Environmental Systems and Societies Predator Pray Lab Essay

Investigating the Effect of Predator Reproduction Rate on Prey and Predator Population Question How does the amount of prey a predator needs to survive and to reproduce effect the total population of an ecosystem? Hypothesis If there is slower reproductive rate among the predator population, then the prey population will eventually increase. The prey will live and reproduce if it is not eaten by the predator therefore if it becomes more difficult for the predator to multiply the prey have an easier time carrying on in their cycle of life.

However, as the prey opulation increases there are more possibilities for a predator to find food thus making the population even out. The populations will even out a bit more because there will be a higher population density of bunnies thus the wolves will consume at a faster rate than previously. Materials 100 paper bunnies (small square pieces of paper) 100 Paper Wolves (large square pieces of paper) 1 regular sheet of paper Variables Variable What it is Units Measured How can it be controlled Its effect on experiment Independent Reproductive rate of predators Number

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Environmental Systems and Societies Predator Pray Lab Essay
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For every test, there should be a set reproductive rate for predators based on the amount of prey they get The reproductive rate dictates how many wolves are on therefore how many bunnies are on the meadow Dependent The amount of prey predators The amount of prey is directly linked to how the predator can survive Control Number of prey produced For every test, ensure the number of prey increases according to instructions The number of prey produced are important because they directly affect how the predator survives Control Number of Predator Produced

For each test, ensure the number of predator increases according to instructions The numbers of predators produced are significant because they directly affect the survival rate of the prey Control Method of placing the squares Human Both species are supposed to be randomly placed on the meadow therefore the participants in the lab need to be honest If animals are strategically placed it will change the validity of the lab for the reason that one is purposely altering the lab hence the data Control Size of the squares Cm The size of the wolves and bunnies should be the same for every trial The animals eed to be the same size because one survives based on being touched by another therefore if there is an increase in either there is a greater chance it will touch something as opposed to a smaller animal because of the surface area Method 1 . Scatter five bunnies (small paper squares) onto the meadow (sheet of regular paper) randomly 2. Without aiming, place a wolf (big paper squares) on the meadow 3. Count how many bunnies have been eaten by the wolf and record that number a.

A bunny has been eaten if any part of the wolf is touching any part of the bunny 4. Remove the wolf and the bunnies eaten by the wolf 5. Record the data into the chart 6. Add one bunny for every bunny that has survived 7. A wolf must be added if it has eaten one or more bunnies 8. Repeat steps 2-7 ten times 9. Repeat steps 1-8 four more times increasing the amount of bunnies a wolf has to eat to reproduce by one each trial Round # Of Bunnies Trial 1 # Of Wolves Trial 1 # Of Bunnies Trial 2 # Of wolves Trial 2 12 10 20 37 39 62 11 82 85 16 # Of Bunnies Trial 1 # Of Wolves 24 18 33 32 53 59 75 14 13 42 52 70 79 17 26 25 45 49 55 69 29 27 67 Round 1 Round 2 Round 3


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