environmental science chapter 1.1

Question Answer
our environment is? everything around us
what are some examples man made? streets, factories, and buildings
what are the non-living parts of the earth are? minerals,oil,gas,coal, mountains,water,air,(rivers lakes…etc, atmosphere,ozone layer,oxygen…etc)
what are some living things on plant earth? animals, birds, insects-pollinators (ex:bees),aquatic life, and plant life
what is environmental science? Environmental science is how humans interact with the environment
what are some major environmental problems? environmental problems can be complex
after world war II many people left the rural areas for the city to find jobs
the main environmental problems were? 1. Resource Depletion
what are reusable resources ? reusable resources are replaced as we use them
some examples of reusable resources are. sunlight or solar energy,trees,and commercial fishery(ex:tuna, lobster, shrimp)
what is extinction? extinction is when all the organisms of a certain species dies.
what are endangered species? endangered species are in danger of becoming extinct due to,
the habitat of the organism is being is being destroyed
what is a biosphere? a biosphere is part of the earth where you will find life or living things,air, water
the biosphere is not isolated but consist of several ecosystems
what are some examples of developed countries? higher income ,highly industrialized, better, water, electricity, and roads, (U.S.A, canada , japan, Australia,and western Europe.
what some examples of developing counties? lower income ,not as industrialized, less to no, clean water,electricity,and transportation (Malaysia, mexico,Jamaica, Thailand ,Haiti,and the Dominican Republic.
developed countries make up? 20% of the world population
developed countries use? 75% of natural resourses
what is an increase in human population call? population crisis
what is a increase demand on natural resources call? consumption crisis
a sustainable world is? everyone would have a high quality of life

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