Entrepreneurship And Adult Education Essay

Many recent economic analyses show that the digital revolution and planetary competition have speeded up technological advancement and appreciably reduced the lifecycle of legion merchandises and engineerings. In the universe ‘s prima economic systems, the close links between creativeness, entrepreneurship and invention are apparent.

A significant portion of the alterations in the recent economic growing of these economic systems has been the consequence of the direct part of new concerns created by enterprisers.

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It is going more widespread the strong belief that entrepreneurs play a important function as agents of societal and economic alteration, identifying and doing the most of the bing chances in the market, opening up or making new markets and capitalising on these chances through the building of a new concern that generates employment. So, by happening new ways of making things, they stimulate alterations that improve the efficiency or productiveness of an economic system.

The survey of the instruction footing of successful new enterpriser shows a wise combination between the general command of concern accomplishments and the specific cognition of those facets that favor the feasibleness of their concern thoughts. Surely, in our societies, the degree of technological complexness is turning and new progresss progressively call for a broader cognition base and preparation. It is indispensable, hence, that the university system is able to react to this challenge by developing well-designed educational programmes for enterprisers.

Where does the strategic function of universities lie? There is a wide political consensus that preparation in entrepreneurial accomplishments has to better the quality and measure of university-based enterprisers in order to better the basic cognition and abilities needed to get down up a new concern and do it feasible.

1.0 Introduction
Entrepreneurship instruction encourages the growing of new concerns, working the originative potency and deepness of cognition within higher instruction sector. De Faoite et Al. ( 2003 ) found that entrepreneurship instruction contributes for ( I ) the integrating of a assortment of concern topics, ( two ) the publicity of improved decision-making accomplishments and ( three ) the addition in engineering transportation between instruction constitutions and the market topographic point making improved synergism and added value between both entities and the possible to add value to other non-business and proficient programmes.

Brown ( 2002 ) sees entrepreneurship instruction as a mean to learn pupils the accomplishments to construct a concern and, in a big sense, to take duty and enterprise in their lives.

Boyce ( 2003 ) suggests that colleges and universities should be viewed as holding the qualities of slackly coupled systems with diffused determination devising. For these establishments it is imperative that an established substructure will back up the on-going procedure of cognition creative activity, bringing and direction at all degrees of the organisation. Entrepreneurship instruction can authorise young persons and better the economic system of the state. Universities need to presume this challenge of course of study entrepreneurship instruction in a more aggressive manner.

Sing cardinal tendencies that are happening in educational environments, such as variegation of pupils and module, alterations in engineering, and globalisation, Kezar ( 2005 ) suggests that higher instruction establishments ( HEI ) must mine organisational acquisition constructs and theories. Freed ( 2001 ) notes that in the acquisition organisation, people look for new and better ways of making things, and they work together to do procedure betterments that benefit institutional stakeholders. Harmonizing to Kezar ( 2005 ) this construct integrates an experiential constituent supported by cognition acquired in a traditional schoolroom scene. This format is believed to outdo run into the demands of the pupils, every bit good as other cardinal stakeholders within this community ( Piccoli et al. , 2000 ) .

1.1 – Literature reappraisal
Academicians have long examined that entrepreneurial activity tends to change across parts and these differences in chances can explicate why some parts have higher start-up rates than others ( Audretsch and Fritsch, 2002 ) . The first possibility is that the success of entrepreneurship classs depends on the regional context. Research on cognition spillovers has found that such spillovers are localized ( Glaeser et al. , 1992 ) . This involves that regional disparity in cognition stocks and research and development ( R & A ; D ) investing affair as parts with higher cognition and more R & A ; D activity provide more knowledge spillovers and therefore more entrepreneurial chances than others. Human capital denseness measures the portion of highly-qualified persons in the regional labor force.

In this research, literature reappraisal will cover some bing literature on factors impacting electronic acquisition system. Some variables in the research were selected from old surveies and some others interviews with some experts in the field of E- acquisition in agricultural sector.

E-learning in Iran
In the last decennary, experts have founded an e-learning centre in the IT technology at College manager. The authorities programs to supply higher instruction centres throughout the state, particularly in distant countries, and e-learning is a plausible method for supplying the direction.

In these challenging and quickly altering times, organisations are going more positive that the lone lasting discriminator and beginning of competitory advantage is their human capital. Executives progressively realize that the destiny of their companies remainders on their employee ‘s ability to absorb information quickly and larn the accomplishments necessary to accommodate to a invariably altering environment. This has led to a haste in happening and following a new manner of presenting preparation knows as “ on-line acquisition or “ E-learning ” . Electronic larning refers to communicating and acquisition activities through computing machines and webs.

Many organisation, Institutes, universities, schools and corporations are puting significant sums of clip and money in developing on-line options to traditional types of instruction and developing systems. E- Learning in agribusiness related Fieldss is still in the early stages of adaptation. The Ministry of Agriculture ( MoA ) in Iran like many other organisations and educational centres has considered the necessity of e-learning in agricultural extension web for developing extension.

Every twelvemonth extension agents are trained in different on-the-job preparation classs on a regular basis. Keeping such preparation classs in preparation centres requires considerable clip and money, because extension agents from different offices should go forth the office for preparation centres. With supplying on-line developing one can salvage clip and money and develop a bigger group at the same time. Therefore e-learning as a modern attack in preparation can be used to better the effectivity and efficiency of preparation in extension services.

MoF normally uses the traditional face-to-face methods to develop extension agents, but this methods frequently fails for several grounds including 1- the figure of extension agents is well high ( 6536 individuals ) . 2- The extension agents are scattered throughout the state ( in 1213 extension centre in 32 states ) . 3- This method of traditional acquisition is really dearly-won, hard to pull off and implement. It seems that e-learning would be an appropriate solution for work outing this job.

On the other manus, harmonizing to ( karmaker and Wahid, 2009 ) developing and spread outing e-learning brings many chances for organisations including:

salvaging clip, money and attempt

turn toing developing demands from distant countries

supplying self-learning chances

holding a positive impact on the acquisition procedure

Supplying a mechanism for collaborative acquisition.

With respect to population growing during 1979-1989 and that wave making to the first decennary of twenty-first century, deficiency of advancement in agricultural economic system, immethodical enlargement of agricultural higher instruction inordinate figure of pupils alumnuss, authorities policies to downsize its construction, inability of Agricultural, in self-employment sector.

Entrepreneurial instruction can play a important function in altering positions of pupils towards self-employment and through instruction on necessary accomplishments to pull off a concern has prepared them for self-employment labour market.

The function of higher instruction as a major driver of economic development is good established, and this function will increase as farther alterations in engineering, globalisation, and demographics impact of the Iran. To stay competitory in visible radiation of these alterations, parts will necessitate to better productiveness and follow an advanced spirit. Higher instruction has the capacity, cognition, and research necessary to assist accomplish these ends.

Oversupply of alumnus work force in IT sector, unemployment growing in their community, deficiency of response or positive feedbacks to the attempts made in recent decennary to happen a solution for unemployment job of alumnuss on one side and on the other manus the necessity to travel to competitory a based on market caused to pay more and more attending to entrepreneurship as a cardinal issue. Proposing new thoughts based on the function of entrepreneurship in increasing occupation chances, fight, and betterment in manpower productiveness, engineering development, wealth generating and societal public assistance degree and besides being of strong relation between entrepreneurial development and economic growing of the states have all resulted in a serious consideration of entrepreneurship in new economic theories and have been regarded as a provocative engine in economical societal growing and development of states.

1.3. College of Description
College Coach, Inc. will be formed as a assortment of immature people and grownups with different cultural, societal and educational backgrounds, in the first one-fourth of 2007. Headquarters in Tehran – Iran country. Our vision is to go about making and assist to get down constructing assurance executive plan ( Bachelor /Master ) .

The Entrepreneurship Education formed determination stakeholder partnerships have mobilized more than startup budget of capital of $ 4 million that approximately $ 1 million for capable of raising borrowed from the local bank ( Melli Bank of Iran ) in resources support and made an impact with instructors and pupils in Iran. This attack has proven successful and has demonstrated that it is through coaction that we can accomplish and scale the development and bringing of effectual instruction programmes.

1.4. Target Market
The primary mark market for this merchandise is the about 6 million pupils of Iran from high school graduated, who are engaged in the procedure of be aftering for university at any given clip to name the extremely customized services available to colleges/universities. And 2nd, Education will be the instrument for supplying better chances to acquire occupation or alteration work and pupils for applied – scientific instruction in agribusiness in Iran.

Table 1: Target and sample population


Entire figure of extension experts





West azarbayjan



Khorasan Razavi









Army for the liberation of rwandas






2. Business Model
2.1. Core competency Strategy
Core competency is a managerial construct used to analyse and develops cardinal elements of concern scheme. Educational features which might be considered to define nucleus competency, an economic attack are adopted. The educational position suggests accreditation as the nucleus competency of Universities. The economic attack suggests that the market tendency toward life-time acquisition might best be met by establishments developing a nucleus competency in relationship selling. Develop and keep a alone merchandise ( pupil ) that takes a comprehensive, incorporate attack to education research and planning to let as many pupils as possible to do educated determination about their higher instruction options.

2.2. Diverseness and distinction
The constructs of diverseness and distinction have been widely discussed in the higher instruction literature. Clark ‘s statement sing Diversity and distinction is based on his strong belief that the turning complexness of organic structures of cognition brings along an ever-increasing atomization within and among higher instruction organisations.

Harmonizing to Clark, the increasing complexness of higher instruction systems ( and of the maps this system must carry through ) is an result of three related forces: the increasing assortment of the pupil population, the growing of the labor market for academic alumnuss and the outgrowth and growing of new subjects. The effects are ongoing distinction procedures and increasing degrees of diverseness. Stressing that distinction frequently is in the involvement of groups and persons ( Clark, 1983, p. 221 )

3. Operating System
Academia is a alone industry in that is non genuinely a service. However, although operating doctrines differ between non-profit and net income academic organisations, the operating system used by academic establishments is good established and successful.

3.1. Strategic Priorities
Cost, bringing, flexibleness and quality have been identifies as cardinal operational precedences.

Quality: College is serving a niche section and is unambiguously positioned to develop a premium trade name. And justifiably, demand a premium monetary value for it service. The company ‘s value proposition leverages its full-time and portion clip module, independent survey theoretical account, and advanced technological resources and pupil engagement in the design of their course of study bringing.

Delivery. Students will hold 24/7 entree to class stuffs and resources, and develop single acquisition programs with their teachers to guarantee their preferable acquisition manner is engaged.

Flexibility. Students will basically hold five hebdomads worth of assignments distributed over a six-week period. This flex-module is particularly designed for entrepreneurship personalities who have a strong venue of control.

Technology. The technological substructure for College Coach will construct upon a platform provided and supported by a taking e-learning package company. Students will have:

24/7 entree to several twelve multi-media presentations

Linkss to treatment boards

Access to a comprehensive library and e- books

Entree to practical parks, where particular involvement and survey groups will run into

3.2. Operational Plan
College Coach will develop internal admittances and lead direction procedures. Additionally, academic record direction package will be utilized to track pupil development and maintain academic transcripts. To guarantee security and mitigate hazard, records will be backed-up day-to-day and a transcript will be stored off-site in a information warehouse. General administrative maps, such as paysheet, will be outsourced. However, the college will develop relationships with following professional service suppliers:

Fiscal Management – College Coach direction has begun dialogues with several private pupil loan companies to supply pupil fiscal assistance processing and charge services. Leveraging the nucleus competences of an industry leader in this field will ensue in client assurance and decreased hazard ( Lincoln, 2001 ) .

Online library

Full entree to online databases and inter library loan plans

Erstwhile fee: $ 500

Annual Fee: $ 660

Accreditation- College Coach will seek accreditation through the Distance Education and Training Council ( DETC ) . DETC was established in 1926 and is recognized by the US Department of Education and the council for higher instruction accreditation. Members may take part in Providence pupil assistance, and Bill funding plans.

College Coach will necessitate the undermentioned non-financial resources to be successful:

Human Capital, Technical design, Technical development, Graphic Development, Advertising, gross revenues, administrative of staff.

Facilities and Equipments
College Coach needs to 400 Chisholm Place, Suite 105, Plano, TX 75075 and Estimated Cost: $ 1,483.13/mo, 1.5mbps Internet entree, 6 local phone lines w/up to 1,500 long distance proceedingss per month, 1.5mbps Internet entree. College needs to hardware and package equipment and Classes.

4. Selling program
College Coach is particularly good positioned for long-run viability, scalability, and profitableness as it possess two of the cardinal constituents research workers have identified as ancestors of organisational success: entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation. Keys to being market oriented are: keeping a acute consciousness of the house ‘s environment, understanding and expecting demands of your chances and clients, and developing advanced services that generate a first mover advantage.

4.1. Environment Forces
The undermentioned SWOT and PEST analyses provide overview of the internal and external environment:

Strengths. Management squad, low module pupil, ratio, Innovative concern, theoretical account and flexibleness.

Failings. Self- financed, non-accredited, limited fiscal and human resources, to a great extent retain on outsourcing.

Opportunity. For-profit section in growing stage, healthy profit-margins and niche placement.

Menaces. Established rivals, low barrier to entry, replacement merchandises and possible challengers.

A PEST analysis identifies political, social and technological factors within the external environment which may positively or negatively, affect the company ‘s hereafter.

Political = Changes low authorities educational, Educational revenue enhancement credits and accreditation criterions.

Economic = Recession, recovery, globalisation and industry consolidation.

Societal= population altering In Iran, demographics, computing machine literacy and credence of on-line instruction.

Technological = Increased broadband entree, nomadic engineering, proliferations, enhanced wireless productiveness

4.2. General Marketing Scheme
1- Build general trade name consciousness through sponsorships, etc

2- Drive purchase determination at college-related events

Offer district-wide and school-wide licences at a price reduction, with schools to advance to pupils

initial Target Markets

4.3. Pricing Scheme
4.3.1. Pricing to persons
First month free with sign-up ; cancelable at any clip.

$ 7.99 per month thenceforth for all basic services

$ 4.99 per month for extra pupils populating in same family

4.3.2. Pricing to schools/school territories
Schools and school territories will be offered licences for a given figure of single histories harmonizing to the undermentioned price reduction agenda:

Number of Histories
Annual Fee $
25 %
40 %
28, 764
50 %
4.3. Gross saless and Distribution Strategy
In maintaining with two-pronged overall scheme, gross revenues will consist a two-pronged attack

Direct gross revenues force working with school, school territories, and other organisations advancing college attending ( 3,000,000 high school alumnuss per twelvemonth ) .

Gross saless to single pupils will be online through our web site.

Distribution will be wholly internet-based

4.5. Ad and Promotion
Outsource initial organic hunt engine optimisation techniques for our site, every bit good as ongoing monitoring and care.

Establish a budget for pay-per-click advertisement utilizing keyword optimisation techniques. The budget will increase over clip as ensuing site visits and gross revenues transitions warrant.

Establish a little budget for local sponsorships and advertisement to make pupils and parents in our initial mark market.

Obtain selected pupil names and references from high school/school territory ( public info ) for limited direct mail run, with consequences closely monitored

Establish and promote college scholarships to advance trade name consciousness and support college attending.

Establish and promote plan that allows schools to place a limited figure of pupils for a free subscription to the site, based on academic and economic state of affairs.

4.6. Overall Marketing Budget
The overall selling budget is summarized in the tabular array below.

Selling Budget
Estimated Cost
National Marketing-Web Based
Company web-site, Facebook and My Space histories

Included in Section 5

Search Engine Optimization ( outsourced )

$ 120 first 2 months followed by $ 60 per month thenceforth

Pay Per Click Advertising ( Google Adwords, etc. )

$ 100 per month for first twelvemonth, increasing to $ 150 per month thenceforth

National Marketing-Counselor Targeted
Booth at national school counsellor conventions, ranks, advertisement, etc.

$ 500 per twelvemonth

National-Public Relationss Based

$ 500 per twelvemonth

Free subscriptions for economically disadvantaged

No cost ; merely forgone gross

Local Promotion and Advertising
Sponsorships and advertisement

$ 500 per twelvemonth

Marketing Collateral ( print, promotional points )

$ 10,00 per twelvemonth

5. Design and Development Plan
College Coach is presently in the construct phase. This university will be constructed utilizing the Waterfall attack in the Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) .

Within the undertaking cost and staffing life rhythm, CollegeCoach will utilize the undermentioned undertaking stages and stage activities:

5.1. Originating the Undertaking
The first stage of the development undertaking is the induction stage.

Confirmation of undertaking tantrum with Organization Strategic Plan

Develop undertaking Statement of Work/Contract

Document Project Assumptions

Document Major Deliverables

Establish Project Boundaries

Develop Project Acceptance Criteria

Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement

Develop Project Budget Estimate

5.2. Planing the Undertaking
Once the undertaking induction is complete the planning stage will get down. Developing a Project Scope Management Plan

Detailing out the Project Scope Statement

Developing a Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS )

Confirmation of Cost Estimates and Budgeting

Developing a Staffing Management Plan

Developing a Change Control Plan

Developing a quality direction program

Developing a communicating program

Define Team Roles and Duties

Define Team Reporting Structure

5.3. Executing the Undertaking
Once the undertaking planning is complete the executing stage will get down.

Acquisition of undertaking squad members

Choosing sellers to back up development procedure

Executing the undertaking program

Performing Quality Assurance

Monitoring and Controling the Undertaking
Throughout the undertaking the monitoring and commanding activities will take topographic point.

Undertaking Performance coverage to undertaking stakeholders

Team Performance coverage to undertaking stakeholders

Continuous Project Scope Verification

Management of Team and Stakeholders outlooks

Closing the Undertaking
Once the undertaking executing stage is complete the undertaking shuting stage will get down.

1. Undertaking Close

a. Administrative shutting processs

B. Contract closing processs

c. Lessons Learned

2. Contract Closing

a. Resolution of any unfastened points

B. Procurement audits

c. Closed contracts

5.6. Value Proposition
aˆ?Product value – high quality solution with the characteristics that pupils, parents, and counsellors need to join forces together.

aˆ? Price value – monetary value that provides entree to the resources that our clients need in the most cost effectual mode possible to make the largest sum of consumers.

aˆ? Access value – our solution is available 24×7 and is available

aˆ? Service value – because of our proprietary package the client is portion of an iterative procedure that is invariably polishing itself as more information is added.

aˆ? Experience value – the experience with our solution and methodological analysis conveys the importance of the determination and provides an environment where inquiries are encouraged and Fosters a sense of trust between pupil, parent, and counsellor.

6. The Market
6.1. Target Customer
Primary mark client for our merchandise is an Iran high school pupils that desires to prosecute in research and is be aftering to take the following measure on to higher instruction. These pupils are typically a in-between category male or female, 15 – 18 old ages of age, who attends Colleges/universities.

6.2. Market Size
Finally three attacks were identified to come close the market size for our type of concern, based on the usage of two placeholders ( the private counsellor market and the market for high school trial readying for college or university ) and demographic information obtained through the Iran Department of Education every bit good as our ain study. The attendant estimation is $ 0.5-1.0 M.

6.3. Gross saless Projections and Estimated Market Share
Based on the elaborate selling program presented in Section 4, and the premises detailed below, gross revenues projections for three old ages were estimated as shown in Appendix E and summarized below.

Gross saless Projections ( $ Million ) Year 1*
Year 1 Year 2
Year 3
Avg. No. Individual Students



Avg. No. Schools/School Districts



Entire Gross saless
$ 332,552

$ 1,520,000

$ 2,410,000

6.4. Premises used to deduce gross revenues projections:
Launch site merely before get downing of school twelvemonth, to capitalise on natural rhythm of involvement in college planning.

3000 endorsers first month ( less than 5 % of existent Jan. 2007 keyword searches for “ college application ” , “ college admittance ” , “ college hunt ” and “ college usher ” )

5 % growing in subscription month over month from August through March ; 0.5 % April through July

Average monthly keeping rate of 85 % from August through March

30 % keeping rate in April, as seniors finalize college programs and no longer necessitate our services

Average grosss per use of premium content: $ 20

Average usage rate of premium content: 5 %

Development Timeline
The overall development timeline will be 8 months. The followers is a dislocation for the timeline by undertaking stage.

Projected Wages Budget
Software Application Architect – $ 100,000

Web Software Developer – $ 85,000

Graphic Design Specialist – $ 60,000

Graphic Design Specialist – $ 45,000

Database Administrator – $ 90,000

Counselor – Higher Education – $ 60,000

Entire: $ 510,000/ twelvemonth in wages

8. Management and Organizational Structure
8.1. Company Directors
Chief Executive Officer –

Chief Financial Officer/Controller –

Executive VP of Operations –

VP of Technology –

VP of Gross saless and Marketing –

8.2. Advisory Board Members
The consultative board for College Coach will be made up of five members. Two of the seats on the consultative board will be occupied by company direction squad members, one place will be occupied by a representative from the Venture Capital house, one place will be occupied by a representative from the instruction community, and the concluding place will be occupied by a relevant industry professional that have specific cognition deemed good to university.

8.3. Cardinal Consultants/Advisors
aˆ? College Coach will prosecute the jurisprudence offices

aˆ? College Coach will prosecute Web solution

aˆ? Knowledge Partners





9. Timeline of Events and Milestones
College Coach will endeavor to run into the mileposts by following the basic timeline below. The timeline for College Coach is developed with major and interim mileposts. Establishing mileposts will let for accurate appraisal of advancement to be done on a regular footing at any stage of the timeline. The timeline developed maps to the above mentioned undertaking cost and staffing lifecycle.

9.1. Abbreviated Timeline of Events: ( This should be in Gantt chart signifier )

Phase I: Business Formation – 112 yearss get downing 8/21/2007 and stoping 1/29/2008.

Phase II: Business Funding – 152 yearss get downing 11/20/2007 and stoping 3/17/2008

Phase III: Merchandise Design/Development – 186 yearss get downing 11/20/2007 and stoping 8/11/2008

9.2. Short Term Goals
Establish corporate entity

Seek initial seed support for Planing stage and 2nd unit of ammunition support for Execution stage

Hire key forces

Develop promotional advertisement run

Begin conversations and demos with local school territories

Identify relevant, cost effectual sponsorship opportunitie

9.3. Long Term Goals
Gross of $ 417,000 per month = $ 5,000,000 per twelvemonth

Position self as premier solution for higher instruction research and planning

Gestural long-run contracts with school territories countrywide

Seek the indorsement from local, province, and national authoritiess and non-profit organisations

Establish a non-profit foundation and lend a part of grosss for college scholarships for underprivileged pupils

Position the company for a strategic acquisition within 5 old ages.

10. Finance
10.1. Startup Budget
First twelvemonth Budget
Wages including paysheet revenue enhancements for non-owner employees ( package designer, web interior decorator, counsellor )


Repairs & A ; care


Local Ad




Accounting and legal




Internet & A ; Telephone




Sphere Name



$ 651,548
Performa Financial Statements
Performa Financial Statements, along with the gross estimation computations can be found in Appendix E. A sum-up is provided below:













Oper Exp






Net Income

( 4,221 )

( 1,635 )




Break-Even Analyzing and operating
Breakeven analysis called cost-volume-profit analysis is an of import analytical used to analyze dealingss among costs, grosss, and net income. Both in writing and algebraic methods are used.

What is it?
A interruption even analysis examines the relationship between the costs and gross in your concern. The break-even “ point ” of a concern is the degree of entire gross which is tantamount to its entire costs.

Why is it so of import to cognize breakeven point?
For a development concern, the break-even point is the point at which the concern starts paying for itself, and becomes self-sufficient. Therefore from a concern planning position, when looking into the hereafter, a concern must hold sufficient hard currency militias to remain afloat until the interruption even gross point is exceeded.

“ Entire Costss ” – at a point in clip
Business disbursals can be categorized as fixed, variable or semi-variable. Therefore the computation of “ Entire Costss ” in a concern will non be precise, because disbursals will change and even change their nature harmonizing to a scope of influences on the concern ‘ activity degree – influences such as seasonal demand factors, and a assortment of real-world factors which fluctuate over clip.

Exercise Caution
Because a interruption even computation is an arithmetic computation taken at a individual point in clip, cautiousness should be exercised in trusting excessively to a great extent on a individual computation when taking large determinations.

However, despite the restrictions, a interruption even computation or graph is an indispensable inclusion in any concern program, because it, together with the hard currency flow prognosis gives the reader a anticipation of how shortly a concern venture will go self-funding, and of class by deduction, how much money it will necessitate to acquire to at that place.

The Margin of Safety
An established concern ( whether new or long-standing ) which has successfully traded beyond its breakeven point, will be interested in its “ border of safety ” , that is to state, how much sum gross could fall before the concern starts doing a loss, i.e. outgos are greater than gross. A concern with a big border of safety is clearly in a much stronger place.

It is obvious that communities are seeking to restrict traditional preparation bringing methods and utilizing e-learning alternatively. Extension agents play a important function in agricultural extension ; hence to carry through this function in the best mode there is a demand of using new and effectual methods to develop extension experts in this field.

But e-learning in Iran ‘s agricultural extension in still in the early stages of acceptance. It is

Clear that there are many factors that can detain or increase the development of e-learning in agricultural extension. For entree to this end, happening factors act uponing the development of electronic acquisition in agricultural extension is necessary. This research, found some of factors including: psychological, organisational, cultural, proficient, fiscal and managerial. Harmonizing the consequences, extension agents should alter their prepossession and do positive attitude to e- acquisition and its effectivity in larning and developing procedure.


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