The prostration of Enron, a multi billion dollar corporation that employed 1000s of people in the United States heightened the consciousness of Corporate Social Responsibility and moralss.

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) relates to responsible behaviour progressively taking topographic point within the relationships between concern and society. In general, CSR refers to the

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assorted duties which concern organisations may hold toward their interest holders ; in short, toward all members in society including the future members of society[ 1 ]( Leadership, Change and Responsibility.2008 ) .CSR can besides be used as an umbrella term to depict much of what is go oning in footings of moralss related activities in houses around the Earth.

The prostration of Enron triggered a wide treatment on the function of concern in society with respect to duties, legitimacy and duty. Reacting to CSR, corporations have started to show themselves in much item as “ good corporate citizens ” explicating why and how they care about a sustainable hereafter and what they do for their employees. CSR focal point on both primary and secondary stakeholders intending that the stakeholders would be affected by determinations which the company undertook.

The top leading of Enron did non exert both the Act and Rule of Utilitarianism which looks to individual actions and bases the moral judgement on the sum of pleasance or trouble the action will do in society.

The study discusses the following based on Enron film:

Whistleblower in relation to Enron dirt

How moralss were breached in Enron

Impact of the dirt

Lessons learnt and decision


Sherron Waltkins actions, in our sentiment, were absolutely orchestrated in a really ethical mode. She noticed something incorrect leery about the accounting, so she took a closer expression and did n’t merely disregard the job, when she realized the deepness of the state of affairs, she reported it to the people that could make something about it in the organisation even making the top direction, Kenneth Lay. When the company refused to move on the state of affairs, she went to the media, which forced the job to be fixed by doing stockholders to dump their investings in Enron. In her memo written to Kenneth Lay, she expressed that with Enron would non be with anything after the dirt, and she went in front despite these frights about her future employment.

Peoples lost their occupations and pensions when the intelligence came out, but that was non the mistake of the whistle blower, it was the faulty of those who forced her to take the narrative outside of the company. It was Jeffrey Skilling mistake in the first topographic point that was the unethical accounting was being done, but the company could easy hold fixed the job internally without traveling insolvent. If the Kenneth Lay had really done something about the job, portion value might hold gone down after the corrected financials came out, but the company would likely hold survived. Companies with a worse state of affairs change by reversal their lucks by replacing direction and doing their procedure more efficient.

Whistleblower in Enron dirt demonstrates the demand for important reforms in accounting and corporate administration in the United States such as Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002, every bit good as for a close expression at the ethical quality of the civilization of concern corporations in United States, and.

In decision we found that the actions of Kenneth Lay and Jeffer Skilling were clearly unethical and non justified. The whistleblower actions, on the other manus, were really ethical and represented the altruistic things that human existences are capable of making. It was really unfortunate that the Enron state of affairs occurred at all, but it is fortunate that it was exposed in a slightly timely mode and people responsible are being brought to justness.

The Enron dirt in relation to whistleblower has much for us to larn, particularly as much relates to ethical issues leaders in today ‘s organisations, most of us find that ethical determination devising at work is non merely “ the right thing to make ” but a solid concern pattern for long term sustainability. It can be ambitious, though, when the gait of an organisation quickens and of import determinations that have between right and incorrect gets blurred and ensuing ethical sweet sand verbena causes otherwise ethical persons to do bad determinations.

How moralss were breached in Enron?

Ethic is survey of morality. Ethical motives is considered to be an of import construct in making concern and holding a good moral principle means that a company has a good image. Enron is considered as one of the most famed ethic instance in the century. We could see many issues that went incorrect with in Enron from all personal and managerial position which we considered to be unethical. The grade to market accounting adopted by the new company CEO Jeffery Skilling, which meant once a long term contract was signed, they anticipated hereafters additions, the procedure anticipated Enron could enter additions from what over clip might turns out losingss, which was non wise to make and that gave a false feelings to the investors as a profitable company.

Kenneth Lay and Jeffery Skilling who were the top direction were the top list of prevaricators and cheats including Louis Borget ( the former CEO of the Enron ) who diverted the company ‘s money to his personal offshore history. Even the Enron ‘s accounting house Arthur Anderson ratified and legitimized the company ‘s scenarios and statements see its chances. The biggest deficiency of moralss of all is that Kenneth Ley and Skilling did n’t hold the unity to be able to take duty for their actions.

Andrew Fastow the main fiscal officer on the other manus is one of the most of import participants in the game of misrepresentation. He was able to plan a complex web of off balance sheet, with the double intent of raising money for the company, and besides concealing its monolithic losingss in their quarterly balance sheets. Their fiscal statements were non crystalline. This efficaciously allowed Enron to look debt free to investors and analyst, while in world it owned more than 30 billion dollars at the tallness of its debt and was really losing money.

We could besides see Kenneth Lay as the early advocator of deregulating, eager to emancipate the concern work forces from the authorities ordinances. Enron was besides the largest subscriber to the Bush run. The Enron ‘s bargainers took the full advantage of the provinces freshly deregulated market and they created the unreal energy deficit, scene which depicts this is the conversation between the bargainers, where they try to pull strings California ‘s electricity bringing system. Enron wittingly created the California crisis. There was ne’er a deficit of power in California, we could hear the Enron bargainers express joying about “ Grandma Millie ” a conjectural victim of the peal blackouts and touting about the 1000000s they made for Enron. Making false crises and inciting unneeded blackouts was so their deficiency of duty. In this scene we even see the cats express joying and doing merriment of California households will non be able to pay for electricity. The crises were made possible because of the deregulating organized by the Enron ‘s lobbyist.

The Rank and Yank procedure initiated by Jeffery skilling created a barbarous working environment in the company, every twelvemonth the employees were rated and ranked from one to five, one was the best and 5 the worst ranking and He made it mandate that 10 to 15 per centum of the employees had to be rated as 5s, and those who were rated 5 were meant to be fired from their occupations which so disrupted in holding the good working environment.

Another of import character in the film was Sherron Watkins who is considered as the whistling blower, Whistle blower really is person who sees the failings or jobs in a company and alerts the populace about it. It is said in the films that she had direct a memo to the Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay saying about the errors and jobs in the fiscal statements and even went personally to speak about the affair but was non paid attending alternatively they tried to fired her. Her memo did non make the populace until 5 months after it was written. If the top executives had listened and so started to work for the better, the company would hold done better.


Impact on the Enron Employees and Their Pensions

For Enron ‘s employees, their ruin came both as a consequence of the prostration of the company for which they worked every bit good as their ain misinformation, premises and greed. Enron ‘s stock values about doubled in one twelvemonth, albeit through illegal and unethical activities. This falsely valued stock was bought in immense sums by Enron ‘s really ain employees, who either on intent or through misrepresentation, did non inquire any inquiries about how the stock was turning so rapidly in value or what would go on when the monetary value fell ( What Really Happened.com, 2002 ) . Furthermore, many employees had their full pensions vested in Enron stock, which any fiscal analyst will state you is a formula for catastrophe in itself.

Of class, the major event that changed everything for Enron ‘s employees was the prostration of the company in a hail of legal jobs, alleged offenses, and finger pointing. When Enron crashed, employees were affected in several ways. Most obvious is the loss of employment for about 20 1000 ( 20,000 ) extremely skilled and good paid employees, who were forced to seek to happen work elsewhere virtually nightlong. To add abuse to injury, many of these employees besides had their life nest eggs wholly invested in Enron stock which was now worthless. Unemployed and ruin, many Enron employees saw their whole life come undone when it came to illume precisely what Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling had in fact done.

The impact on the United States

Enron affected the United States in several of import ways, in add-on to the single employees themselves. If anything positive can be said about the Enron dirt, it is that the dirt itself heightened consciousness of the importance of unity in Accounting and concern in general, and led to the creative activity of new precautions to do certain that something like this would non go on once more, or at least non to the full extent of the Enron harm.

Ethically talking, the dirt led to what is possibly one of the most important pieces of statute law associated with the inadvertence of corporate ethics- The Sarbanes/Oxley Act which sets guidelines and demands for Accounting, fiscal revelation, the ethical behaviour of corporations, and the similar ( McCrie, 2001 ) . With this statute law in topographic point, the promise exists for the riddance, if non entire obliteration of corporate fraud as was so blatantly practiced by the Enron squad.

Another major impact of the dirt was the outgrowth of the California power crises. Two yearss of turn overing blackouts in June 2000 marked the beginning of California ‘s energy crisis which was straight caused by manipulative energy trading, harmonizing to a twelve former bargainers for Enron and its challengers.

The blackouts left more than 100,000 concerns and residential clients in the dark for parts of two yearss, at bay people in lifts and close down some offices of hi-tech companies such as Cisco Systems and Apple Computer, every bit good as chipmaking workss, bing 1000000s of dollars in lost gross.

The Impact on Stock Market

The Stock Market was besides extremely influenced by the Enron dirt ; while it was excessively late for the Enron investors, the clang of Enron ‘s stock sent out a loud message to all stock investors that it was highly of import to take a closer expression at the stocks that one already owned, every bit good as any that they were sing buying from that point frontward. On the enforcement side of the Stock Market, the Securities and Exchange Commission tightened its clasp on publically traded stock every bit good as the companies that issue them, efficaciously raising the saloon for the behavior of stock trades from that point frontward ( Thomas, 2002 ) . Net consequence, it can be said that in yet another sarcasm, Enron did in fact lead to the protection of more stock investors than it originally hurt, although those who were hurt can ne’er be made wholly whole one time once more after the awful experiences of Enron. The dirt, as already discussed resulted in monolithic loss of stockholders investing.

Impact on the Outside World

The dirt did non merely impact the U.S and its economic system but besides had major impact on the outside universe where of all time Enron found itself. Below are some of the effects.

In the Dominican Republic, eight people were killed when constabularies were brought in to squelch public violences after blackouts enduring up to 20 hours followed a power monetary value hiking that Enron and other private houses initiated. The local population was farther enraged by allegations that a local affiliate of Arthur Andersen had undervalued the freshly privatized public-service corporation by about $ 1 billion, harvesting tremendous net incomes for Enron.

In India, constabulary hired by the power pool of which Enron was a portion round non-violent dissenters who challenged the $ 30 billion agreement-the largest trade in Indian history-struck between local politicians and Enron.

The president of Guatemala tried to fade out the Congress and declare soldierly jurisprudence after rioting ensued, following a monetary value hiking that the authorities deemed necessary after selling the power sector to Enron.

In Panama, the adult male who negotiated the request monetary value for Enron ‘s interest in power production was the brother-in-law of the caput of the state ‘s state-owned power company. Rioting followed intuitions of corruptness and Enron ‘s monetary value hikings and power outages at that place, excessively.

In Colombia, two politicians resigned amid accusals that one was seeking to force a bargain-priced trade for Enron on the state-owned power company.

Impact on Customer and Suppliers

Last, the dirt had monolithic impact on Enron ‘s provider and clients. Customer who depended on Enron for electricity in California for illustration, suffered badly due to monetary value hikings in electricity. Many concerns had to shut down since power was cut for two yearss. Again, many people even lost their lives through accidents as a consequence of the power cut since traffic visible radiations were non working and others besides died through asphyxiation in lifts. Supplier on the other manus had, likely after losing so much, had to happen a new client which is clip devouring and dearly-won.

Lesson Learnt from Enron and decision

Enron instance reminds us how of import moralss and CSR are in concern. It does non count anymore who is responsible for the instance, but the more of import thing is how we prevent this instance from go oning once more in the hereafter.

In general, there are many parties can larn from Enron instance. They are the organisation itself including the top direction and all of its employees, authorities as authorised organic structure to command and modulate corporation, hearers, and investors.

We learn some cardinal points from the instance as follows:


Leadership is of import for a company because a leader can act upon many people in the organisation and directs them wherever he/she wants to travel, particularly if he/she is the magnetic leader. However, ( magnetic ) leader without moralss and unity is unsafe. They will destroy the company or organisation in the hereafter although he/she may convey success at get downing. Leaderships must hold unity, and non compromise the unity and corporate values with something else even for the benefit of organisation in the short or long term.

More rigorous regulations and ordinance.

Government and/or authorized organic structure should hold more rigorous regulations and ordinance, near monitoring to the company particularly for public companies. Legislator or policy shaper should believe as condemnable and anticipate offense because there are many unethical smart people who can take benefit from others while they may non be cognizant they are going victims of rip offing. The larceny is frequently one measure in front than the constabulary. However, CSR and moral duty go beyond jurisprudence and ordinance. Law and ordinance conformity is merely the minimal threshold, and companies are expected to make more. They should see the moral duty in all actions even if they already have met all the regulations and ordinances.

Take into history all stakeholders ‘ involvements.

All determinations of the company will impact many stakeholders hence they should see the impacts of their determinations to stakeholders. In many state of affairss, the company can non maximise their net income because it means cost for other stakeholders. The position of utilitarianism can be applied where any determination or action of the company should convey the greatest sum of good consequence for the people affected. In other words, this means moral imaginativeness, to believe in front what the deductions are of their actions on stakeholders in the hereafter.

Work clime or organisation civilization.

Every employee of the company from lower degree to exceed direction should be responsible if something goes incorrect in the company, non merely seek to delight his or her foreman particularly if it is related to unethical determination. This can be realized if merely the company has a strong positive civilization where unity, trust, transparence and openness are put as precedence. From the position of organisation, the corporate civilization including corporate values should non merely nice on the paper like in Enron. They should implant the values into all employees mind and behavior, look for the suited people to be employed from the beginning, and East and beef up the values continuously.

Tax return on investing

Investors either single or institution investor should be really careful with their investing, non merely look into the high return or net income. They should be alert when an investing promises ace normal return, and look into carefully how the net income comes. Investors should besides be responsible if they suspect that companies cheat.


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