Environment of age care Essay

The cardinal histrions in the environment of AgeCare

AgeCare, the charity which started in 1982, started as little charity that helps aged people. The AgeCare which develop and turn rapidly due to the contributions from different beginnings such as local authorities, charitable bureaus now has many subdivisions across south E of England. It has now 15 another Centres across other towns of England. So there is Centre Manager and Assistance Manager in each Centre. In the AgeCare charity, there are many stations that are really of import for running the AgeCare ‘s undertakings on a regular basis and pull off to guarantee that undertakings are utilizing their resources efficaciously. So there are many cardinal histrions in the AgeCare environment. Each Centre Manager of the every subdivision has to pull off their Centres to run good severally. They are given budget from the AgeCare Head Office to run their undertakings and Aid Directors are to pull off their undertakings run good and non to blow the resources of the undertakings. So each Centre director and aid director is cardinal histrions in the environment of AgeCare. Finance Director who has to do funded contracts to acquire budgets for the AgeCare ‘s undertakings is besides the cardinal histrion in the environment of AgeCare. He has to seek to do contracts with funders and study about budget to AgeCare and besides has to describe to donators to do them cognize how their money is spent out in AgeCare ‘s undertakings in effectual ways.

As a standard process of AgeCare, there will be the Leader for the undertaking which may be little or non. Undertakings are managed by the nearest Centre director that the undertaking takes topographic point. Every Leader of the undertaking has to work and pull off undertaking under the control of several Centre director. They are the individual who have to work for the undertaking to be done successfully and used resources efficaciously. So they are besides cardinal histrions in the AgeCare environment. The Administrative Support Staff of the AgeCare have to back up responsible individual of the undertaking to run and pull off the undertaking. And they are besides responsible for roll uping and pull off information all around the AgeCare ‘s subdivisions. So they are of import in giving support at right clip. These staff of every Centre usage different format of informations so Cardinal Administrative Support Department demand to utilize cardinal database that all users can entree through the cyberspace. So they are of import in informations format and their information is needed to be right in accessing them and identify to the AgeCare. But others are besides cardinal to the AgeCare in their manner.

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Key issues and countries of conflicting impacting the environment

AgeCare has the construction of charity and it has its Head Centre in the south E of England of Kent of Canterbury and many subdivisions now on. At start it has non many voluntaries and now it has many full and parttime voluntaries. It grows rapidly because of the contributions of local authorities and societal services. Now it has expended its services to approach country and nowadays it possesses 15 similar Centres across the South of England. It has many AgeCare Branches across south E of England. Each subdivision has its ain Centre Manager and Assistant Manager. Every Centre Managers and Assistant Managers are responsible for running the Centres and successful of any other undertakings that take topographic point in their country of Centre. For every large or little undertaking, there is Lead Worker whom is responsible for running each undertaking. There is besides issue that the type of record and pull off the undertaking between Lead Workers is non the same. So there are misinterpretations between directing and having informations across AgeCare ‘s braches. The financess for every undertaking come from assorted resources such as local authorities bureaus, charitable trusts, contributions from local societal services and persons. AgeCare have to describe donators about how the money had been spent out in the undertakings.

In the country of utilizing cardinal database, there are instances of utilizing incorrect informations and inconsistent format of informations. And there is no proper record about budget in finance section. So at that place need to hold a proper record of budget and consistent format of informations in the cardinal database of AgeCare. And besides there are no record of send and receive of money between each Centre. So we can non cognize money send is received or non by the other Centre. There is incompatibility and confusion about how things are done in undertaking because each Centre collects its ain informations and utilizing different format of informations in making undertaking. So MIS system will necessitate to hold criterion of roll uping and utilizing informations from database and consistency informations format. And MIS system will besides necessitate to supply a regular study about budget to strategic degree direction.

Main focal point of the System

As described about AgeCare above, the Executive Committee decided to originate the Management Information System ( MIS ) to assist the strategic degree of the direction. The Management Information System ( MIS ) of the AgeCare need to concentrate in many countries of AgeCare undertakings. In the AgeCare Organization, the informations about the undertakings is non the same between the AgeCare Branches. The MIS system needs to roll up informations accurately and at right clip from every Centre. The informations clasp by that MIS system will necessitate to locate in extremely unafraid status and be able to give right entree to different station of people. The administration has no standard public presentation indexs for the undertakings. So undertakings can non be measured their public presentation such as they are utilizing their resources efficaciously or non. So the system should include standard set of public presentation indexs for the undertakings. The system should be able to bring forth study for the strategic degree of direction to think the budget of the charity or something. The system ‘s interface must be easy to utilize for the novices ‘ of computing machine users. So there may be no hold due to the troubles of the system interface. The factors describes above are all of import for the MIS system to include. But as a analyst, I assume the chief focal point of the MIS system that the organisation required is to be able to garner right information at right clip and be able to entree by the right individual firmly.

How the rich image helped to understand the complex environment within the AgeCare

The Rich Picture ( RP ) is a flexible graphical technique which may be used as portion of the Checkland Soft Systems Methodology ( SSM ) . Rich pic­tures make usage of draw­ings or pic­tures to garner infor­ma­tion about a com­plex state of affairs. A rich image is a mode of stand foring what we know a state of affairs – the issues, the histrions, the jobs, the procedures, the reports/ratios, the struggles and the motives -so that we can ground about these facets. It is a in writing tool which addresses this province of uncertainness to the beginning of an geographic expedition or the probe when all know us that we treat a debatable state of affairs, and travel us in a province where we identified one or more subjects which we want to turn to. Peter Checkland presented the rich images for the usage at the first parts of his soft methodological analysis of systems ( SSM ) , an attack which identifies that the jobs do non be separate people implied in them and appreciates the multiple points of position of these participants. Chiefly, SSM tries to include/understand the human systems in a manner in which is important to the histrions in this system. The rich images are tools to be gotten information non merely about the obvious facts of a state of affairs, but besides on abstract or affectional things like the societal ambiance among the histrions. A rich image can confront no affair what helter-skelter upset of the ideas and flows of perceptual experiences on the page. The rich images do non hold a formal sentence structure, and the different people adopt assorted attacks. The building of the rich images can bespeak all the sorts of inquiries and observations about the state of affairs of job. The value of the rich images becomes peculiarly clear when we divide it with others, identifier assorted perceptual experiences of and claims about what continues. It is when we can see connexions, the dead terminals, the possibilities and contradictions which we could hold otherwise missed. It can be hard to frequently confront claims of Picture of the others with different, because this exposes us to the demanding undertaking to oppugn our clean. It can intend blowing the solutions we thought that we had, traveling once more at the beginning and get downing once more. Naturally, it is frequently precisely what is necessary to the beginning of a systemic probe. The rich images can assist to place the unfastened cringles or the otiose checking to a first portion ; the principal issues will look comparatively easy. You should be discreet – as with all the tools described here – ‘ palsy by the analyses, do non obtain excessively much empowered in item by utilizing this method on high degree. It can be a utile tool to compare the reappraisal before and after procedure of differences. An option on the subject of the rich images is this chart produced by professor Gilly Salmon to assist to include/understand the chances for assorted agents implied by using a scheme of institutional E-study. The rich image is possibly the tool of the most flexible communicating and most cosmopolitan available. With the difference of the bulk of the in writing techniques used indoors IS, like informations of the flow charts ( DFDs ) , the rich image does non hold any regulation or restraint. It can incorporate any sort of chart. The text can be included so coveted. Particular symbols can be created and employed with an extra key, if agreed for the peculiar demand. It is so simple and cosmopolitan that it can be employed by no affair whom. Little artistic endowment is necessary, makes of it the facet of amateurish of the rich image can do him endangering less than one more formal graphic technique such as DFDs. its advantages of including:

  • It is in writing. The bulk of the pupils prefer images with the text, and can absorb more than one image of a complex topic that of a description of the texts.
  • Small art is necessary. A exposure of inexpert, one time that taken earnestly, invites the engagement of non experts.
  • It is independent of linguistic communication ( except the contents of the texts ) . This can be utile for the telecasting spectator and/or the Godhead.
  • It can be besides complete like required, stand foring a minor map until a whole system.
  • It can. Additions or the amendments are easy made with any portion of the image.
  • It is useable by an person or a group, although initial building is awkward for more than two people.
  • No expertness is needed to pull rich image.
  • There is no limitation on the contents, except those of the cultural environment.
  • It can demo the struggle, the emotions, policy etc…
  • It provides a base for the communicating and the dialogue.

The rich image can be employed to learn, larn, pass on or inform and as bases for the dialogue in a procedure of comprehension and understanding of realisation. Functions can be carried out while pulling or by looking at the rich image, normally in an iterative procedure. The rich image can be employed merely, at the same clip as other techniques or wish passage to another signifier from representation. In peculiar the valid facets of the rich image include the undermentioned

  • It provides at an overall image of a affair the assurance of little/no on the text
  • It allows modularization
  • It shows reports/ratios and the mutuality. It can demo the hierarchy. For a complex state of affairs, more than one rich image can be employed, demoing equal or hierarchal reports/ratios.
  • It can bespeak the deficiency of comprehension or false thoughts
  • It forms a base for the treatment and the dialogue taking to the betterment of the thoughts – even the manner of the representation is negotiable and it can be increased or modified by any participant with the understanding of the others
  • It shows the single pupil how others see a affair and makes it possible at several sights to be easy compared.

The rich image is a flexible graphic technique which can be employed efficaciously for a certain figure of rich individual described, including stages of the undertakings ( SAD ) of systems analyzes and design, ( peculiarly communicating between the client and the analyst ) . It is a flexible technique in the third pupils larning about IS, transporting out two functions, like technique of systems and the other like student-controlled constituent of the preparation. The two functions mix good. The flexibleness and the absence of the regulations of restraint found in the bulk of the other in writing techniques make it possible to pupils to alter their usage of the rich image and to promote them to reflect above and command their ain survey. The concreteness of the technique encourages the treatment and the engagement of group, and is peculiarly valid for exercisings of systems based by instance. In an environment of learning which objectives to promote pupils to follow an attack of major survey ( of seeking significance ) , the RICH PICTURE shows being a utile technique and a research in its effectivity while a tool of instruction and analyze General continues at Bendigo.

  1. Use Case diagram for GreenDrive Project
  2. For the Above Use Case Diagram for the GreenDrive Project, there are two cardinal utilizations of the system are Record information about riders from drivers and Report appropriate information to Head Office, supermarket and societal services. Record information about riders from drivers is to hold a record about lists of riders who are present or absent in each trips. Report information about riders from drivers is of import to hold information in bring forthing study to Head Office of AgeCare and to supermarket and societal services.
  3. Why the two keys are cardinal to the system

Record information about riders from drivers: In the system, the portion clip of the staff needs to set up the trips clip, coach and drivers. The drivers will drive the trips harmonizing to the portion clip staff of AgeCare. Then driver will enter information about the riders that has completed trips with them. Drivers will send on this information to the portion clip staff. The portion clip staff will describe this information to the undertaking director of the AgeCare. The undertaking director will so describe the appropriate information to the Head Office of AgeCare, supermarket and societal services. So this is the key to the system.

Report information about riders from drivers: In the system, the undertaking director will necessitate to describe the appropriate information about trips, riders and fuel to the Head Office, supermarket and societal services. So that the Head Office will cognize about the jobs face to the undertaking and the supermarket and the societal services will cognize the grounds that the AgeCare is utilizing their resources efficaciously and treated the two supermarkets reasonably.

Use Case: GreenDrive Project

Precondition: Record information about riders from drivers

Flow of event:

Primary Scenario

  1. The usage instance starts when the drivers doing a note if the rider decided non to come on the coach.
  2. The drivers so take another rider with the list and on clip.
  3. When the riders have been taken shopping and returned back place, the driver will return the completed list back to the office.
  4. This information has been collected by portion clip staff of the AgeCare and it was reported to project director of AgeCare.

Post Condition: The undertaking director reported the appropriate information to supermarket and societal services.

By analyzing the above, primary scenario arise figure of inquiries:

    * What will be go on if the coach ‘ engine will damage? By replying the inquiry above, we can indentify secondary scenario for our GreenDrive usage instance * The driver will inform the office.

Use Case: GreenDrive Project

Precondition: Report allow information to Head Office, supermarket and societal services

Flow of event:

Primary Scenario

  1. The portion clip staff will enter information about the riders from the drivers.
  2. The portion clip staff will describe this information to the undertaking director of the AgeCare.
  3. The undertaking director will roll up the information and study the appropriate information to Head Office, supermarket and societal services.

Post Condition: The supermarket will cognize about measure of the riders.

By analyzing the above, primary scenario arise figure of inquiries:

  • What will be happen if undertaking director acquire incorrect information?

By replying the inquiry above, we can indentify secondary scenario for our GreenDrive usage instance

  • The undertaking director will necessitate to re-report to Head Office, supermarket and societal services.

Description of procedure in bring forthing Use Case Diagram

A usage instance may be described as a sequence of actions that an histrion performs within a system to accomplish a peculiar end. The usage instances help stipulate the functionality of the system as seen from the users ‘ position. The usage instance diagrams are really utile tools for in description for high degree procedures. Identifying the histrions and their usage instances enables us to place a system boundary. The aid of the usage instance you discover functional conditions. The instances of usage enable you to capture the user ‘s demand while concentrating on a undertaking which the user must do.

The usage instance helps you to specify the good functionalities. While you relate to the user ‘s demand, the instances of usage aid to do certain that the correct system is developed by capturing the conditions from the point of position of the user.

The usage instance is easy lira of the instances of usage. Since you describe ab initio a chief scenario of success and merely after all the protractions, the reader are non instantly lost but can concentrate on a simple scenario ab initio.

The usage instance is easy lira of the instances of usage by the client. Cases of usage are written prospect for user, like a user ‘s manual.

The usage instance gives an immediate feedback to the client. The instances of usage are popular chiefly because they indicate logical narratives about the manner in which the system will act in service. The users of the system obtain to see with the involvement what will be this new system. They obtain to respond early, end-to grant or reject the narratives ( “ you will hold to state that we will hold to do what? “ ) .

To pattern the usage instance is inexpensive. There is non no demand for tool computer-assisted expensive of engineering of the scheduling ( CASE ) . The diagram of merely necessary UML is a diagram of the usage instance. The diagram of order of UML for the exchange between the user and the system can be plotted at the beginning but the concluding papers will incorporate the simple text with numbered actions: 1. The user does that… 2. The system makes that 3. The user does non make that…

The usage instance aid you to happen the boundary line of the system in “ what E ” are the instances of usage and out of “ east which E ” are the histrions ( the histrions in service methodological analysis of instance are non merely the human users but besides the systems, the devices, the external constituents of package ) The usage instance aid you organize the text of your document functional. The clients and the client happen them manner because you groups in each the usage instance Scenarii, the protractions handling and the economic rules.

The usage instance helps you to happen all the exclusions and solutions of replacing. Because the chief scenario of success is an order of the simple phases, this will assist you to go through by each phase and controls what still the user could do or what in the can of system turns severely.

The usage instance helps to compel to you to compose all the handling of protractions. With the gage you are obliged to recite all the conditions of protractions and so to document what to do when they occur. Without him, much of conditions of mistake remain non detected until a certain coder discovers them while in the medium to type a fragment of codification. That is really late to detect new maps and economic rules. The experts as respects concerns normally went, clip tightens, and therefore the type of coders that which they think to the top of at the present clip, alternatively of seeking the coveted behaviour.

The usage instance helps you to detect conditions for all the agents. If you write a paragraph with the agents and their involvement in the usage instance, you do non compose lone conditions for the primary instruction histrion but besides for others holding right.

The usage instance helps you to look into the flawlessness of your papers. If you write a paragraph with the agents and their involvements in the usage instance, you peas to look into that their involvements are achieved by the different scenario and by the economic rules.

For the whole undertaking, the aid of the usage instance you organize your undertaking. You peas to delegate with each the usage instance a complexness, a precedence, a cost, synchronism, and a legislative act.

The usage instances help you to specify loops. While the usage instance must give a commercial value to the user ( at least the User-Goal those ) , you peas to specify each loop as groups the usage instance. The client will cognize the extra value of each loop.

The usage instance helps you to specify your instances of trial. In fact each scenario and province of protraction can be traced with a scenario of trial. The scenarios of trial are grouped by the usage instances.

The usage instance helps you to follow your conditions. If you adopt the methodological analysis of iconix you peas to set seashore at seashore a scenario of the usage instance and his realisation by the diagram of order of UML of the interactions between the user and all objects of the system.

The usage instance helps you in the direction of alteration. When a alteration is required of you that can take which instances of usage will be carried out and ensue exchange in your codification.

The usage instances are popular. The usage instances are the first in all the methodological analysiss directed by object and incorporate procedure.


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