Ethics and Dual Relationships in Social Work Sample Essay

The societal worker in this instance survey worked at the ABC Children’s Wellness Center. An ESL instructor at a local simple school referred Juan S. to her. Juan came to the centre with his female parent. Silvia.

Before seeing Juan and his female parent. the societal worker called the ESL instructor who referred Juan to her to discourse the instance. The instructor reported that Juan was demoing small involvement in schoolroom activities or his equals. and ever seemed dog-tired. He was cranky and often became physically aggressive toward schoolmates who made merriment of him for being so little and thin ( sometimes naming him “mosquito” ) . She besides stated that he frequently appeared to be woolgathering. and when she tried to speak to him. he seemed to retreat farther.

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Ethics and Dual Relationships in Social Work Sample Essay
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Juan presented as a really thin 6-year-old who was little for his age. He spoke really small English. He avoided oculus contact with the societal worker and would non talk. He fidgeted and so got up to roll around the societal worker’s office. He picked up a teddy bear and brought it the societal worker. crawled up into her lap and snuggled at that place. She rocked him gently there while she continued speaking to his female parent about their fiscal troubles. and Juan appeared to fall asleep. She gently woke Juan and tried to set him back on the floor. and as he got down from her lap. he reached up and kissed her on the cheek. He so went back to playing with the playthings in the office.

His female parent reported that they emigrated from Mexico 18 months ago along with Juan’s 17-year-old brother. Jaime. Juan had lived in a rural small town in the Yucatan peninsula with his parents and 3 older siblings until 2005 when hurricane Wilma destroyed their place. The oculus of the storm went straight over their small town. and when Juan’s father went outside during the composure to study the harm. he was electrocuted by a downed wire. A few months after her husband’s decease. Silvia decided to travel with her four kids to the metropolis of Monterrey in northeasterly Mexico where her sister lived. Two of Juan’s older brothers became involved with a drug pack in Monterrey. and were shot to decease in forepart of their place. Juan was present during that hiting. and hardly escaped with his ain life.

Silvia so made the determination to take her staying two kids to America. and contacted her cousin who lived in Brownsville. TX to assist her faux pas across the boundary line. The cousin was able get person to smuggle Silvia. Jaime and Juan across the boundary line at the cost of $ 10. 000. They crossed the boundary line on pes and were met by person who hid them under the hay placed in the eating troughs of a cattle truck. They were left at that place for two yearss without nutrient or H2O in 98-degree conditions while the truck made its manner to the Texas-Arkansas boundary line. There they were picked up by her cousin who placed them on a coach to W. Palm Beach Fl where another cousin lived. Silvia must now pay back the $ 10. 000 she owes her cousin.

The female parent indicated that the household was holding great trouble financially because. without documents. Silvia and Jaime were holding problem happening occupations. and Silvia was afraid to use for public aid. She had late obtained a occupation as a housekeeper and nursemaid for a affluent household with 3 immature kids. The household. nevertheless. did non pay her each hebdomad as promised. and when they did pay her. they sometimes paid less than the in agreement sum. Sylvia was afraid to kick because she feared the household might turn her in to the in-migration governments. She was seeking for other work but had non found anything. Jaime worked every bit frequently as possible either at a local eating house busing tabular arraies and rinsing dishes or making short-run landscape gardening or building work. Silvia asked the societal worker if she knew of anyone else who needed a housekeeper so that Silvia could go forth these people.

As it turns out. the societal worker was acquainted with the household that Silvia was working for. holding provided instance direction services for them two old ages earlier when she was working at a infirmary where one of their kids had an operation. They were demanding and rude at that clip. and the societal worker could vividly conceive of how they must be handling Silvia. The societal worker had been looking for a live-in housekeeper/nanny to take attention of her ain kids. and mentioned to Silvia that she might be interested in holding Silvia work for her. This agreement might work out good for both of them since Silvia’s fiscal and lodging state of affairs would stabilise. and the societal worker’s kids would be taken attention of. In add-on. the societal worker would be available every eventide to work with Juan one-on-one in add-on to the agenda that was set up for single and household therapy in the bureau.

The societal worker besides was convinced that this agreement would be particularly good to Juan since support for the services offered at the bureau would let a sum of merely 12 Sessionss. She realized that Juan was traveling to necessitate long-run intervention due to his extended history of injury. and she believed that go oning contact with him might assist him set to his new environment. The agreement would besides be good because he would be spending clip in an English-speaking environment. therefore bettering his ability to pass on in school. and the societal worker’s kids would be larning Spanish in the place.

As Juan and Silvia started to go forth. Silvia mentioned that she hoped she hadn’t missed the coach since another traveling to her vicinity wouldn’t semen for another hr. Since it was clip for the societal worker to go forth anyhow. and since it was merely a few proceedingss out of her manner. she offered to take them place. When she arrived at their place. Silvia thanked the societal worker abundantly. ran into her house and returned with a bar that she had baked that forenoon. She insisted that the societal worker take the bar for her kids. stating that she wanted them to believe good of her before she arrived for work at that place.


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