ENV 201 - Practical Info && Examination Notes

Question Answer
Sewage Pathogen leading to typhoid fever Salmonella Typhi
Sewage Pathogen leading to cholera Vibrio Cholerae
Sewage Pathogen leading to diarrhea Escherichia Coli & Cryptosporidium Parvum
Sewage Pathogen leading to salmonellosis Salmonella species
Sewage Pathogens leading to numerous parasitic diseases roundworms and flatworms
Sewage Pathogen leading to dysentery Shigella species (bacteria)
Entamoeba histolytica (protozoan)
Preliminary treatment of sewage Removal of debris and grit
Primary treatment of sewage removal of particulate organic matter
Secondary Treatment of sewage removal of colloidal and dissolved organic materials
Biological nutrient removal removal of dissolved inorganic material
Major by product of anaeronic process during decomposition of sludge The gaseous mix formed during absence of oxygen where bacteria feeds on detritus is known as biogas which consists of 60 percent methane (EPA 2013)

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