Ethical Issues in Management Paper Essay

Ethical Issues in Management Paper MGT/216 Ethical Issues in Management Managers have many tasks to complete each day as well as many responsibilities that they need to have under control. The process of hiring is an extremely difficult task. It being one of the most important roles and responsibilities of holding a managers position. Throughout the process of hiring, a management representative looks for unique individuals that hold the qualifications to do the job in which they are applying for.

This is always an important part in finding the proper person to support the company’s visions, values, and morals. Management must be very careful concerning this delicate process. Avoiding any type of actions, comments, or decisions that could be unethical to stay away from legal issues. All organizations need assurance that they are following all employment regulations that have been set by the government to keep them safe from any trouble that could come from a bad interview. Moral and Ethical Issues

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Many moral and ethical issues can come up when management has to deal with the hiring new employees process. One issue a manager must face when considering a prospective employee is nepotism. According to Dictionary. com (2010), “patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics” (Nepotism, para. 1). This usually could affect a business or company is a negative light. If there is a very competitive position that just opened up, say in a law firm and the word got out, many people would of course, apply for this position immediately.

These people are extremely interested in this position, and are curious why they have not gotten a callback. It is unfair to the innocent patrons who believe they have a shot at the position when they clearly have no idea that a family member or friend was put before them simply because he or she know the one who is doing the hiring. A nepotism-type conflict could arise easily if the manager used his or her power of authority to influence the hiring process of a relative or friend. Many steps can be practiced by a person of higher authority when it comes to voiding or resolving any issues of nepotism. Some of these steps include: reviewing the company’s policies on or about nepotism, being sure to enforce these policies so that an unethical predicament will not occur. Working with the human resources department to resolve any issues that are currently present is another great way to try to cut out rumors that may come about. Allowing rumors to thrive and encouraging unjustified views of nepotism could impact an organization in a negative manner. According to EmployeeIssues. om (2003-2010), “The consequences of nepotism might constitute illegal employment discrimination under Federal discrimination laws or state equivalents, in either the private or public sector. For example, it might constitute illegal discrimination on the basis of race or sex, if an employer with 15 or more employees consistently hires relatives of a particular race or gender to the exclusion of non-relatives of other races or the opposite gender. The consequences of nepotism might constitute wrongful termination too.

For example, if a boss fires employees solely to create job opportunities for relatives who have the same religious beliefs as does he or she, then the boss might have illegally discharged those employees based on religion discrimination, if their religious beliefs were not the same as his or hers (Nepotism, para. 5-7). Social Issues and Ethically Responsible Management The hiring process requires management to take into account much more than “good business decisions. It means that those in the supervisory positions need to reflect on the manners in which their decisions affect the other employees, associates, then environment, and society. It is important to keep in mind that most times being socially and ethically responsible, results in more profitable business ventures (Essortment, 2002). When it comes to hiring social issues is one of the main things the manager has to worry about. Everyone always wants the new person to fit into the new work settings.

Usually when a new person comes into a workplace in which many of the other employees already know each other and get along very well it is difficult for the new person fit in. It is also the manager’s job to hire someone who he or she thinks will be a good fit for the job as well as a good fit for the other employees. If a person is demanding and has a bad attitude usually they will not get hired because the manager sees through that person and knows that he or she will not benefit the business and feel like an outcast between the other employees.

This decision that the manager must face is an ethical decision of the wellness of the business and the wellness of the hiree. As a responsible manager one should always think as well as act ethically. I do not believe that managers should mix business with pleasure. If a manager has befriended some of his or hers employees there is a good chance some social issues will occur. The same goes for the hiring process. As stated above the factor of nepotism is a critical matter within a business if a manager hires his or her friend or relative.

If a manager decided to hire a friend or relative him or her that they might feel as if he or she could be in social environments and have nothing to worry about. This is where they are wrong. From personal experience I know many people who have hired a friend and it resulted in not working out. The friend thought that he or she could slack off and not do their part because the manager is his or her “best friend. ” This could cause a huge conflict within the workplace between the employees who have been there for a while and are doing their part, and the manager who hired his or her friend.

Socially, it could end up killing the friendship bond between manager and newly hired friend. It also caused madness within the workplace. It is the manager’s ethical responsibility to talk with their friend who is also the newly hired employee to try to work the issues out, or let the friend go before his or her friendship is ruined. Ethically the right thing to do for the business is for the manager to talk to his or her friend to try and let him or her understand that the work that should be getting completed is vital to the success of the business.

They should also explain that they could have hired a knowledgeable person who applied, waited his or her turned, and wants to do the work. It is the manager’s ethical responsibility to hire the best people for the job description he or she are looking for. Example of a Workplace Dilemma When I first started working at my current job Massage Envy Spa was going through a difficult time hiring reliable front desk associates. I was working at the spa for just about a month and my manager was in the process of doing three interviews per day.

This one girl seemed extremely promising and ready to work as well as be part of our team. When my manager was doing her interview, she decided, it was best that some of the other front desk associates sit in and get a feel for the girl too. Everything went great we all loved the girl so my manager let her go on her way and sent her to get a drug test, which was the last step of her interview process. She had a specific date and time to go to a local clinic that provides drug tests to prospective employees.

Unfortunately, this female did not pass her drug test. This put my manager in a very difficult position. This girl obviously did not get the position, however; at that present time it brought legal actions into the situation. Under Massage Envy Spa hiring and employment policy the section about drug testing and failing is a huge deal. With the company is does not just mean you do not get hired; it could also mean trouble with the law for the girl. Whenever a drug test comes back positive law enforcement must now be present.

It was a terribly hard decision for my manager to have to do but with the businesses state drug testing laws instead of any type of punishment then girl had to partake in a weeklong rehabilitation treatment seminar. I believe that this decision was the perfect action for the consequences the girl had to face. I am sure she will not be the last to fail a drug test administered for a job position at Massage Envy Spa, but I am sure glad she did not get away with abusing illegal substances. Conclusion

Managers have a large amount of work on their plates, the process of hiring being one of the toughest. The best thing for a manager to do is stay true to the overall goodness that a new employee potentially can bring to the business. They must follow all the rules and make sure to be honest and represent the business is a positive way. Most people are willing to do anything for a job they want. The manager must be able to take the hirees personality and drive, and place them metaphorically into the position to see if they are a good fit.

A management position is hard work this is why he or she was awarded the position in the first place. The person or persons of higher authority saw that specific employee has the proper ethical standards to manage the business. References: Dictionary. com (2010). Dictionary. com. Retrieved from http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/nepotism. EmployeeIssues. com (2003-2010). EmployeeIssues. com. Retrieved from http://employeeissues. com/nepotism. htm. Essortment (2002). Pagewise. Retrieved from http://www. essortment. com/all/ethicsbusiness_pqn. htm.


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