Evaluate the Impact of Krogstad, Mrs. Linde and Dr Rank on the Development of Nora's Understanding Throughout the Play a Doll's House Essay

In the play “A Doll’s House”, written by Henrik Ibsen, Nora, the main character of the play, decides to abandon her husband, her home and her children in order to find herself. It is evident from the start of the play that Nora is childish and has little experience in the real world, but as the play goes on, Nora develops and eventually becomes an independent self-thinking adult. Nora’s development starts with business transaction with Krogstad. Nora understood very little about the consequences before she made the “business transaction” with Krogstad.

Even as he continued to threaten her, she was in denial. It is the first taste of reality she has in her adult life. Krogstad opens the doors to the real world to Nora. All this time she has been a “doll to be played with” “your doll wife” and “Papa’s doll child” and naive about the world that she lives in. The business transaction with Krogstad is the first real difficulty she faces in her life and has to deal with independently. As Krogstad starts to blackmail her she begins to realize that everything isn’t as easy as they seem and that she must work hard if she ever wishes to achieve anything.

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Evaluate the Impact of Krogstad, Mrs. Linde and Dr Rank on the Development of Nora's Understanding Throughout the Play a Doll's House Essay
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Krogstad, who is guilty of a similar crime, helps her see the consequences and severity of her actions. Nora learns to be independent for the first time in her life as it becomes clearer and clearer that she can’t ask Torvald for help and needs to deal with this herself. Mrs. Linde is the second instance of reality: This time, it is the reality of a woman who is not married, and who has to earn her living. Nora herself says how sorry she feels for Ms. Linde and clearly shows how shallow and superficial her own life is as she compares herself with Ms.

Linde, who has experienced deception, death, loneliness, and sadness. Mrs. Linde is a dramatically contrasting character, and shows how clueless Nora is of how other people live their lives. Mrs. Linde realizes that Nora doesn’t see the severity of her actions and understands that keeping it from Torvald is only going to make matters worse. She tries to make Nora understand this but Nora’s childish and stubborn personality doesn’t want to disappoint Torvald. Though Nora never fully understood why it was important for Torvald to know, Mrs.

Linde did show Nora the importance of independence taught her that there is more to life than the confides of her home and this is what encouraged her actions at the end of the play. “I must stand on my own feet if I’m to get to know myself and the world outside. That’s way I can’t stay here with you any longer” Dr. Rank also has an impact on Nora’s development; He shows Nora the reality of death, and limits. At the same time, he shows her love. He declares to be in love with her, making her question her role in her marriage since her husband never really sees her in the light of a lover like Dr.

Rank, this helps her realize that she is no longer in love with her husband. When Rank receives his diagnosis, she is devastated and realizes that everything comes to an end. Just like her fantasy comes to an end as well. Krogstad, Mrs. Linde and Dr Rank all assist Nora in her development throughout the play, each making her realize and understand that she has been living an unhappy life and the only for her to happy again is to learn to be independent and trust herself.


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