Entrepreneurial Management In Marks And Spencer Commerce Essay

The issue of entrepreneurial direction is utterly of import for any administration, as it is responsible for the realization of strategic programs and concern aims by agencies of the human resources available for a company. This study discusses the positions and challenges of entrepreneurial direction in Marks & A ; Spencer and peculiarly the issue of the relationship with human resources. The analysis of the job relies on the theoretical accounts of organizational design context, organizational civilization and entrepreneurial accomplishments.

The writer explores and analyses the alterations that the organisational has undergone in respects to M & A ; S ‘s organizational construction and how their civilization has been formulated. The necessary constituents of nucleus managerial accomplishments and competences have been discussed in-line with M & A ; S ‘s entrepreneurial activities. These factors have been evaluated and recommendations have been made.

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Entrepreneurial Management In Marks And Spencer Commerce Essay
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The writer concludes that on the one manus, the recent decrease of the degrees in the organizational construction of M & A ; S is good for the company as the communicating between the degree, transparence and overall effectivity addition. On the other manus, precise hierarchy and centralization ( mechanistic construction ) make the company inflexible and hard to accommodate. Besides tight environmental conditions and the current strategic aims emphasise the demand for organizational acquisition and professional development for both common employees and directors, which should be oriented to develop their bing entrepreneurial accomplishments. The writer states that M & A ; S should honor the most active and progressive directors making motive by all agencies. It is recommended that the organizational construction is flattened farther, managerial control and communicating should be improved to guarantee better public presentations of M & A ; S and that the company should move in a more advisory mode.

2. Case Study: Marks & A ; Spencer

The company Marks & A ; Spencer ( M & A ; S ) was founded by Michael Marks in 1884. Michael ab initio opened a stall at Leeds Kirkgate market that sold assorted points such as nails, prison guards, soap and wooden spoons for a penny each. In 1893 Michael decided to return back to his place paths in Manchester, and set up a store downstairs from where he lived. He decided to seek a concern spouse ; the concern spouse being Thomas Spencer.

Today, M & A ; S is the largest UK retail merchant with 600 domestic mercantile establishments. Furthermore, the company is presented in over 40 other states ( 294 foreign mercantile establishments ) . Marks & A ; Spencer concentrates preponderantly of vesture and nutrient retailing, which constitute 49 % and 51 % of its concern severally. The company offers fashionable, high quality and great value vesture, every bit good as giving clients the chance to buy nutrient that is of outstanding quality that has been responsibly sourced from about 2,000 providers globally. The company has grown well throughout the old ages ; the company way and schemes have been manipulated to provide for the demands and desires of their existing and possible client base and other stakeholders such as the employees, community, providers, stockholders and so forth. M & A ; S believes that their company values of Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust are non freshly established, and province that they are the rules that the concern was founded ( M & A ; S, 2010 ) .

More than 75,000 are employed by the house all over the universe. In 2009, gross of M & A ; S was equal to ?9,062 million ; net income constituted ?506 million. The company ‘s profitableness has been much higher prior to the recession. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange ( LSE ) and is included in the FTSE 100 Index ( M & A ; S, 2009 ) . The portion monetary value reached its extremum in 2007, and took a dramatic autumn in 2008.

M & A ; S has a assortment of rivals runing from the chief supermarket groups, to specializers in manner and homeware. The competitory environment has changed in recent old ages due to the rise of place shopping, and more consumers buying merchandises from catalogues and the Internet. M & A ; S have to vie on monetary value, what they have to offer, the lifting outlooks of the consumers and on the in-store experience.

M & A ; S ‘s direction recognise the demand to make concern in an ethical manner ; to supply merchandises and services to excite public involvement and to stay by legislations/regulations such as consumers rights, environmental regulations and other Industry ordinances.

Management have attracted 21 million people sing the shops each hebdomad by their entrepreneurial executions through their determination devising procedures by moving competitively and innovatively, besides by distinguishing themselves from their rivals in the retail industry by what they have to offer and by their strong ethical stance. The organizational design, organizational civilization and the entrepreneurial accomplishments that the direction possess have contributed to M & A ; S ‘s success in recent old ages. Management have been able to descry chances foremost were other rivals have n’t, or have non been fast plenty to move ; such as in 2002 M & A ; S announced that it was the first of all time retail merchant to utilize merely free-range eggs in all of their merchandises, in 2005 M & A ; S ‘s Cafe Revive were the first UK Coffee concatenation to offer Fair-Trade tea and java as standard, and in 2008 by going the first retail merchant to take all unreal coloring material and flavorers from their full nutrient and soft drinks range ( M & A ; S, 2008 ) . M & A ; S employees may therefore experience a sense of satisfaction for working for a good established, strongly ethical and successful company, therefore potentially bettering their co-operation and motivational degrees.

Stuart Rose, the Chairman/Chief Executive of M & A ; S expressed that the company has a cardinal end in everything they do: “ to construct a sustainable concern for the long term, bring forthing stockholder value through consistent, profitable growing whilst doing certain that clients can swear them to make the right thing. ” Rose provinces that clients of M & A ; S have “ told us that despite the impact of the recession our committedness to the environment and trading reasonably is still of import to them ” ( M & A ; S, 2009 ) . M & A ; S have planned aspirations to fulfill the general populace by disputing themselves with the execution of Plan A, “ taking to go the universe ‘s most sustainable major retail merchant by 2015 ” that could besides turn out to be a factor that encourages client trueness and aid set uping a competitory advantage. Plan A was launched in January 2007 and is a five twelvemonth eco-plan which has a positive part to the environment and society in every facet of how M & A ; S do concern so that they grow in a sustainable manner.

The program addresses challenges across five countries: Climate alteration, waste, sustainable natural stuffs, just spouse and wellness ( hypertext transfer protocol: //plana.marksandspencer.com ) .

M & A ; S has a criterion centralised organizational construction that is characteristic to the bulk of the UK multiple retail merchants. The administration construction is perpendicular ( Whitehead, 1994 ) . M & A ; S has moved to a new flatter construction late, which implies the decrease of organizational beds in the construction ( Varley, 2006 ) ; this therefore makes the administration faster to comprehend any alterations and respond to them. Due to the administration holding a big complex construction, M & A ; S have to guarantee that managerial control and communicating throughout the hierarchy is efficient and effectual to seek guaranting high employee morale and motive, therefore a more efficient and effectual work force to run into M & A ; S ‘s strategic aims. This is a cardinal job country that M & A ; S need to concentrate on. The construction of the hierarchy is complex ; hence employees ‘ attitudes and values may merely be conveyed to the employees ‘ line director. This reflects the importance of communicating in M & A ; S between the perpendicular degrees of authorization. The leading manner is bossy ; the concern determinations are typically made and influenced by direction merely with a deficiency of audience of the employees. Consultation could give employees acknowledgment, motive and a sense of belonging/need.

The recession has had direct consequence on M & A ; S in footings of profitableness and their entrepreneurial thought in determination devising procedures, due to the serious nature and possible negative associations that can follow from such an economic downswing. In October 2008 Stuart Rose stated that “ Consumer assurance remained delicate and the retail environment was unpredictable ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //business.timesonline.co.uk ) ; this implementing company direction to move in an entrepreneurial manner, by being watchful and moving quickly in the best involvements of the administration and its stakeholders. M & A ; S ‘s direction realise that there is an importance of holding the ability to descry any chances available ; in the range to better client trueness and assurance in the trade name to try to get the better of the negative side effects of the recession and helping the creative activity of stability/prosperity for the company.

Harmonizing to Morgan ( 2001 ) the corporation provides the preparation of proficient accomplishments and concern competences of their employees. Afterwards, the effectiveness analysis of the acquisition is conducted within six months ( Schutt, 2006 ) . The acquisition procedure is necessary for the direction to develop entrepreneurial accomplishments to take the work force in an effectual, appropriate and motivational mode.

In January 2009 direction announced that they were to cut costs by cut downing their work force by 1000 staff members across the retail shops, caput office and their support maps ( www.telegraph.co.uk ) . This reflects the demand for rigorous direction of the work force and certain restraints to be implemented in such a dynamic environment to run into short/long term company objectives.

The company comprehend the demand to guarantee that there is a focussed balance between each of the stakeholders ‘ demands and desires ; forfeits such as these cost film editing steps have been implemented in efforts to outweigh fiscal uncertainness. Harmonizing to Stiegert and Kim ( 2009 ) the wagess and fillips for the employees in M & A ; S have been reduced well with the coming of the planetary fiscal crisis ; which could be damaging for the work forces ‘ future efficiency, motive and morale ; therefore potentially impacting client satisfaction degrees.

M & A ; S strive to fulfill stakeholders through the use of the direction squad and their employees. They emphasise the demand for effectual managerial control in-line with company aims ; for the employees to cognize the deduction of their occupation specifications to supply efficiency that may lend to a competitory advantage being established for M & A ; S. The result of this procedure will make up one’s mind the company ‘s future competitory stance in their market.

3. Context of Organisational Design

Harmonizing to Ferrell ( 1979 ) and Gibson et Al. ( 2003 ) , the impression of organizational design is straight associated with the creative activity of formal relationship, functions and procedures within an administration. The research worker has chosen the theoretical account that describes the context of organizational design, since it is necessary to analyze the model and conditions of the direction procedure and directors ‘ functions within Marks & A ; Spencer from the really beginning. Harmonizing to Stanford ( 2005 ) , the theoretical account of the context of organizational design is quintuple, where all the constituents are reciprocally influenced.

Figure: Context of Organisational Design

Beginning: Stanford, 2005

The context of organizational design in Marks & A ; Spencer can be presented as follows:


M & A ; S has a criterion centralised organizational construction that is characteristic to the bulk of the UK multiple retail merchants. Marks & A ; Spencer does non possess any fabrication installations in Great Britain. This means that the success of this retail concern is determined by greater centralization. The company has a perpendicular construction ( Whitehead, 1994 ) . M & A ; S has moved to a new flatter construction late, which implies the decrease of organizational beds in the construction ( Varley, 2006 ) . The composing of the second-layer direction squad is the undermentioned: human resources, international concern, retail, IT and logistics, nutrient, shop selling and design, ware, finance and operations, selling ( M & A ; S, 2009 ) .

It can be argued that such hierarchy and the decreased figure or degrees in the organizational construction to be an advantage ( mechanistic construction ) . The communicating between the beds is better arranged, undertakings and duties are clearly defined, which is the key to stableness. However, it may be argued that the whole administration is less flexible and adaptative as in the instance of organic construction. This deals preponderantly with the enterprise of lower rank directors.


Harmonizing to the size, Marks & A ; Spencer can be classified as a big concern, since the company employs more than 75,000 people all over the universe ( M & A ; S, 2010 ) . Huge size implies extensive hierarchy from the CEO to a common worker ( Coe, 2004 ) . Despite the fact that organizational construction has been flattened late, it is complicated anyhow. Huge size obliges M & A ; S to province and restate precise duties on a regular footing. The fulfillment of responsibilities raises the job of advanced managerial control.


The environment in which Marks & A ; Spencer operates can be characterised as complex. The company is to esteem consumer rights, operate harmonizing to the ordinances in the industry and comply with environmental regulations such as waste control ( Bevan, 2001 ) . Furthermore, M & A ; S is responsible to supply timely wages and rewards to its employees ( Jones and Simmons, 1990 ) . Furthermore, the company is to set to recent societal alterations, which imply that the UK occupants tend to pass more clip online than out-of-doorss. It is valid to reason that such a complex environment makes the direction procedure within M & A ; S more hard. Better entrepreneurial accomplishments are required from the top direction. And more sophisticated schemes should be used. It can be argued that in such conditions, there is a pressing demand for greater integrating of the sections of Marks & A ; Spencer.


The engineerings implemented in Marks & A ; Spencer would be instead characterised as everyday engineerings. Being of a apparels and nutrient retail merchant, the company faces automatic and often repeated procedures and undertakings. Very few employees are required to show a originative attack to their duties ( non-routine engineerings ) ( Dobson et al. , 2004 ) . It may be argued that everyday engineerings in M & A ; S can be explained by the considerable hierarchical organizational construction. In such a instance the presence of bureaucratism is inevitable. It is valid to reason that the bing bureaucratic organizational construction should be improved by a more originative direction procedure. This requires better entrepreneurial accomplishments from the directors themselves. But this will enable to upgrade the inter-level communicating quality.


Corporate scheme is rather a wide impression, but it can be stated that the cardinal aims of M & A ; S is to stress its ain trade name, to better the vesture section in order to make the balance between nutrient and vesture retail. Furthermore, the company seeks to better the line of Home & A ; Beauty in its retail shops, to speed up the programme of shop reclamation, better the supply concatenation and start to utilize the infinite in mercantile establishments more efficaciously ( M & A ; S, 2009 ; M & A ; S, 2010 ) . In May 2008 a imperativeness release stated that international gross revenues and net incomes were up by 16.8 % and 33 % ( hypertext transfer protocol: //news.bbc.co.uk ) ; it could be suggested that M & A ; S are trusting to get the better of some failings of the UK ‘s current economic clime with geographical variegation by increasing shops internationally.

As it is seen, these concern strategic issues require optimization and rationalization of the bing waies. This means that M & A ; S is to supply professional preparation and organizational acquisition for its employees. Harmonizing to Morgan ( 2001 ) the corporation provides the preparation of proficient accomplishments and concern competences of their employees. Afterwards, the effectiveness analysis of the acquisition is conducted within six months ( Schutt, 2006 ) .

It may be argued by the writer that the discussed strategic orientation of M & A ; S requires more specialized preparation of the employees. Furthermore, the preparation should non be academic by nature, but it must be integrated into the practical fulfilment of duties. It is supposed that larning groups should be organised within sections and the squad work is to be emphasised in such acquisition. The theoretical account of organizational design context can be criticised for the fact that it does non take into history the dimension of industry. Retail industry, in which Marks & A ; Spencer is engaged, is attributed to legion specific characteristics that do matter in the facets of organizational acquisition, entrepreneurial accomplishments and competencies. First of wholly, this industry is customer-oriented ( Stanford, 2005 ) . Second, the whole construction should be aimed to supply a stable and high-quality service. From this point of view, civilization of communicating, fast reaction between the organizational beds and strong leading are sufficient.

4. Organizational Culture

The Organizational Culture theoretical account presented by Pinches ( 1999 ) can be illustrated by agencies of the undermentioned strategy:

Figure: Organizational Culture

Beginning: Pinches, 1999

The theoretical account of organizational civilization has been chosen for treatment because it embraces a broad scope of direction classs associated with the company. It is possible to discourse leading manners, controls and wagess in organizational procedures. Managerial moralss and inter-industry particulars are besides included into the theoretical account ( Pinches, 1999 ) . As it was mentioned, the old theoretical account lacked these industry-related issues. However, the model was formulated on the foundation of “ really cardinal premises about how administrations work and how they are managed ” ( Cameron and Quinn, 2006 ) ; these premises may non be true of all administrations in pattern ; the theoretical account besides represents that each of the four inputs are of equal importance in prescribing civilization, this may non ever be the instance.

Organizational procedures:

Discoursing the leading styles in Marks & A ; Spencer it is rather hard to generalize since different directors can take different leading depending on personal penchants, educational background and experience. Nevertheless, the top directors of the company have been numerously characterised in the yesteryear as holding an bossy leading manner ( Williams, 1992 ) . This means that with such province of personal businesss the authorization of directors is high, but the liberty of sections, groups and persons in the decision-making procedure is low ( Messick and Kramer, 2005 ; Mullins, 2007 ) . This is partly explained by the centralized perpendicular construction with considerable figure of beds. It is hard to judge whether this manner is the best 1 for M & A ; S, but it is valid to presume that it contributes to bureaucratism, lower motive and absence of the necessity of personal development of employees. Hence, the direction can be at least recommended to better the liberty of the originative sections. The employees engaged in non-routine engineerings should be managed consultatively.

Harmonizing to Stiegert and Kim ( 2009 ) the wagess and fillips for the employees in M & A ; S have been reduced well with the coming of the planetary fiscal crisis. A imperativeness release in May 2008 stated that “ shop squads are set to portion ?12.8 million ” ; the old twelvemonth M & A ; S paid a record of ?91 million in fillips to its 75,000 staff ( hypertext transfer protocol: //investmentmarkets.co.uk ) . This could bring forth negative consequence on the motive and productiveness of the forces. It can be argued that the corporation should happen the possibility to honor the most active and progressive directors and employees. However, Stuart Rose believes M & A ; S are “ anticipating market conditions to stay hard for the foreseeable hereafter and are pull offing the concern consequently. Tight stock control and direction of costs are priority ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //corporate.marksandspencer.com ) The company announced cuts of 1000 occupations in January 2009 ; this could make uncertainness in the work force that may take to a deficiency of motive, morale and increase absenteeism degrees due to emphasize and anxiousness.

Cognitive procedures:

One of the strongest characteristics of M & A ; S is that the company supports professional moralss. This characteristic refers to both the employees and clients of the company. Managerial determinations and actions can non belie to the bing ordinances ( M & A ; S, 2010 ) . However, the procedure of strategic thought is perpendicular as in the instance of organizational construction. It is valid to reason that lower rank directors should be involved into the procedure of strategic thought.


Group member behavior in Marks & A ; Spencer can be described as traditional teamwork. This sort of member and director behavior is characteristic to centralized perpendicular organizational constructions ( Morgan, 2001 ) . Such signifier of behavior implies lower control by group members and greater control by group facilitators. Again, the company can be criticised for increased control over employees and rigorous models in which the employees have to execute their maps.


The values of Marks & A ; Spencer are the undermentioned: quality, service, invention, trust and committedness towards employees and valued people ( M & A ; S, 2010 ) . The execution of Plan A strives to run into the environmental concerns of the company, employees and clients, promoting people to populate a greener life style ( M & A ; S, 2010 ) . Human resources are among the highest values of the company. However, such way is to be confirmed by the practical actions of the corporation.

5. Entrepreneurial Skills

Another theoretical account that can be applied to characterize Marks & A ; Spencer is the entrepreneurial accomplishments theoretical account. It has been chosen for the treatment because it vividly illustrates the necessary constituents of nucleus managerial accomplishments and competences developing that return topographic point within the company to lend towards organizing the administrations civilization and design. However though, “ research to find whether identifiable relationships exist between the public presentation of the house, the larning manner of the administration and organizational competency does non supply clear statistically important relationships and farther work is clearly needed ” ( Chaston et al, 1999 ) .

Harmonizing to Nuthall ( 2010 ) , the theoretical account of entrepreneurial accomplishments can be presented as follows:

Figure: Entrepreneurial Skills

Beginning: Nuthall, 2010

Entrepreneurial skills- The necessary constituents of nucleus managerial accomplishments and competences:

Research and pattern connected to competency is focused by the aspiration to accomplish superior public presentation, and for economic addition or concern success ( Spencer and Spencer, 1993 ) . As it has been already mentioned, the forces of Marks & A ; Spencer take part in regular organizational acquisition aimed to develop the nucleus accomplishments and competences ( Johansson, 2004 ) .

However, the research worker argues that such acquisition is necessary in the first topographic point for the direction of the company to develop entrepreneurial accomplishments ; Deakins and Freel ( 2003 ) proclaim that there is demand for “ sophisticated cognition and competences to run larger production tallies and pull off a work force ” . It may be stated that the connexion to the industry should be emphasised at every phase. The concern should concentrate on the direction to construct a dependable customer-oriented service.

An Industry chance has been spotted by direction in the execution of Plan A, in which M & A ; S feel has motivated employees and involved them in taking portion in lending to the good cause that they have an involvement in – in the community where they and the clients live. Costss have besides been reduced in consequence of Plan A, with a ?50 million excess in 2009/2010 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //plana.marksandspencer.com ) .

It could be argued that the direction squad implementing these alterations relate to the definition of an enterpriser as harmonizing to Schumpeter and Kirzner. Shumpeter ( 1934 ) believed the enterpriser is a particular individual who brings about alteration, whilst Kirzner ( 1979 ) believed the enterpriser is anyone who is watchful to the profitable chances for exchange ; who has extra cognition which enables the acknowledgment and development of an chance ( Deakins and Freel, 2003 ) . The accomplishment to recognize and work the positive fiscal, environmental and employee motivational deductions of Plan A appears to be welcomed by the general populace ( through the cognition gathered from clients ( M & A ; S 2009 ) – which could set up a competitory advantage ) . Besides by the company and its employees due to the betterment of environmental issues that may impact all of the stakeholders ; and by the nest eggs that have been made that can be utilised in other agencies to the company ‘s strategic advantage.

Personal motive is necessary for directors. If they possess this, it would be a sender to farther organizational degrees. Harmonizing to Lussier ( 2009 ) directors have “ come to gain that a motivated work force can lend strongly to bottom-line net incomes ” and that “ the hapless public presentation of employees can be caused unwittingly by directors themselves ” potentially due to their deficiency of motive. In this visible radiation, the fillips and wagess for the directors are highly of import. David Michels ( Deputy Chairman of M & A ; S ) expressed that he believes “ good administration encourages entrepreneurship and invention within a model of answerability ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //corporate.marksandspencer.com ) . The general direction accomplishments and human relationship accomplishments appear to be the cardinal competences for directors.

6. Decision and Recommendation

It may be concluded that on the one manus, the decrease of the degrees in the organizational construction of Marks & A ; Spencer is good for the company as the communicating between the degree, transparence and overall effectivity addition. On the other manus, precise hierarchy and centralization ( mechanistic construction ) make the company inflexible and hard to accommodate. M & A ; S can be recommended to flatten its construction even more because the figure of sections and beds has remained high in malice of the restructuring that was attempted ( M & A ; S, 2010 ) . Furthermore, communicating, quality control and managerial control over the fulfillment of employees ‘ duties should be improved to guarantee better public presentation in the company.

Tight environmental conditions and the current strategic aims emphasise the demand for organizational acquisition and professional development for both common employees and directors. In peculiar, the professional preparation of common employees should be carried out in existent squads ( sections ) and should be practical. The professional development of directors in M & A ; S should be oriented to develop their entrepreneurial accomplishments. Marks & A ; Spencer can be recommended to concentrate on industry particulars, general direction and human relationship. Furthermore, the company is to honor the most active and progressive directors making motive by all agencies. M & A ; S can be recommended to reconsider leading manners with regard to originative workers engaged in non-routing engineerings ( from bossy to consultative ) . In add-on, lower rank directors are to be involved into the decision-making procedure of M & A ; S that may promote them to move in a more enthusiastic intrapreneurial manner.


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