Ethical Issues Sample Essay

In this paper. I will be discoursing an ethical issue. I will speak about employees that steal at the workplace. I will hold a fact based scenario. The unethical issue will be stealing and selling the stolen belongings. Besides. I will be explicating how the pupil. instructors. and Detroit Public Schools are affected by the larceny. I will use how the concern codification of moralss applies to this state of affairs. I will province in my decision how this issue can be resolved.

Ethical Issue
Stolen Property
This ethical issue is that Robert Williams was stealing from Detroit Public Schools. He sees it as ethical to steal $ 70. 000 worth of computing machine equipment. were as he does non believe that is right or incorrect ; good or bad. The manner that I viewed it is incorrect and bad because stealing causes jobs and it truly is an ethical issue which should be dealt with in an appropriate mode.

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Ethical Issues Sample Essay
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Back in 2008. a former Detroit Public School employee used the school’s forklift to lade $ 70. 000 worth of new computing machine equipment on a Detroit Public School truck and drove off. Of class this was non recognized for a piece. even though he used his employee entree card to come in the gated warehouse after concern hours and besides was recorded by the surveillance cameras. One of the school contractors was able to place the employee as 49 twelvemonth old Robert C. Williams ( Detroit Public Schools Employee Indicted for Theft. 2009 ) .

Unethical Issue
The unethical issue is stealing. If we continue to allow people steal what we work hard for. so we will ne’er hold anything. I believe persons who steal should be brought to justness because it is incorrect and really unethical. They may non see the issue as incorrect or tight. but you have to believe how it is viewed by the populace. That is why they have regulations that should implement the issue.

Selling Stolen Property
The belongings that was stolen was split up in 3 ways with Williams. and 2 other confederates. The computing machine equipment was stolen and sold on the streets for $ 250. Now that he has been found guilty of having and selling stolen belongings he will have 5 old ages in Federal prison. which is the maximal punishment for a confederacy charge. and 10 old ages maximal punishment and $ 250. 000 mulct in the larceny charge. Because the computing machine equipment that was stolen from the school was used and was purchased with money that was funded by the authorities. the FBI was involved ( Detroit Public Schools Employee Indicted for Theft. 2009 ) .

Who is affected?
Students are affected because in the “real world” . computing machines have taken over and are used for everything. This is a new epoch for information engineering. Detroit Public School childs need the experience of utilizing computing machines when they become grownups to make full out occupation applications because there are few occupations that use paper. Children are needed to hold computing machines in school equip them with the accomplishments of engineering that is required to hold a successful calling in merely about any field that they would prosecute subsequently in life.

Teachers are besides affected by the larceny of the computing machine equipment. Teachers are being laid away because the Detroit Public School system is in debt. They do non hold adequate money to supply supplies for all the pupils that are overcrowding the schoolrooms. This. every bit good as the loss of equipment prevents the overall acquisition and instruction environment. Teachers have to alter lesson programs to make full in the spread when they are supposed to learn computing machine accomplishments. Teachers are stressed and merit more wage because of the issues that arise.

Detroit Public Schools
Detroit Public Schools are fighting to calculate out how they can replace the stolen computing machine equipment that was federally funded and supplied for the schools. I know they merely get so much money a twelvemonth from the authorities and they have to utilize what is funded to them to acquire supplies and do it travel every bit far as possible. This is a job when they are invariably replacing stuffs that are stolen and maintaining the school supplied with the needed points to work decently.

City of Detroit
The City of Detroit is upset with this issue because the revenue enhancement dollars go to back up it. while person else takes it off. They should halt handling stealing as a bluish neckband offense. If the people keep stealing from the City of Detroit. they are non traveling to hold anything to offer for the citizens that include the pupils and instructors in the metropolis that are in demand of this support and equipment. I refuse to direct my boy to DPS because the schoolrooms are excessively crowded and the instructors merely can non give all the pupils the attending that they need with the loss of supplies and equipment.

Business Code of Ethical motives
Core Principles
These are our 3 ethical rules:
-Commitment to Excellence
-District and Personal Integrity

Our end is to make a civilization that fosters trust. committedness to excellence and duty. personal and institutional unity. and avoids struggles of involvement and visual aspects of improperness.

Applications and Enforceability
All territory forces are included in the codification of moralss and Board members. This codification of moralss will be supported by ordinance. School Board regulations. State Laws. corporate bargaining understandings and besides standing orders. Violating this codification of moralss may ensue in administrative or disciplinary actions within the Torahs and understandings.

Making Ethical Decisions
Measure the state of affairs and place the ethical issues. Make certain that the regulations are being followed and do certain that aid is asked for from a supervisor if needed. Male and carry out a determination that is consistent with the regulations and develops excellence. unity and duty.

Committedness and Expectations
Committedness to Excellence
Set the illustration.
Create an environment and non-discrimination.
Provide honest. accurate and timely information
Identify the jobs and make solutions
Keep policies. processs and regulations
Report improper behavior
Keep co-workers safe from revenge
District and Personal Integrity

Avoid struggles of involvement and improper outside income.
Decline gifts
Improper influence of household members and associates
Maintain appropriate relationships with pupils
Keep procurance information confidential
Keep the catching procedure aim
Future employment

Uphold territory involvement in engaging and publicity
Proper usage of public places
Proper usage of public resources
Leadership of territory forces and usage of clip
Uphold confidentiality

After reading and researching the information in respects to the inappropriate behaviour or misconduct of the citizens that stole the belongings from the school. I believe that better regulations and ordinances should be put in topographic point to demo employees that it is compulsory that they are cognizant of them and that they are following them. The regulations should be enforced to guarantee that the employees know that they are non digesting or accepting any unethical behaviour. Students every bit good as employees should be made to follow the regulations at all times. The employees are at that place to put illustrations for the kids and if they are interrupting the regulations so they give manner for the pupils to make so every bit good. Making certain that regulations are followed is of import but it is merely every bit of import to do certain that the people interrupting the regulations are enduring some signifier of effect to do certain that the misconduct or inappropriate behaviour is non and will non be tolerated. It is clip for the DPS to implement a zero tolerance policy for unethical behaviour.

The codification of moralss in which I have developed can be applied when covering with employees that steal from a company. The company in which I have chosen is the DPS system. By implementing and necessitating all employees to a vow of committedness to excellence will do them understand that in order to be viewed as a concern of unity they must foremost be viewed as a individual committed to convey about positive alterations within ourselves to make this end. At no clip will stealing be tolerated and those that are caught making so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the jurisprudence. We must continue our committedness to excellence for ourselves every bit good as for the pupils who depend on the necessary equipment needed to prosecute an instruction that they are entitled to. We must stand together and promote each other to uphold ethical values in order to keep a school system that promotes excellence.

Another of import factor of the codification of moralss that should be applied is to be a territory and forces of unity. It is of import that people are able to believe that you stand by what you say. Having this unity allows you to travel a long manner as an person and a concern individual. This unity must be upheld at all times and made seeable to others so that the trust of the populace can be gained to break the environment and community in which we operate. It is responsibility of the DPS territory and its forces to get the accomplishments needed to decently run the school system. Having the mandated accomplishments allows you to carry on yourself with values and unity. This illustration of committedness and unity from leaders shows others that all other ways of behaviour is unacceptable.

Bing responsible is another facet of the codification of moralss that I developed that will help in conveying about alteration in DPS in respects to stealing. Be responsible for your actions. The DPS taking control and duty for the actions that has occurred within the territory will demo that there is attention and a opportunity to repair things. Termination of all who are non willing to be responsible for their action of misconduct is a manner of demoing that there is no tolerance for embezzled behaviour. We are grownups and should act as such. We are here to put good illustrations for those that we are taking and learning. It is due to engaging people with values that does non co-occur with the mission of the DPS that makes it hard for the proper alterations to happen. Taking duty will do leaders look like leaders and the will derive the regard from others when adhering to this codification of moralss. Using this codification decently would assist to extinguish the corrupt behaviour that is taking topographic point in so many concerns and let for alterations to be made to do them better.

Ethical values and issues of corrupt behaviour are seen in concerns everyplace because of the values that are held by the people who work at that place. Perpetrating to excellence and holding unity are two major issues that should be dealt with in the DPS in order to do it a better topographic point. Students. instructors and the community need to see positive values displayed by leaders in order to develop into persons that are proud to be a portion of the DPS and will incarnate the same values. Leaderships in the DPS that have the features of leading. unity and committedness will let for a productive working environment that will hold the community able to swear them once more. They will see that the leaders will non stand for anyone to destruct what they have worked so difficult to reconstruct. In order to keep this signifier of leading. I think that it is compulsory that hebdomadal meetings are held to discourse subjects of misconduct and the penalties that will follow if they are committed. These meetings are necessary to do certain that all parties involved are on the same page of go oning to be committed. responsible and people of unity in order to do stealing within the company a thing of the yesteryear.


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