Essay on my greatest accomplishment. Essay

He said, “l found out 1,100 ways how not to do things. ” Even the great racing horse Secretariat lost his first race. I can remember a time when I so desperately wanted to win, but I didn’t. My sixth grade class was having a spelling bee. Every student had to stand at the front of the room with his or her own mini chalkboard. When Mrs.. Beriberi’s, my teacher, said a word, everyone had to spell It on his or her chalkboard at the same time. If you misspelled the word, you were forced to sit down at your desk and keep quiet. At first I did not see the enjoyment in the exercise.

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Essay on my greatest accomplishment. Essay
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In fact, I can distinctly remember drawing dinosaurs on my chalkboard while my teacher explained the rules of the spelling bee. It wasn’t until I heard the words “McDonald’s Extra Value Meal” that I looked up and saw the bright yellow McDonald’s Extra Value Meal certificate that would be given to the winner. In sixth grade, it was cool to be eating a Big Mac and not a Happy Meal. The spelling bee that was about to start all of a sudden became Important to me. My hand was ready to spell out any word that came out of my teacher’s mouth. I ended up becoming a spelling machine!

My teacher kept putting up new words, and I kept knocking them down. I wanted the McDonald’s Extra Value Meal and I was going to get it if it killed me. My teacher had given us more than 20 words and I had spelled every one of them correctly. The problem was, so had someone else. Chelsea was her name. She was all that stood between my McDonald’s Extra Value Meal and With only one person left to beat, I could practically guarantee the victory. As Chelsea and I stood ready and waiting, Mr.. Con gave us the final word: extravaganza. New this one!

The McDonald’s Extra Value Meal was mine for sure, or so I thought It was! E-X-T-R-A-dot, dot, dot… And that was as far as I got on my chalkboard. I didn’t know the rest of the word! I sounded It out as best I could, but still failed to put the letters together. I lost the spelling bee and Chelsea won the McDonald’s Extra Value Meal. That day I was devastated. I felt Eke I’d failed. However, looking back now, I realize that I didn’t really lose. I went Into that spelling bee with everything I had, but I didn’t win. However, life’s a lot Like that.

It’s not really about whether you win or lose, winner. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to life, but it definitely is not always easy. Perhaps it’s failing a test so completely that you want to quit the class; but instead you study twice as hard because you are determined to do better next time. Or maybe it’s about losing a basketball game because you miss two free throws in the final seconds, but you still want the ball in your hands because you know you can make your shot the next time. No matter what happens in my life, I cannot afford to let my failures get me down.

Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. ” When I leave to go out into the real world, to work as a teacher, I am going to face many challenges and changes. I have a choice each day about how I am going to approach life: either avoid difficult situations and give up, or face life with a positive attitude and see myself as a winner because I gave it my best shot.


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