Enjoyment and stimulation Essay

2.3.5 Enjoyment and exhilaration

Exhilaration is defined as high degree of enjoyment and stimulation that has the positive emotional province ( Russell, 1980 ) . Exhilaration can besides be associated as to fulfill retail results ( Dawson, 1990 ) . Harmonizing to Lotz, Eastlick and Shim ( 1999 ) , the emotion that has been considered as the cardinal experience that attracts client to a shopping promenade is excitement. Jeong, Fiore, Niehm and Lorenz ( 2009, p.109 ) cited from ( Eroglu, Machleit and Davis, 2003 ; Mano and Oliver, 1993 ) that emotional pleasance is defined as the grade of felicity and pleasantness and rousing as the grade of stimulation, exhilaration, and alertness ; hence, dimensions of emotional pleasance and rousing may intercede consumer experiences and web site backing purpose. Similarly, as the web site ‘s shopping is more gratifying, consumers are more likely to buy a merchandise ( Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, 2004 ) .

Consumer besides associate shopping with enjoyment and exhilaration which they would believe is a merriment activity to them irrespective in an online or offline context. Enjoyment is defined as the extent to which online shopping is perceived to be personally gratifying and merriment ( Chiu, Chang, Cheng and Fang, 2009, p.767 ) . Shoppers today tend to be more leisure driven compared to the shoppers in the early 1990 ‘s ( Nicholls, Li, Kranendonk and Roslow, 2002 ) . For some consumers, shopping for dresss is fun, bask, loosen uping, pleasance or leisure. In offline shopping, consumers may tie in enjoyment and exhilaration in the shopping promenade environment with their friends or household. Harmonizing to the research of Dennis ( 2002 ) , he suggests that offline shopping will be more gratifying than on-line shopping as regarded by the consumers. Hunter, ( 2006 ) suggested that retail merchants should increase the degree of positive emotions in their shopping promenade by making an exciting and happy experience.

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The research of Millan and Howard ( 2007 ) resulted that Magyar shoppers visited shopping centres for both useful and experiential grounds ; some viewed shopping as a leisure activity accompanied by person and enjoyed looking about while carry throughing their shopping undertaking. Rajamma, Paswan and Ganesh ( 2007 ) suggested that there is a higher importance to the enjoyment facet of shopping for consumers who prefer to shop in offline shops compared to those consumers who feel comfy buying from the cyberspace. Otieno, Harrow and Lea-Greenwood ( 2005 ) stated that adult females enjoyed shopping because of the manner, tendencies, merriment, for browse, felt particular, looked good on the dresss, claimed to be “shopaholic” , retail therapy, bury other jobs, love for apparels, etc.

While in online shopping, consumers is expected to associate enjoyment and exhilaration with the experience absorbed in the buying procedure and the excitement degree is expected to originate during the merchandise bringing procedure. Harmonizing to Broekhuizen and Huizingh ( 2009 ) , on-line shopping causes enjoyment which is merriment and playful instead than from shopping undertaking completion ; clients may see the purchase of goods in on-line shopping as an experience and the sensed amusement will be regarded as enjoyment to them.

Consumers tend to shop more, prosecute in more unplanned buying and seek out more stimulating merchandises when they feel pleasant and aroused in the shopping environment ( Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, 2004 ) . Consumer ‘s purpose to return should increase as the extent a consumer associate exhilaration with an e-tailer addition ; as the psychological cost reduces, the on-line shopping experience will be more gratifying and hence creates exhilaration ( Jayawardhena and Wright, 2009 ) . Consumers will hold more positive attitude when they enjoy the experience of online shopping and are more likely to follow cyberspace as a shopping medium ; potency of amusement of online shopping will reflect consumers ‘ enjoyment ( Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, 2004 ) . From the research of Jayawardhena and Wright ( 2009 ) , it resulted that the appraisal of the e-tailing environment leads the clients to bask the shopping experiences ; they besides found that positive word of oral cavity will be created when it is influenced by the exhilaration positively.

Regardless of online or offline shopping, retail merchants should set in more attempt to make better environment so that shoppers are able to shop in positive emotions and bask the shopping procedure. The survey of Liu, He, Gao, and Xie ( 2008 ) stated that the page desigh, layout and colour lucifer will convey the first feeling to the visitants ; therefore e-tailers should plan comfy and delighting pages to pull clients and protract their stay so that it will increase the possibility of purchase.


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