Question Answer
Genetic differences among individuals are primarily defined as —> Genetic Variation
All inherited organisms are governed by it's DNA makeup
If some individuals are selected to reproduce more than others —->> Differential Reproduction Takes Place
A change in the gene pool of a species is typically referred as ——->> Biological Evolution
The selection process which is primarily based on breeders preference is commonly referred to as…. Artificial Selection
Factors such as environmental resistance tend to create…. Selective Pressure
What are 3 examples of selective pressure? Predators
Modification of Species Gene Pool that enhance survival and reproduction within the existing biotic community is known as…. Natural Selection
In Darwinian Terms the survival and reproduction also refers as… Fitness
Physical appearance, aptitude, metabolism, and behavior is referred to as…. Organism Trait
Segment of DNA which codes for a particular protein is a…. Gene
Threadlike structures found in the nucleus of the cell… Chromosome
What is the estimate of human genes in the chromosome? 30,000 -40,000 arranged on 46 chromosomes
Different Forms of Genes Manifest —->> Alleles
Change in the DNA molecule is referred as—>> Mutation

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