Entrepreneurship In Action And The Experience Commerce Essay

I had acquired an entrepreneurial mentality from place where my male parent runs his concern. After analyzing civil technology I started my professional calling in a corporate company but ever found myself desiring to do a alteration. Throughout my calling I was ever intrigued by concern development facets.

The EiA experience has helped me to make a span between my technology and concern cognition. Helped me gain my true potency and made me appreciate my strength, failings, chances and menaces. I discovered that technology accomplishments can profit me in taking the manner towards entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurship In Action And The Experience Commerce Essay
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What have I learned about Entrepreneurship?

Today ‘s entrepreneurial universe is represented by cognition sharing and multicultural environment. The economic growing of any state now depends on advanced engineering and entrepreneurial accomplishments of their people. This opens a wholly diverse market for applied scientists who can hold an chance to entree top callings by increasing their concern and entrepreneurial accomplishments through entrepreneurship instruction.

During this faculty I have learned many valuable lessons which provide an indispensable foundation for an entrepreneurial character. Following paragraphs are some of the cardinal messages I learnt, which I would wish to retrieve and encompass when I start my ain company.

“ The kernel of entrepreneurship is about doing a significance ” ( Kawasaki. G. , 2004 ) . I basically believe in doing a significance. If you are passionate about doing a quality of life better for the people, you will be able to bring forth new thoughts for the concern and win.

Harmonizing to Robert Price, a really utile exercising for a new house is to develop an lift pitch. Many enterprisers pay small attending to their ability to speak about what they do. Bing able to sum up alone facets of your service or merchandise in a manner that excites others should be an indispensable accomplishment in today ‘s universe. It is an effectual manner to make new purchasers and clients with a convincing and winning message which has a direct impact on turning your concern.

“ You can come up with an thought as an enterpriser but ne’er go frontward without look intoing it with your client. ” ( Lord Bilimoria, 2010 ) . A alone thought does non do concern a success but satisfied clients will. I will ever retrieve this and will ever seek to care for my client ‘s sentiments.

What have I learned about myself from the EiA experience?

Coming from a civil technology background I found myself to be the youngest and least direction experienced amongst my executive MBA classmates. I felt low in assurance as I lacked direction experience. I sensed fright of credence under the force per unit area of doing an feeling. But I was determined to trail my dream.

While bring forthing the concern thoughts for the undertaking I found that I was passionate about doing universe a better topographic point to populate. My thoughts revolved around developing technological merchandises which would necessitate extended research for it to go a world and did non look executable to anyone in the squad to make it within the undertaking timeline. I was non able to pass on my thoughts efficaciously to the squad and I recognised that the squad needed more inside informations to accept my adventuresome thoughts.

I besides realised that being an applied scientist good analytical and job work outing accomplishments comes across of course to me. I learnt that I am able to cover with uncertainness, altering environment, working under force per unit area in short clip frames and with people from different subjects, beginnings and cultural backgrounds. During this exercising it became more evident to me that I possess good dialogue accomplishments and I am ever acute and unfastened to larn new attacks and thoughts. At the terminal of this experience I recognised my cardinal strengths, failings, chances and menaces as shown in the figure below.

SWOT Analysis

What have I gained from the EiA experience?

I have developed following accomplishments through the EiA experience:

Effective Communication:

During the undertaking work I struggled to pass on my concern thoughts efficaciously to the squad. Thinking about great enterprisers of modern times: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki etc. it is clear that they are powerful leaders because they have the ability to pass on their vision and inspire people. To be a great enterpriser communicating is the extreme of import property. Therefore I started to detect the communicating manner of my squad members. I adopted active hearing method to better my communicating accomplishments. As per Venables J. , 2002, “ Communication is a bipartisan procedure. Knowing how to listen is merely every bit of import as being able to pass on ” . As a consequence I was able to understand that the squad needed less adventuresome but more elaborate accounts of new concern thoughts. By the terminal of the EiA undertaking I learned to show my thoughts more confidently with meaningful accounts.

Time Management:

I lack the experience of undertaking planning and it was clear from the initial concern thoughts I came up during the brainstorming Sessionss. I realised that I had non considered the undertaking timeline while bring forthing my thoughts. My squad couples made me gain that no uncertainty, a good thought can alter lives but when there is a clip constraints everyone should concentrate and fling the thoughts which are neither executable nor practical and should non blow clip on researching and discoursing them more.

To better my clip direction accomplishments I undertook the duty of developing the timeline for our undertaking. To guarantee the successful bringing of the undertaking I identified the cardinal undertakings and cardinal bringing day of the months and produced a elaborate work programme for the squad to follow. To do certain that all the members of the group execute their undertaking on clip I communicated with them on a regular footing to decide any issues so that we can present the concern program before the deadline.


While working on the EiA undertaking I have contributed to assorted activities as below:

Develop package and website design

Develop proficient briefs/specs for the quotation marks from IT companies

Research outsourcing possibilities

Develop undertaking timeline

Design company logo

Review and remark on other subdivisions and roll up the study

Outsourcing was one of the most interesting undertakings of all. I realised the monolithic cost economy from outsourcing but besides the troubles involved in join forcesing. And I thought I could non hold more with Peter Claydon ( Co-founder of picoChip ) : “ Outsourcing is the most ambitious undertakings of any concern and bulk of them ca n’t acquire it right ” and now I know precisely why. I besides gained cognition of how to compose a concern program and what investors are looking for in a good concern program. Please refer to larning log in Appendix for my cardinal learning points.

Through acquiring involved in assorted activities and pass oning with others has given me the vision of the practical facets which 1 must see and concentrate on while get downing up a new concern. This whole experience has given a great encouragement to my assurance and has confirmed my intuition to go an enterpriser.


The EiA experience has been an highly simulating and edifying for me. It has given me the chance to take clip to believe about my dream of going an enterpriser and reflecting on my entrepreneurial accomplishments. Although there is still a batch to larn, I now have a much better understanding approximately many different facets and issues that needs to be considered for puting up my ain concern. This experience has given me assurance to trail my hereafters dream.

After all “ The best manner to foretell the hereafter is to make it ” ( Peter Drucker ) .


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