Environmental science chapter 5

Carbon to enter the ecosystem through photosynthesis
Plants play a crucial role in carbon cycle because they?
Burning fossil fuels has increased
How are humans affecting the balance of carbon in the atmosphere
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Environmental science chapter 5
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a place that already has a ecosystem
Where would an ecologist be least likely to go study primary succession?
A fire
What kind of natural disaster helps some forest communities by allowing some trees to release their seeds by cleaning away deadwood and by encouraging new growth?
What gases would make up 78% of our atmosphere but can be used by plants only when transformed by bacteria first?
Grasses,linchens and mosses
What are some examples of pioneer species
a growthfull plant after the forest is destructed by a fire
What is a example of secondary succession
the decay of lunches in bacteria, dust particles from air, and broken bits of rock and stones
What would be the components of soil formed during primary succession?
Nitrogen fixing bacteria
What is responsible for making nitrogen in the atmosphere usable by living organisms
Carbon found with in limestone
What is considered a carbon sink and not part of the carbon cycle
Tall mature oak trees
What type of vegetation would you expect to find in an abandoned farm that has remained undistributed for 150 year
Secondary succession
What type of succession occurs after a natural process such as a volcano eruption or flood
What is one of the largest carbon reservoirs on earth
The burning of fossil fuels and respiration
Which process adds carbon into the atmosphere in the carbon cycle
Mosses and lichens
What type of vegetation would appear on a rock shelf exposed by a rock slide
Lichens ,meadow , aspens , spruce furs
In a coniferous forest which sequence correctly shows the order in which plants grow after Bare rock is shelf exposed by the rockslide
What is the original source of phosphorus in the terrestrial ecosystem
Grasses > shrubs >soft weed trees > hardwood trees
What sequence shows the order of the succession that most likely occurs in a abandoned cornfield
Climax community
What phrase correctly describes hardwood trees during succession
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leaves of a plant muscle of a cow
Direct natural pathways for carbon atoms moving through the carbon cycle
The trees will grow up; different tree species will grow up under them and eventually replace the original tree species
A few years after a forest fire , grass flowering plants and small trees are growing among the burn stumps assuming the forest does not burn again what will most likely happen to the forest overtime
Much of the carbon dioxide dissolves in water precipitated out as limestone
The early atmosphere of earth was mostly hydrogen and helium but earths growth could not hold these light gases later the atmosphere of Earth had high levels of carbon dioxide the carbon dioxide level was reduced to a small percentage of the atmosphere even before the arrival of plants. What caused this decrease in carbon dioxide
Fossil fuels
The burning of what over many years have resulted in a increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
In the carbon cycle The source of Carbon for producers is the
Secondary succession
A common type of succession that occurs on a surface where an ecosystem has previously existed is known as a
Ecological succession
A gradual process of change and replacement of the types of species in the community is called
Oldfield secession
Succession that occurs on abandon farmland is called
Climax community
During succession a final and instable community is referred to as a
Excessive use of what on lawns and gardens can affect the nitrogen and phosphorus cycle in nearby lakes and streams
Fossil fuels
Underground carbon source is composed of plants and animals that died millions of years ago known as
During primary succession what often begins the process by breaking down the rocks into soil
Pioneer species
The first organisms to colonize any newly available area all known as
Primary succession
On New islands formed by volcanic activity you will most likely find
Nitrogen fixing bacteria live within the nucleus on the nest of plants call
Fossil fuels, crude oil , coal and natural gas
What contains carbon from the bodies of plants and animals that died millions of years ago

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