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Equality & Diversity Sample Essay
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1. Describe a scope of appropriate fact-finding methods that can be used to research diverseness in a community. Scope of age. Sex male to female ratio. Different religion/faiths. matrimonial position matrimony & A ; divorce statistics. Ethnicity how many types of cultural minority there are within the Sandwell Area a method to reseacrh the types of differences could be undertaken by look intoing by observation by one or more observer. This could happen at a specific topographic point. such as a local high street. over a peculiar timescale such as peak times lunchtime for illustration. after school coatings on a specific day of the month. The research workers would so detect passerby. observing their differences and using an observation sheet in order to put them into specific classs. for illustration age scope and gender. or gender and ethnicity. Making a simple questionaire would besides be effectual that manner you would roll up information from Numberss of passers by which would perchance supply more deffinitive replies.

An alternativ you can straight detect non merely the occupants of the community. but the country and its characteristics to bespeak diverseness. Physical marks of diverseness by detecting. for illustration. the different topographic points of worship available which may include a Sikh Temple. Mosque. Mass or Church Of England Church this may be an indicator index of the different beliefs in the community ; different athleticss locales and societal locales where the community gather to take part in different activities or pursue specific involvements and life styles. Different types of schools could bespeak different beliefs or even local eating houses such as Indian. Chinese. Italian. Bangladeshi or Jamaican. Questionaire’s may besides be devised by a market research company which could be handed to the most accessible topographic points such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. Local Council House. This would be an expensive method and information may non be accuarte as all people whio have been handed the questionaire may non take to finish it.

2. Using one ( or more ) of the methods you outlined in Question 1. describe the extent of diverseness that exists within your community. You should exemplify your work with some existent informations such as statistics or desktop research. Statisticss for Sandwell country Oldbury. West Midlands on faith Sandwell – entire 24492

Christian – 3892
Buddhist – 4
Hindu – 158
Judaic – 2
Muslim – 6310
Sikh Persons – 11744
Other faith – 18
No faith – 896
The information has been provided by my local authorization informations has been collected from the figure of people that entered the Sandwell Council for services which can run anything from instruction to profit services the figures were assessed over a 6 hebdomad period to collate information for the nose count study there is a assorted community here.

3. Using one ( or more ) of the methods you outlined in Question 1. describe the scope of services and bureaus that exist within your local community to back up diverseness.

Sandwell Homes – has a squad of Support Officers who provide short term support to vulnerable people in their ain places in each of the six towns in Sandwell. You do non necessitate to be a Sandwell Homes renter to acquire support.

Ideal For All – is a non for net income company and registered charity run by handicapped people for handicapped people in Sandwell. We provide a scope of societal and wellness attention services for handicapped people. carers and disadvantaged groups to make an environment in which all the people in the Borough of Dudley and environing countries support equality and diverseness. understand and appreciate the differences between persons and communities. Sandwell Webwell – part to bettering community coherence and societal equality in Sandwell and environing countries. through community integrating activities. information. support and advice and improved policy and pattern in the concern. instruction. voluntary and statutory sectors.

Servicess provided such as the follwoing advancing the involvement of all Black and Minority communities. Building effectual partnerships within the community. making an environment in which all people in the Borough support equality and diverseness. understand and appreciate the differences between persons and communities. raising the profile of all six equality strands ( race. gender. disablement. sexual orientation. age favoritism. faith and belief ) . AGE UK – Sandwell services for older people are broad ranging and cover the whole country of Sandwell. Shore Breaks Care -This service provides carers of older people populating in Sandwell with a regular free interruption of up to six hours at least one time a hebdomad. during this clip. they can be assured that a to the full trained professional Care Assistant is looking after the individual that they would usually care for. Home Care Visiting – This service is provided for older people who are isolated and vulnerable. life in any of the six towns in Sandwell.

The service is free and is delivered by a squad of trained voluntaries. Volunteers provide support in many ways and can assist with family undertakings. reading the mail etc. but largely they merely supply a friendly face and a listening ear. Our voluntaries can see any clip on a hebdomadal footing. to supply company and support to older people in the community. Volunteers are matched to our service users to do certain that they same individual will name each hebdomad and that they will hold a good resonance when they meet. We look for voluntaries who know how to prosecute with older people and can construct trust and assurance in the people they visit.

Day Centre – Activities. which includes many mental and physical stimulation exercisings such as extend exercising. games. quizzes and art work. Trips have taken topographic point throughout the twelvemonth. including theater. museums. saloons and a garden Centre. Other extra services include Gardening Service. Support Sercvices. Advocacy and Benefits. 4. Using one ( or more ) of the methods you outlined in Question 1. provide a broad scope of illustrations ( at least 20 ) of physical marks that show there is diverseness within your community. Include examples associating to:

1Religion. Hijab. Judaic Hat. Temples. Catholic Mass. Christian Church. Sikh Temples. Hindu Church. Chinese takeouts. Indian takeout. linguistic communication. hair coloring material. oculus coloring material. clamber coloring material. caput scarf. Italian eating houses. Jamaican eating houses. Halal takeaway shop’s. Interpretor’s for linguistic communication with local authorities sections. spiritual events such as Eid. Christmas. Easter. and Diwalli. 2Age college adverising all ages welcome.

3Disability employers who have a positive attack to using handicapped people display ‘2 ticks’ Disability Symbol. 4Gender jobs’ advertised to both male and female.

5. Describe the types of inequality that could be within a community. ( 5 Types of Inequality )

1/ Natality inequality: This exists in certain religinons still preference for male childs over misss that many male-dominated societies have. gender inequality can attest itself in the signifier of the parents desiring the neonate to be a male child instead than a miss.

2/ Equality of result. equality of status describes a province in which people have about the same stuff wealth or. more by and large. in which the general economic conditions of their lives are similar. This type of equality exists in the community for illustration a man of affairs may hold or seen to hold more wealth than one of the neighbors merely because they run a concern. 3/ Ownership Inequality – In many societies ownership of belongings can be really unequal. Basic assets such as places and land may be shared. This type of inequality has existed for many old ages it has ever seemed that the work forces dominate investing belongings. 4/ Wage Inequality – This is designed to battle income inequality. maximal pay is related to lower limit pay which is the lowest hourly pay that employers can pay employess by jurisprudence. 5/ Caste Inequality – The caste system is a type of societal inequality that exists in states like India. Pakistan but it besides exists in communities for illustration an country of Birmingham named Sparkhill is populated with Pakistanis. another country of Bimringham Smethwick is poulated with Sikhs. the caste system within each caste has existed for many old ages and is such like lower. in-between and upper category. Lower category caste may be where the individual originated from such as Bangladesh an upper category individual may hold originated from India. Ir exists in many communities in Birmingham due to the population of cultural minority Numberss.

Question 6
6. Describe the menaces that exist to equality and diverseness within the community. utilizing illustrations of intolerance and extremism.

Extremism does be within the community more. it has been more well an consciousness within the community due to 911 and 7/11 which have taken topographic point. The construct of national security such as UKBA intelligence is to embrace all the factors that threatens single citizens who live their manner of life. to protect the community from long-run menaces. such as force per unit areas created by clime alteration and poorness. Diversity has brought tremendous economic and cultural benefits. alterations in societal demographics is to make challenges to public service bringing and to relationships between new and constituted communities. Extremists try to seed division in this state such as undertaking the hateful positions and actions of utmost rightist groups. the most important terrorist menace to national security in the UK is from al-Qaeda who assert that Islam and the West are incompatible. that people should no longer be able to specify themselves as British and Muslim.

Preventing violent extremism within Communities
Communities which are sometimes ill equipped to dispute and defy violent extremism. The Government’s scheme has five cardinal strands aimed at turn toing factors in support of the purpose to halt people going or back uping Terrorists and violent extremists. the authorities purpose to undertake this by intercession such as:

• Challenging the violent extremist and back uping mainstream voices • Interrupting those who promote violent extremism.
• Support persons who are being targeted and recruited to the cause of violent extremism. • Increasing the resiliency of communities to violent extremism • Addressing the grudges within all communities.

7. Research the scope of support services and webs that exist within the local community to back up diverseness and explicate the specific functions they carry out and the users they support. This undertaking should be completed for each of the followers:

Public sector organisations- JCP. Citizens Advice Bureau etc.

Sandwell Crossroads service is about giving clip – bettering the lives of carers by giving them clip to be themselves and hold a interruption from their lovingness duties www. sandwellcrossroads. org

Age UK uniting Age Concern and Help the Aged to back up the aged hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ageuk. org. United Kingdom.
CRUSE Bereavement Care promotes the wellbeing of bereft people and enables anyone bereaved by decease to understand their heartache and header with their loss. As good supplying free attention to all bereaved people. the charity besides offers information. support and Sandwell Council of Voluntary Organizations ( SCVO ) established in 1997 to supply representation and support to the local Voluntary and Community Sector. Based in Sandwell and focused on Sandwell. it offers a broad spectrum of specialised services and aims to back up all not-for-profit community groups and voluntary organisations. Royal College of Psychiatrists [ – & gt ; 0 ] – Leaflets and information on common mental wellness issues.

SAD Association ( Seasonal Affective Disorder ) [ – & gt ; 1 ] – A voluntary organisation supplying support and advice to SAD sick persons.

Samaritans [ – & gt ; 2 ] Support for all those in hurt ; 184 subdivisions unfastened 24 hours a twenty-four hours. Telephone directories list local subdivisions.

Sandwell Mind/Community Group Work [ – & gt ; 3 ] – Self aid groups meeting in community locales across Sandwell back uping people with anxiousness and depression.

SANE [ – & gt ; 4 ] is a national mental wellness charity which aims to raise consciousness of mental unwellness and run to better services and novice and fund research into the causes of serious mental unwellness through its research Centre. Information and emotional support is besides provided to anyone affected.

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