Eukaryotic cells.

Term Definition
Cytoplasm. This is the jelly-like fluid that surrounds organelles.
Cell wall. This is the hard cell cover found in plant & animal cells.
Cell membrane. This is the outer covering of all cells.
Cytoskeleton. This is a web of proteins inside the cytoplasm.
Nucleus. This is the organelle that stores DNA, or genetic instructions.
Ribosomes. These organelles make proteins.
Endoplasmic Reticulum. This organelle makes protein, lipids, & other things & delivers it elsewhere in the cell.
Mitochondria. This organelle converts food into ATP.
Chloroplasts. These organelles have photosynthesis in plants & algae.
Golgi complex. This organelle packs & distributes protein.
Vesicle. This organelle moves things in a cell.
Lysosomes. These organelles are vesicles responsible for digestion.
Vacuole. This is the organelle that stores water & other materials.

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