Ethical - 7 Awesome Ideas and Paper Example Essay

Do you remember the time when you had to make a choice, and each option was equally unpleasant? Perhaps you lied, and something terrible happened, or you were faced with the task of divulging the truth and punishing you for lying. This mess is called a dilemma – a situation that challenges an acceptable solution.

An ethical dilemma is a situation of moral choice when another moral value is destroyed in the realization of one moral value, no less important. Ethical dilemmas arise in front of us daily, but as a rule, we solve them for ourselves according to the principle of the least evil, and certainly not all of them develop into a conflict situation or remain an internal conflict of a particular person.

An ethical dilemma essay sends for the academic Ethics paper which is aimed at solving certain moral problems. In many cases, these are different topics, so the student must master the art of argumentation.

The ethical dilemmas that arise in social work differ from those dilemmas that exist in non-professional activities.

Ethical dilemmas are most often associated with the problem of values of social work.

Ethical Dilemma Essay Topic List: 7 awesome Ideas

  1. The legalization of marijuana
  2. Does the woman have the right to abortion?
  3. Do people who committed serious crimes deserve the death penalty?
  4. A world without nuclear weapons
  5. Use of profanity on television.
  6. Is animal testing required?
  7. A medical problem in Nursing Essay

Ethical dilemma essay example

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is increasingly developed in the past two decades. People want to look prettier, younger, or fix what nature has given to them. Today plastic surgery has passed from the category of very expensive to quite affordable.

Of course, this has its advantages: more people can get rid of perennial complexes, injuries, injuries. As a result, a plastic surgery aimed at improving the appearance, often contributes to career growth, since attractive people are often more in demand and successful.

Vivid examples of operations leading to positive changes are liposuction. This operation relieves excess fat, reduces the load on the spine and joints, increases the level of activity of the person, which has the best effect on health. Breast reduction surgery, for example, often relieves women from back pain, etc.

But there are also a lot of disadvantages: plastic surgery is practiced by everyone, from small clinics to regional and republican hospitals. Unfortunately, not always plastic justifies the money invested in it and expectations. When plastic surgery, such as liposuction, it is possible to develop edema and accumulate fluid in the body cavities. In addition to fluid, blood can accumulate in the cavities, forming hematomas that interfere with normal healing. Necrosis and tissue rejection as a result of infection or infringements of the immunological plan, etc., may become another nuisance in surgical intervention. This also includes psychological problems that arise after unsuccessful operations. Hardly anyone will like to lose money and appearance. But with all this, do not forget that plastic surgery often gives a second life to people with any external effects.

Legalization of marijuana

This is another great topic for writing ethical dilemma essay.

In many developed countries, the government has long benefited from the legalization of marijuana. Supporters of legalization draw an analogy between cannabis and alcohol, arguing that alcohol is just as addictive, but is not banned. But according to doctors, the use of marijuana, unlike alcoholic beverages, causes dependence much more quickly. And it is connected with the fact that supporters of legalization mix different concepts when they give the argument that drinking alcoholic drinks is much more harmful than marijuana. Unlike alcohol or many other drugs, marijuana remains in the human body for weeks or months after ingestion.

But if you look at the opposite side, many people are forced to illegally accept cannabis, as this helps them in the treatment of glaucoma. Also, weed helps to fight nausea in chemotherapy, muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis patients and to stimulate appetite in patients suffering from debilitating diseases such as AIDS. But people in the fourth stage of cancer, suffering from pain and insomnia, are afraid that they have a bush growing on a window sill. After all, it is not known when law enforcement agencies can come for them. Although in medicine, even heavier drugs of the opium group have long been used and widely used. The question arises – why can not we use lighter drugs …

Do people who committed serious crimes deserve the death penalty

One more ethical dilemma sample essay is about the death penalty.

Among the many problems discussed in our society is the question of the death penalty. Probably everyone wondered if the fact that there are such people as serial killers, pedophiles, terrorists that bring only damage to the society are true? Someone will answer in the affirmative, someone is negative, and someone will have difficulty answering. After all, the problem of the death penalty is very complex and multifaceted. It affects the political, legal, socio-economic, moral-religious, cultural-psychological, spiritual and moral and other spheres of our life.

The most common argument in favor of the death penalty is the assertion that it is a deterrent to crime: a criminal must be killed in order to deter others from committing such a crime. That is, the death penalty excludes repetition of the crime, and such punishment serves as a defense for society. Similarly, supporters of the death penalty argue that it is more economical than imprisonment.

But if you look at the other side, then severe, cruel punishments, including the death penalty, have never, anywhere, frightened anyone, except for those who do not commit crimes at all or those for whom the law imposes severe penalties. Moreover, a person can be executed by mistake, without being convinced of his guilt. Not to mention the moral component, because what is the difference between a society that sent a person to the death penalty from the criminal himself? As you can see, there is something to ponder on.


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