Enrollment System Essay

Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background Introduction A computer based system is a system in which the computer plays a major role and this kind of system is needed by every companies and institutions nowadays. This is the best way of storing and retrieving data on a server or hard disk rather than using papers and file cabinets. This will help the registrar of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade generates a quick and efficient data they need. The Buyabod School of Arts and Trade were established on the year 2000 under the Republic Act 87130.

It is one of the prominent schools in the province that offers Vocational and Technical Education. Its primary purpose was to develop, train and equip the students not only with knowledge but also skills in turn to produce quality workforce that is highly productive and adaptable to the newly emerging trends in technology. This school consists of approximately 600 students; as a result the assigned employees need to perform their work in an efficient time with precise information in order to accommodate all the enrollees and other old students.

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The Buyabod School of Arts and Trade use a manual method in their enrollment system. As a result they encountered unexpected problems like loss of information and slow transaction. As the proponents conducted their research and analyze the existing system, they’ve decided to recommend a computer based enrollment system at that enables the faculty and administration of the school to gain a good services for every students and to address the problems that occurs because of their manual enrollment system so that institution will be one or the leading institution in the province.

Background of the Study As the rapid improvement in our technology arises today, many useful and efficient machines are being used. One example is the enrollment process from the traditional way to a computerized one. Today in our country many universities and other educational institutions are using the one step enrollment with the aid of computers or the so called computerized enrollment. Automation of the enrollment will be very helpful not only for the school but also for the students as well.

The proposed computer based enrollment system at Buyabod School of Arts and Trade was proposed in order to improve their services. The proponents conducted several studies and analyzed the existing system of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade. They found out that there are several problems encountered by the faculty when it comes to their enrollment system such as lack of man power, slow process of the transaction, missing of the student’s record and slow process in releasing the documents.

Through this implementation of hassle-free enrollment process, both the students and concerned employees will be benefited because it is faster than the traditional process of enrollment. It is also more secured because the files are being stored properly. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY As the researchers conducted an interview with the registrar of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade, they were able to gather information about the Enrollment System of this institution. This research study aims to: 1.

Study and analyze the existing enrollment system of Buyabod School of Arts and trade and develop a computer based Enrollment System that will compensate the school’s lack of manpower. 2. To develop a system that can generate quick information needed by the students. 3. Help the faculty and staff of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade to have a system that can store student’s information. 4. To eliminate of minimize the paper works and retrieve students record immediately. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The Buyabod School of Arts and Trade use manual process on their enrollment system which causes the unexpected problem.

This study aims to find answer to the following questions: 1. What are the processes involved in the existing enrollment system of Buyabod School of Arts and trade and determine whether this system demand computerization? 2. How effective is the present enrollment system of Buyabod School of Arts and trade in terms of storing and retrieving of information? 3. What difficulties are usually encountered by the existing enrollment system of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade? 4. How can these be addressed? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

Due to the increasing population of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade, this study helped the school regarding their enrollment transaction. The proposed system aimed to benefit the school in their enrollment facilities such as maintaining files and the enrollment itself. The proposed study aimed to benefit the following: The School The main beneficiary of the study is the Buyabod School of Arts and trade; they would be adapting a new innovation of technology through computerization of the enrollment system that will make their work with optimum performance.

The developed system will compensate the problem that the institution is encountering. The Registrar’s Office With regards to Registrar’s Office, the proposed system will help the school in maintaining the data of the students so that the school will not use the manual method of data gathering. The registrar can able to compute the tuition fee of the students if they have Official receipt and other fees that the students will have to pay. The Students The students will also be benefited by means of not having a hard time in falling in line and waiting for their turn to register as well as when etting some documents. The Proponents The proponents will also be one of the beneficiaries of the study since the proponents would value the importance of enhancing their skills and work performance while gaining knowledge throughout the study. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY The proposed computer based enrollment system covered the major processes in the enrollment system of Buyabod School of Arts and Trades such as: * Registration of the students and transferees. * Storing students personal information * Dropping of the students. Subject units. These are the transactions that the established system can perform. However, the system is not capable of computing student’s grade, and assigning schedule. The software that the proponents are going to use in implementing their proposed system is Visual Basic 6. 0 as a general programming language that is capable for designing complex and powerful application. Also, they are going to use Microsoft Access as the database in order to save, retrieve and update the entry. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

In able to show the relationship of the variables in the research study namely: independent and dependent variables, a research title should be designed in this way. The researchers thus; choose the title that may be taken in the technical format as follows: The improved Enrollment System and its impact to the efficiency, precise and systematic program of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade (BSAT) located at Buyabod Sta. Cruz Marinduque. The chart that follows shows the relationship of the variables in the study. Theoretical framework is relatively generalized while conceptual framework links specific variables.


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