Evaluating Critical Thinking Essay

Running head: Evaluate Creative Thinking Evaluate Creative Thinking By Emery Sutton PHL/251 Critical Thinking Instructor John Wolcott March 24, 2010 Rasheed looks at ideas through his own perception. In life people say you are what you think, this is certainly true. The metaphors sheet that each individual completed tells me a much about how humans tend to prioritize ideas into groups of importance. Rasheed seems to group his focus into his religion, significant other, travel.

Jesus is a focal point in his life because to him he seems to have many titles that he runs under Rasheed can look into ideas from several points of view. It’s obvious that God and possessing a place to worship is important in his list of priorities. The significant other is also important due to the fact that most male human beings in this world desire one. Having a confidant in his corner to counsel him in his everyday struggle is definitely a positive for Rasheed His wife plays integral parts in his life on a daily basis.

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His wife helps him to get through things that standing in Rasheed way or barriers in critical thinking. Rasheed identifies Chicago is his birthplace. This is home to several land marks and building he can relate to familiar territory. Millennium park and the Sears Tower let him feel is at ease because there is no place like home. Orlando is a vacation destination for Rasheed. He enjoys the weather and many tourist areas that give off a relaxed feel. Rasheed has visited Orlando and hope to visit the state again when he gets a chance.

Rasheed thinking skills evolve based on religion, growth, and his wife, Rasheed chronological thinking and logical thinking is based on the growth of a human being from baby to adult. The order that humans being develop and how the seasons change play a role in the order of life and we, current existence. Rasheed perception of ideas he needs to do is instilled in him through repetition conduct. He prepared for a meal by doing a basic set of things and sticks with these things.

Rasheed also uses children lesson of stop, drop, and roll when they are on fire. Rasheed, Metaphors gave me a glimpse into the mind of a good critical thinker. Education will only enhance Rasheed thinking ability. Rasheed believe that he needs these Metaphors or specially characteristics to be a complete human being. References Kirby,G. R. & Goodpaster,(2007). Thinking: An interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking(4th edition) retrieved March 25, 2010 from University of Phoenix E-resource page


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