Environmental Factors Affecting International Market Commerce Essay

Global environmental analysis is the survey of the planetary environment of a company. This ( Global Environmental Analysis ) analysis is a portion of a company ‘s analysis-system that includes assorted other analyses such as the industry analysis, the market analysis, and the analysis of rivals. This system is divided into macro-level and micro-level. Baring planetary environmental analysis, the other types of analyses can be found on micro-level. However, a company ‘s macro-environment is described in item by planetary environment analysis. Some of the environmental factors such as economical or societal factors play a cardinal function in the company ‘s determinations. This is because the company will acquire to cognize the hazard its concern faces by analysing and supervising these factors. This environmental model besides gives information about location issues. In add-on, there is other strategic determination that considers this analysis fundamental. External concern developments are evaluated by analysing the factors. It is the duty of direction to accommodate the house to its environment or holding a better manner to act upon an environment.

Environmental factors impacting International Market

Strategists supervise the economic, authorities, legal, market, competitory, provider, geographic, and societal cultural scenes that determine chances and menaces to their firms/company/organization. This is known as Environmental Analysis.

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Environmental Factors Affecting International Market Commerce Essay
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Environmental factors of restraints are larger but non wholly external and out of range of the control of single industrial endeavors and their understandings. They are responsible for operation of houses and directions in a specific state. ( Barry M.Richman and Melvyn Copen ) .

There are many factors that may ensue in either supplying chance or menace to the house. However, some of the cardinal factors are socio-economic, proficient, provider, rivals, and authorities.

The aim of environmental analysis is to strategize manage competitory forces and constituents of strategic direction. But, the internal environment of an organisation is of import from environment analysis ‘s point of position.

Figure 1.4: Environment Forces ( influences ) on concern

Environmental Forces

End products




Transformation of inputs to outputs

Input signals




Technology Organization

Fig 1.4 illustrates the influence of environmental forces on concern. For illustration, psychological factors, traits and accomplishments are influential in conveying success to single. These factors are needed to go successful. Organization beginnings rely on using physical resource, fiscal resource and human resource accomplishments in an effectual manner. Every concern organisation has internal and external environmental factors.

Theoretical Approaches for measuring company ‘s planetary environment market

The chief aim of an environmental analysis is to measure the internal and external factors impacting an organisation ‘s public presentation. Organization ‘s strengths and failing come under internal factors. The chances and menaces that affect the company are the external factors.

Another term given for environment analysis is SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and menaces. Environment analysis is besides known as Environment scanning.

Environment analysis helps strategic contrivers to measure the operating environment and set up operational ends. Depending on whether the ends are obtained or non bing schemes, new schemes must be developed or old 1s must be adjusted.

An of import characteristic of environmental analysis is usage of internal prosodies to measure employee public presentation, client satisfaction, care costs, and similar factors.

Environmental analysis has many more applications.

It plays a cardinal function in placing chances such as new markets or the acquisition of new engineering before its rivals.

It is a valuable tool for measuring the fiscal potency of assorted schemes.

Literature Review

Harmonizing to Dornier et Al, there are four forces that influence globalisation.

Global market forces

Technological forces

Global cost forces

Political and economic forces

Global market forces include the force per unit areas created by foreign rivals every bit good as the chances created by foreign clients. Some companies may non hold good concern overseas but the presence of foreign companies in their part might impact their concern. In an attack to support domestic markets, such companies consider it of import to come in into a foreign market as a counter onslaught.

Technological forces include the handiness of engineerings of import for production.

Some other factors that thrust companies to come in into foreign parts for cut downing their production costs are low labour and natural stuff costs. Many investors are demoing involvements due to the handiness of skilled labour in some parts.

Overview about Accenture

About Accenture

Accenture ‘s portfolios include planetary direction consulting, engineering services and outsourcing. It has about 259000 people functioning clients in more than 120 states. Accenture teams up with clients to assist go high-performance concerns and authoritiess. For the financial twelvemonth that ended in Aug 31, 2012 the company generated net grosss of US $ 27.9 billion. Accenture uses telecasting, print, and in public topographic points such as airdromes for advancing their company. The current logo of Accenture is “ High public presentation. Delivered ” . Accenture ‘s central office is at Ireland.


The three primary transverse functional groupings that Accenture uses for forming its services and people are:

Work forces

Operating groups

Growth platforms

Work forces

The four work forces used by Accenture to function clients are



outsourcing, and


Operating Groups

The five operating groups are:


Media & A ; Technology,

Financial services,

Products & A ; Resources, and

Health & A ; Public Services.

Growth Platforms

This indicates the functional or proficient spheres in which Accenture helps its employees to specialise their accomplishments and develop and utilize Accenture ‘s methodological analysis and create and present solutions to clients.

Management Consulting is in charge of the bringing of Accenture ‘s strategic, operational, functional, industry, procedure and alteration consulting capablenesss.

TechnologyA unites the full scope of Accenture ‘s systems integrating, engineering consulting and IT outsourcing capablenesss.

Business Procedure Outsourcing concentrates on pull offing specific concern procedures or maps for clients such as procurance, HR, finance and accounting and service that are developed for the industry needs.

Accenture uses their industry cognition, service-offering expertness and engineering capablenesss and acknowledge new concern and engineering tendencies and develop solutions to assist clients worldwide.

Enter new markets.

Increase grosss in bing markets.

Improve operational public presentation.

Delivery of merchandises and services in a more effectual and efficient mode.

The benefits of Accenture ‘s market scheme are:

Extensive industry expertness

Broad and germinating service offerings.

Expertness in concern dealing outsourcing.

History of engineering invention and execution such as research and development capablenesss on which the company has one-year outgo of approx $ 300 million.

Committedness to the long term development of our employees.

Proven and experienced direction squad.

Accenture Marketing BPO services collaborate with main selling officers and other executives for supplying a better control and stableness for their selling organisations. They help their clients in increasing their gross revenues and gross by acquisition and keeping of clients and cut down the costs by optimising their market operations. Accenture offers its services to assist clients obtain and retain clients, develop new client penetrations and optimise selling spend. Accenture ‘s value proposition and leading in marketing BPO is based on extended selling cognition, engineering and concern assets, deep client and industry experience, analytics capablenesss, and our planetary and best in category Marketing BPO bringing.

Execution of Marketing Schemes by Accenture

Let us take an illustration of the selling schemes used by Accenture to assist Piramal Health attention in making a strategic program that would better the public presentation of Pharma Solutions.

Pharma Solutions is a prima service supplier across all phases in the drug life rhythm. Pharma Solutions reported grosss of about US $ 226 million during the financial twelvemonth of 2011.

Piramal Solutions disassociated from its domestic preparations and nosologies concern in 2010. The chief purpose of the company was to concentrate on doing Pharma Solutions as one of the top three participants in contract research and fabrication services by 2016.

The company ‘s direction had understood that there is a demand to make a strategic program to guarantee that there is growing in the company by following five old ages. The company besides had an purpose of constructing a robust, internal procedure, people and technological capablenesss.

Piramal Healthcare wanted to use the services of Accenture in planing a strategic program.

A two-phase attack was adopted by Accenture to assist Piramal Solutions.

In Phase 1, the present scenario of Pharma Solutions ‘ concern scheme and capablenesss were evaluated. The options for guaranting that there is profitable growing and countries of operational engagement for each concern unit were identified. Accenture helped in set uping a differentiated market positioning that the clients would understand and it besides highlighted the relationship orientated civilization of Pharma Solutions.

Phase II is the execution stage. Here, one of the of import ends was to add all the solution themes into the civilization of Pharma Solutions. The avidity of the employees was assessed and developed a solution subject in a structured mode that would be helpful to the identified procedure proprietors to accommodate the new ways of working.

Piramal Healthcare benefitted a batch from the solutions that were developed by Accenture. These solutions helped Piramal Healthcare to turn at a compound one-year growing of 18 per centum over the following four old ages. In the words of Nandini Piramal, executive manager of Piramal Healthcare, Accenture played a cardinal portion in guaranting that the hereafter of Pharma Solutions is good. Pharma Solutions benefitted from Accenture ‘s functional expertness and adept counsel as they have established and implemented a scheme that enables it to accomplish the company ‘s growing aims.


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