Ethnocentrism Matrix Essay

Ethnocentrism Matrix SOC 315 ETHNOCENTRISM MATRIX Review the characteristics listed in each of the following categories: “Presumed American Cultural Norms” and “Presumed Cultural Norms of Other Cultures. ” Based on personal experience, list the possible advantages and disadvantages of each cultural norm. Also, indicate whether the norms are true. Presumed American Cultural Norms |True/False |Advantages |Disadvantages | |Emphasis on promptness and time |True |Gives people exact times to be at events and |People may be crunched for time and | | | |when to expect others. |there is little room for flexibility. |Direct, explicit communication |False |People do not become as offended as they |People may feel that they have to hide| | | |would with direct and explicit communication. |the truth from being said or candy | | | | |coat what they say. | |Competitive spirit |True |This allows for people to try and be the best|People who are not naturally | | | |in what they do.

This is good in the |competitive in nature may be over | | | |workplace and school. |shadowed by competition. | |Rugged individualism |True |People are able to be themselves and are less|This may cause conflict between | | | |worried about pleasing others. |people. | |Informality in relationships |True People feel more comfortable and personable |People can feel too comfortable with | | | |with their friends or peers and feel on the |each other and it can start to bother | | | |same level as each other. |the other person for lack of formality| | | | |and come off as disrespectful at | | | | |times. Presumed Cultural Norms of Other Cultures | |True/False |Advantages |Disadvantages | |Emphasis on harmony and order |True |There is less conflict and people can get |People may feel unhappy to have to | | | |along better and interact in a civil manner. conform at times. | |Respect for authority and/or age |True |Those who are of older age with more |Authority may be wrong or corrupt at | | | |experience may make better decisions with |times and not all people of an older | | | |that experience. Respect for authority |age are always wiser.

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People may feel| | | |creates a more peaceful environment when |that they are not able to make their | | | |everyone is following some type of order. |own decisions. | |Precedence of group over the |True |People are taken into account when it comes |Some individuals may not agree with | |individual | |to decisions and there is less selfishness in|the group as a whole. | | |an individual. | | |Focus on relationship building |True |Individuals will have many relationships in |Not all individuals feel that they | | | |which they can turn to or can help them such |need relationships as much as others. | | | |as friends and family. | |Emphasis on saving face |False |People tend to care about how they are seen |When someone is wrong, they will not | | | |by others and that others think that you know|admit it and this can keep conflicts | | | |what you are talking about. |going on for no reason. |


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