Essay on Compulsory Primary Education Essay

Introduction: In a country everybody should know how to read and write and how to count, so that everybody can help the society with a better capacity. Primary education Is based mainly on reading, writing and arithmetic. This Is the minimum education that one should get, specially In a poor country Like India, where nothing more can be possibly done owing to paucity of funds. Advantages: The present age is the age of people. In most of the countries there are democratic form of Government. Democracy cannot be successful if the people are illiterate. Because illiterate persons cannot read the newspapers.

They cannot read the political pamphlets. So, they remain in dark about their country’s affairs. People should have a least the primary education for their easy conduct in the society and for the success of democracy. Why it should be made compulsory: The poor people do not send their children to school for want of money. Some children work elsewhere to supplement their family-income. The farmer’s children help their parents In the field. So, they cannot come to school if it is not made compulsory. But It must be free education and children should get their books and slates from the Government.

Most of the parents being poor, their children should be provided with free footing and free clothing. Conclusion: It is the duty of every Government to make the primary education free and compulsory. The Government of India should work out this scheme with all sincerity, so that all the children of the entire country will come within the scheme. People should co-operate with the Government in this campaign. Students can help their local people to work out the primary education programmer. During their holidays and vacations they should open camp-schools in their own localities and teach the local children in suitable hours.

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Essay on Compulsory Primary Education Essay
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