Enterprise Rent A Car Case Analysis Commerce Essay

With a huge web of over 6,000 rental locations and 850,000 autos, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the largest rental auto company in the United States. In fact, based on these statistics entirely one can measure Enterprise as a success narrative. Indeed, the company offers a unique and client friendly service such as picking up clients and taking them to the rental office. Enterprise has developed many assets that provide competitory advantages, such as proprietary computing machine applications. The company carefully cultivates and trains its employees in a methodological analysis that is extremely utile for its concern while besides having awards from equal organisations. By concentrating on local rental chances, Enterprise has successfully continued turning its concern against challengers such as Avis and Hertz, while maintaining up with current tendencies. At the same clip, the company has been able to open up more chances through its recent growing of the auto sharing market. Additionally, the concern theoretical account that Enterprise runs can be deemed mostly successful as it has been able to carry through many of the ends that Enterprise has established.

Furthermore, as popularized through its now celebrated commercials, “ We ‘ll pick you up ” Enterprise has been able to show its doctrine to its client base. This slogan clearly states that at its nucleus, Enterprise is all about client service, doing rental easier for its clients by picking clients up and taking them to the rental office. Yet this lone scratches the surface in footings of understanding the wide and effectual client service plans that Enterprise employs. In fact, through extended research, Enterprise has learned that client trueness was driven non merely by merely the thought of client satisfaction, but by guaranting that clients were so wholly satisfied.

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Enterprise Rent A Car Case Analysis Commerce Essay
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This differentiation between satisfaction and complete satisfaction was as consequence of Enterprise ‘s client service researched that revealed local tenants ranked evaluations for completed satisfaction based on three standards such employees ‘ attitude and helpfulness, velocity of the dealing every bit good as the cleanliness of the vehicle. If 70 % of the clients were wholly satisfied ( look intoing off all three standards ) so such clients were deemed as wholly satisfied and likely to be repetition clients where as if the satisfaction figure was at 22 % , this meant these clients are less likely to be repeat clients of Enterprise. Therefore in this manner, complete satisfaction meant repetition concern for Enterprise. In fact, a entire committedness to finish client satisfaction is engrained within the Enterprise civilization, and is best exemplified by the Enterprise Service Quality Index, a proprietary appraising tool designed by Enterprise to mensurate client satisfaction.

Enterprise besides has sought competitory advantage by developing tools and assets that its competition failed to double. In fact, from early in its history, Enterprise has chosen to concentrate on local leases, go forthing airdrome leases as the focal point of a big figure of its rental rivals. Enterprise has dominated the insurance rental market non merely by using for and going preferable suppliers, but besides because the company has provided its clients ‘ insurance companies a direct interface into Enterprise reserve system, authorising the insurance companies to do reserves for their clients. Therefore, in this manner, the company basically has invested to a great extent to make its clients ‘ insurance companies their ain proprietary package reserve system, leting them to provide the specific features most needful tailored to their demands while besides avoiding the licensing fees and other challenges associated with a 3rd party package application.

The company is really choosey with the types of employees it hires, and considers its employees and developing plan to be of critical importance. The preparation of forces by Enterprise Begins at enlisting, with an outlook that each employee will easy lift through the ranks of the company by gaining each measure they take. This provides the employees with a full apprehension of how Enterprise prefers to make concern and a full committedness to the eight establishing values of the company. There is a clear publicity way that is laid out before them, so employees understand at all times that they have a hereafter with the company every bit long as they are willing to work for it. Employees are empowered at Enterprise, as the company views each subdivision location as a separate, semi-autonomous small company within their web. Although a high turnover rate would be of concern to most companies that experience the degree of turnover that Enterprise does, the Enterprise concern theoretical account is such that because the company places its employees in such a competitory environment, higher turnover is expected and is accounted for through extra enlisting attempts. Therefore Enterprise feels that this makes its employees more driven to win, thereby achieving higher degrees of public presentation as a consequence.

From a competitory point of view, both Avis and Hertz have made attempts to come in the local auto rental market that Enterprise dominates. It is difficult to see how these two companies can be about every bit successful in this market as Enterprise because of the company ‘s alone placement with insurance companies as a preferable supplier. Equally long as Enterprise maintains this place and continues to tap into new growing schemes such as shared auto leases, it should be successful in keeping its leading position within the local rental class.

In add-on, auto sharing is a current growing market that many companies such as Enterprise and Hertz and puting into in order to turn. There are multiple considerations that explain the involvement of this section to clients, such as environmental considerations of cut downing auto ownership, less disbursal for leasing a few hours versus yearss, and convenience for those who do non wish or necessitate to hold a auto full clip. In countries such as big metropoliss or college universities, the entreaty is really clear and important. With the largest web of local auto lease offices, Enterprise should hold easier entree to this new market since the can easy offer auto sharing option as an added service to clients from their existing locations. In fact, both Hertz and Enterprise are developing contracts with universities, corporate campuses, and municipalities. Therefore, Enterprise should go on this enlargement in order to accomplish a leading position within this rental class.

In order to decently measure the Enterprise Rent-A-Car concern theoretical account and find its success, the Enterprise Service Quality Index ( ESQi ) was developed through extended client research. ESQi evaluates each location subdivision in its ability to present complete client satisfaction. This index provides a specific measuring for each location subdivision through surveying of clients. In this manner, the subdivisions are basically put into competition with each other, and compensation is based partly on public presentation standards. Enterprise strives to accomplish balance across its subdivisions to stay consistent with regard to client service. The chief end of the company is to increase the figure of clients who are described as wholly satisfied. Therefore, based on both standards, Enterprise is considered to be effectual in its client service attempts. In fact, within a 10 twelvemonth period, the ESQi index increased from 67 % to 80 % for those clients considered wholly satisfied. In add-on, the spread between the best service and worst service subdivision locations narrow from 20 eight points to nine points over the same clip period.

Furthermore, tools and assets can be evaluated based on the success of gross revenues and accomplishment of client satisfaction. Human resources methodological analysis such as hiring and preparation were besides assessed through employee keeping, industry awards and employee accomplishments. Furthermore, Enterprise has continued successfully in hammering in front in the local auto section based on the company ‘s market growing and incursion. Of class, how effectual Enterprise will be in the turning auto sharing market remains to be seen, although at this point the success rate can easy be determined by what has been accomplished, and how good Enterprise is positioned to travel frontward. Based on the current rating, the company has been successful therefore far in these countries every bit good.

Other tools and assets that are considered to hold made a difference at Enterprise such as associating and authorising insurance companies that use Enterprise as its preferable supplier to the company ‘s reserve system, proprietary package that runs the Enterprise reserve system, and the company ‘s focal point on client service through proprietary package applications. Enterprise holds a dominant place in the insurance auto market, enabling insurance companies to better function their clients. The proprietary package better services clients as it is wholly customized to the Enterprise concern theoretical account. This proprietary package besides provides extra services to the insurance companies by supplying direct entree to the position of fix work on vehicles, advising them when fix work is complete and take downing their auto lease disbursals as a consequence. In these ways, Enterprise has so efficaciously reached its aim.

Employee keeping is a possible issue for Enterprise. While the company does counterbalance through extra enlisting attempts, twenty five per centum of new hires leave the company after six months, doubtless increasing enlisting costs. On the other manus, Enterprise is considered among the top 50 companies to establish a calling by Businessweek magazine, and the company has articulated a clear calling path that provides employees with cognition that there is a hereafter at Enterprise. Another of import consideration is employee accomplishments. The company does supply many awards and acknowledgment for those employees who are considered to hold achieved excellence and it is noteworthy that many of the company ‘s service inventions were created by subdivision directors and their squads. One such invention that was created in the field is what arguably Enterprise is best known for, which is picking up clients and conveying them to the rental office. Enterprise is considered effectual in this class every bit good, although it would be a good thought for Enterprise to increase its effectivity by researching ways to increase employee keeping, possibly through extra direction preparation and carry oning internal studies to find the right class of action in this kingdom.

Additionally, Enterprise ‘s continued success in the local auto market is virtually ensured through its close partnership with insurance companies and position as a preferable supplier. The extra services Enterprise has provided to the insurance companies, such as entree to its reserve system and the ability to look into on the position of auto fixs, augment their place in this market. Indeed, in this manner Enterprise has a cardinal strength in the local auto section and its concern theoretical account has been really effectual.

Furthermore, the auto sharing market has proven to be an country of growing for Enterprise, holding successfully brought on tonss of spouses such as universities, corporate campuses, and metropoliss. There are rivals such as Zipcar that are larger in this section, yet such rivals are presently non profitable. Hertz is besides turning in this country and they appear to hold a larger presence at this point than Enterprise. Of class, although Enterprise has been effectual at spread outing into this new country whether the company can go on to be effectual still remains to be seen.

While non a direct portion of the rating, there are other touchable advantages within the concern theoretical account of Enterprise. As the largest rental auto company in the United States, Enterprise enjoys the position of industry leader, and perceptually there are advantages to this position. Historically Enterprise has maintained really low operating expense in many types of disbursals, which is achieved through limited national advertisement and employee inducements to maintain operational costs down. Finally, in concurrence to insurance local lease market, Enterprise besides has enjoyed a big portion of the leisure discretional rental market. Enterprise ‘s swift direction plan is besides alone and advantageous, as this plan handles the gross revenues of its ain used lease autos without being locked into a specific auto maker for new auto purchases like most of rivals.


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