ENV 201 Ecosystems Population Terms, Concepts -Examination &Practical Info

Question Answer
Population explosion refers to… biotic potential (Wright, chapter 4)
Compare J-Curve vs S-Curve && provide specific distinction J curve demonstrates population growth under normal conditions && S curve shows population growth at equilibrium
Balance of births and deaths produces…. Population Equilibrium
Biotic potential The Number of Offspring that species may produce under ideal conditions (Wright, Chapter 3,4)
Changes in moisture, salinity, pH, lack of nutrients, fires, and light produce a phenomena commonly referred as… environmental resistance
Factors related to biotic potential and recruitment commonly refers to… reproductive strategies
Top 8 factors of environmental resistance important to evaluate practical applications… 1. lack of nutrients
2. lack of water
3. lack of suitable habitat
4. adverse weather conditions
5. predators
6. disease
7. parasites
8. competition
Rapid decline in species population…. Threatened as defined by US Fish And Wildlife Service
If the population is near 'the critical number' species are… Endangered as defined by US Fish And Wildlife Service
Transition from one biotic community to another refers to as… ecological succession (Wright, Chapter 1 &4)
The way parasitic organisms act on population level parasitic organisms act as predators in a density dependent manner. As population density of the organisms increases, parasites and their vectors easily find new hosts causing higher mortality.
Assemblage of species continuing on in space and time…. climax ecosystem
What are the main tenets of primary succession within the ecosystem? Primary succession examines gradual establishment through a series of stages, or a climax ecosystem in an area that has not been occupied before. (Wright, Chapter 4)
What are the main tenets of secondary succession within the ecosystem? The reestablishment through a series of stages, or a climax ecosystem in an area from which it was previously cleared (Wright, Chapter 4)
What is the solid practical example of secondary succession in the forest ecosystem? The hardwood species growing up underneath and displace pines in Eastern Maryland.

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