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Essay Question “Explain your commitment to public service and service to country generally. Include an instance when you asserted your leadership in a community or civic activity, what you learned, and how you think this internship could further advance your leadership and personal goals in this area. ” A nation founded on the principles of freedom and security, simplistic as that may seem, happens to be worthless without the dedication and devotion of its citizens to keep it free and secure.

There will always be room for some form of change; we should never become content. Being content can lead to complacency, and complacency is the measure of a dying society. As one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, stated poetically, “All mankind is divided into three classes; those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move. ” Dedication, devotion, commitment, and initiative are just a few of the traits belonging to that particular class that moves; the class that I belong to.

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My commitment to service lies in the very history of our country. I felt the need to serve a higher purpose. Enlisting in our country’s Air Force seemed like the most appropriate action to preserve the freedom given to us in the constitution. Everyone is a factor in that act of preservation; everybody contributes whether they’ve faced that realization or not. As the ever present symbolic analogy reminds us, “The man who eats a burger is just as important as the woman who manages the McDonald’sTM . We know that this man is just as important because even though he’s eating that burger he could still be the CEO of a major international conglomerate or a mailman who, without him a family would not get a long awaited letter. As off topic as these comparisons may seem, they offer one consistent similarity; service. That service is something that I consider an integral part of any successful nation and I’m only aiming to provide my services to that noble cause. When the countdown for my ship out date to basic training for the Air Force had begun to decrease to a few weeks I realized that I needed to make it memorable.

I soon discovered that a not-for-profit organization named “The Michael Hoefflin Foundation” had an upcoming gala that was to take place the day before I was meant to leave. This opportunity provided me with the necessary position to use my natural talents as a leader to coordinate the successful set up of this major event. The challenges it presented eventually became minimal due to the fact that my continual involvement, even in that small amount of time, committed the day-to-day routine to memory.

The successes of the event that I helped create are exceptional skills that I can now take with me. I learned much more effectively by engaging in the event directly than I would have by just informing others of what to work on and then not helping in the task that I assigned. The experience one can gain from practical application is an invaluable incentive. Experience in general is an extremely motivating factor for any career oriented individual looking to move up on the metaphorical ladder. For me it was also an exhilarating feeling to volunteer and expect nothing in return.


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