports the quote “save the best for last! ” Of course it’s awesome to just go home and chill, but when you think about it, there is so much you can fit into these 8 days.

For example, if you consider yourself an active, sociable or community loving person, find a food bank or drive and contribute your community service. Or if you know you’re going to be getting new clothes on the 25th, donate your old (But still in good condition) clothes to charity. Not to say there is anything wrong with going home, filling up on hot chocolate and donuts & watching “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” over and over again, actually I highly recommend taking a day to do nothing. A whole semester of school can take a lot out of anyone.

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Enjoying Your Christmas Break Essay
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If you feel the need to make-up for all the ‘social-time’ that school took up, do driving around to look at the lights in your neighborhood, start a new Christmas tradition, get all your friends together for a game of soccer or basketball or just hang. Go to the movies or visit your family in Nebraska (EVERYONE has family in Nebraska). But seriously, this time comes once a year and sometimes it is easy to overlook all that happened throughout the year. We all know that So much could of happened to us through these 365 days, but we made it through another one, some people call it blessings and others karma.

But whatever you believe if you take it for granted it might pass you by. For those who don’t believe in Christmas or just don’t recognize it, enjoy the winter. Enjoy your time off of school & you can still do a lot of activities this article suggests. Lastly, although I know this is a hackneyed (hackneyed means ‘overused’) saying: This time of year isn’t all about material things (Although it’s awesome to wake-up to a PS3, laptop, ipod, cell-phone, camera or money) it’s mostly about family and those you consider family.

Those friends that you lost connections/contact with (If you feel like it) take the time to R&R (Repair & Rebuild), and the same with family. Go over your past year, look at all the people you met and new friends you have made, those you lost and those that you just don’t ‘know’ anymore. Yes the saying “There is always a beginning to an End” is true, and it is sometimes hard to accept, but all you can do is move on and hope for the best.

It’s pretty sad to think about how your life would be if you were by yourself. And I honestly do believe everyone reading this article has it better than most people in today’s world. So in conclusion, all I am saying is basically chill a second and reflect on the past year because 2010 is on the other side of the break and not many people want to carry their problems from 2009 with them. It will be the start of a new decade; It’s the time of year for life, love, joy & peace.

I really don’t know what the future could possibly hold for us all, but I do believe that it can be influenced and from the best movie ever (In my humble opinion) is a quote that really stood out to me (and has been my Facebook status many times)and so I leave you to interpret this in your own way. “Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us we always have a choice. We can choose to be the best of ourselves. It’s the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what’s right. “


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