Evaluating Decision Making For Managers In William Hill Accounting Essay

William Hill is a company which specialises in supplying gaming and wagering chances to people in a scope of athleticss from Equus caballus rushing to football. The company was founded in 1934 and provides gaming and wagering chances on the high street, online and by phone, William Hill ( 2010 ) . Furthermore, the latter provinces that the company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2002 and employs about 16000 people chiefly in the UK, Israel, Bulgaria and Ireland. Furthermore, the company has 2200 stores in the UK and Ireland and offers wagering and chancing installations seven yearss of the hebdomad, treating an norm of over 1 million stakes per twenty-four hours, William Hill ( 2010 ) . Indeed, the latter suggests that the company has bet oning machines within its stores which allows clients to play chancing games such as Poker, Roulette and random figure generator games. Nevertheless, in add-on to the high street presence with its stores the company besides has a figure of call Centres which allows it to treat up to 600 calls at the same time, William Hill ( 2010 ) . In this instance it is clear that non merely does William Hill have a diversified merchandise base in footings of gaming and betting merchandises, it besides has a diversified agency of presenting these services to its clients. It is in this context that this paper will measure the fiscal public presentation of William Hill from 2006 to 2009 and what tools are available from Management Accounting for William Hill to pull off its public presentation.

Fiscal Performance Appraisal: 2006-2009

The fiscal public presentation of William Hill is dependent upon a figure of factors. These include the extent of competition in the gaming and betting industry, the degree of demand in the external economic system, the impact of conditions conditions on athleticss events, the degree of the company ‘s costs every bit good as authorities regulative attempts. In this instance, inauspicious conditions conditions which lead to the cancellation of athleticss events such as Equus caballus racing and football will see a diminution in the company ‘s net incomes. However, William ( 2003 ) suggests that insider trading activity within the athleticss industry itself can hold effects on the fiscal public presentation of William Hill and other gaming and betting companies.

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Evaluating Decision Making For Managers In William Hill Accounting Essay
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Patton et Al ( 2003 ) states that the biggest impact on the fiscal public presentation of traditional bookmakers such as William Hill came about with the coming of the National Lottery in 1996 and the turning market portion of off shore online bet oning companies. In this instance, Patton et Al ( 2003 ) suggests that the off shore online gaming companies are non capable to the betting revenue enhancements which traditional UK bookmakers are capable to. In this respects, the traditional UK bookmakers such as William Hill are under a considerable competitory disadvantage. This led to a considerable argument within the chancing industry every bit good as within UK authorities circles. This argument later resulted in a broad runing probe of the fight of the UK gaming and betting industry, in 2000, particularly with respects to the incidence of revenue enhancements. This probe led to a dramatic alteration in the manner in which gaming and booking constitutions were taxed. In this instance the revenue enhancement which was charged as a per centum of each stake was replaced with a incorporate revenue enhancement on the gross net incomes of the gaming and wagering company. This changed reduced the impact of the revenue enhancements which were levied on the bookmakers and led to the displacement off from a revenue enhancement which was levied on betters, Patton et Al ( 2003 ) . To some extent this alleviated the reduced competition of bookmakers such as William Hill. Furthermore, Butler ( 2007 ) suggests that while the Gambling Act 2005 became active on 1st September 2007, the budget in 2007 proved good to the online gambling companies, which includes William Hill. In this instance, the UK authorities announced in its budget that a level 15 % revenue enhancement rate would be levied on all on-line gambling companies. It was hoped that in concurrence with a level corporation revenue enhancement of 28 % , many cyberspace bet oning companies would be attracted to relocate their concern to the UK, Butler ( 2007 ) . It was hoped that these revenue enhancement alterations would relieve the damaging consequence of US revenue enhancement alterations in 2006 on the fiscal public presentation of UK cyberspace chancing companies. Furthermore, these revenue enhancement alterations will assist William Hill because of the fact that it has expanded into the on-line games sector by unifying portion of its operations with Playtech, a package developer based in Ireland, O’Halloran ( 2008 ) .

Harmonizing to William Hill ( 2009 ) the impact of the National Lottery has non has been every bit terrible as one would wish to believe. This is due to the fact that the specialized License Betting Shops represent a market that is larger than the National Lottery itself. This is despite the fact that the National Lottery is available online and through about every newsdealer and food market retail merchant in the UK. However, the extent of the impact of the National Lottery tends to be overestimated and needs to be the reading of its impact needs to be balanced by the fact that it offers merely on-line games. Furthermore, in this context, William Hill offers on-line gambling installations every bit good as wagering installations thorough its Licence Betting Offices. In this instance, William Hill has a market portion of 25 % , William Hill ( 2009 ) . Furthermore, the barriers to entry in the UK gaming and betting industry are high for a figure of grounds. These include the fact that the Accredited Betting Offices entail a extremely capital intensive operation, the regulative demands are high, trading substructure of a specialized nature is needed and content costs are increasing, William Hill ( 2009 ) .

Adverse conditions conditions can besides hold an impact on the fiscal public presentation of William Hill, Ranscombe ( 2010 ) . In this instance, the latter suggests that the fiscal public presentation of William Hill was impacted to a great extent in the 4th one-fourth 0f 2009 and the first one-fourth of 2010 with cold conditions and heavy snow falls which reduced the figure of Equus caballus races and football games which were held. In this instance, Ranscombe ( 2010 ) suggests that the figure of Equus caballus races fell by every bit much as 5 % in the last month of 2009 with farther decreases in the first one-fourth of 2010.

However, it is non merely inauspicious conditions conditions which can impact the profitableness of William Hill. For illustration, the Global Economic Crisis of 2008 as besides affected the fiscal public presentation of William Hill.

This illustrates the fact that the general economic environment besides has an impact on William Hills fiscal public presentation because a recessive economic environment needfully reduces the disposable incomes of consumers so that they have less money to pass. In this instance, Wearden ( 2009 ) suggests that due to fall in UK employment degrees, fewer people are traveling to William Hills Licensed Betting Offices and this tendency can merely be expected to go on. However, the increasing part from the company ‘s on-line gross revenues can be expected to guarantee that gross revenues grosss in 2010 will increase, Hyperion ( 2010 ) .

Having discussed the assorted factors which may impact on the fiscal public presentation of William Hill, it now seems appropriate to measure William Hills fiscal public presentation from 2006 to 2009 using the profitableness, liquidness and investing ratios of the company for this period. Indeed, these ratios every bit good as the fiscal information used to cipher the ratios are shown in Table 1, supra. On the footing of the values of the profitableness ratios, it can be clearly seen that from 2006 to 2009, the profitableness of William Hill has declined. This is basically because of the fact that the net net income is the numerator of all three profitableness ratios ; a decrease of the overall ratio must connote that the denominator has increased at the disbursal of the numerator. With respects to the liquidness of William Hill, the liquidness ratios suggests that the current ratio and the speedy ratio for the company has declined from 2006-2009. These ratios are basically an indicant of the company ‘s ability to pay its short term liabilities. Therefore, impairment in these ratios suggests that the company is less able to run into its short term liabilities than it was in the old period. It can besides be seen that the diminution in these ratios has been more terrible from 2008 to 2009. The diminution in these ratios may be implicative of the impact of the planetary economic crisis, the UK recession and the subsequent autumn in consumer demand and incomes. On the other manus the debt/equity ratio of William Hill from 2006 to 2009 shows a steady and important betterment. This betterment has been mostly due to an of all time increasing equity stockholder base, with the figure of portions issued about duplicating from 2008 to 2009. Furthermore, the addition in the equity portion base from 2008 to 2009 has besides affected the investing ratios. This is due to the fact that the figure of portions which have been allocated by William Hill is a constituent of the Net incomes per Share ratio, which fell from 2008 to 2009, which is a constituent of the other two investing ratios which have seen a autumn from 2008 to 2009. Having accessed the factors which have been responsible for the fiscal public presentation of William Hill from 2006 to 2009, this paper will next measure the Management Accounting tools which can turn out to be utile to a company such as William Hill.

Management Accounting and William Hill

Acerate leafs et Al ( 2007 ) suggests that the intent of Management Accounting is to supply the appropriate fiscal information which can be used by direction to guarantee that the company ‘s resources are used adequately. Therefore, in this context it is necessary for the fiscal specializers within a house to ‘identify, step, accumulate, analyse, prepare, interpret Ate and communicate ‘ the relevant fiscal information so that the direction within a company can ‘plan, measure and command ‘ the administrations resources so that these resources can be used to guarantee that the company ‘s fiscal public presentation is maximised, Needles et Al ( 2007 ) . In this context, from the point of position of the profitableness ratios in Table 1, it is necessary for the company to increase its net net incomes with respects to its net gross revenues, entire assets and proprietors equity. In this manner the company ‘s net income border, return on assets and return on equity ratios will lift from one period to another. The manner to increase the net net incomes of William Hill will be to increase its grosss and cut its costs. In this context the fiscal specializers will necessitate to place the countries of the concern which are demoing marks of increasing gross and those countries of the concern which are demoing increasing costs. On this footing, one time this information is at manus and communicated to senior direction determinations can be made on how William Hill can outdo apportion its resources so that those parts of the concern which are demoing increasing grosss are allocated more resources in footings of managerial clip and capital investing while those countries of the concern which are demoing increasing costs are allocated fewer resources and reduced in size. As was discussed in the old subdivision the company ‘s Accredited Betting Offices entail a important capital investing, William Hill ( 2009 ) , while on-line gross revenues represents a beginning of increasing gross, Hyperion ( 2010 ) . In this context, Management Accounting information will help the direction of a company to put aims and budgets for the extroverted fiscal twelvemonth, Needles et Al ( 2007 ) . Furthermore, harmonizing to the latter in order to run into its aims, the direction of the company will explicate a program for the fiscal twelvemonth which will be guided by each section and concern units allocated budget.

The value concatenation is a tool which can be provided by Management Accounting so that William Hill may better its fiscal public presentation. In this instance the value concatenation Acts of the Apostless to find how value is added to the concluding merchandise or bringing of service by a company at each phase of the production of that merchandise or service, Needles et Al ( 2007 ) . In this instance, the latter suggests that the value concatenation can be divided into the primary procedures and the secondary procedures. In this instance the former includes activities such as research and development, production, selling, distribution and client service. For a company such as William Hill, the research and development sector is likely to be of import because of the demand to develop package which offers more technological ability which can lure people to do stakes online. On the other manus client service is likely to of import when people call William Hill name Centres or see the company ‘s Licenced Betting Offices to put stakes. However, the selling map is of import irrespective of whether a gross revenues chance exists for the company through an on-line installation or through a retail mercantile establishment. Therefore, it is in this context that the construct of value concatenation analysis is of import in finding where the greatest and least value is added in the bringing of service by William Hill. Once these countries have been identified so direction had redirect resources has appropriate so that value within concern sections can be bolstered or improved.

Management Accounting besides provides other tools which can be used by William Hill to better its concern public presentation, Needles et Al ( 2007 ) . In this instance the latter suggests that these tools include the Just-In-Time operating doctrine, Total Quality Management, Activity Based Management and the Theory of Constraints. Harmonizing to Needles et Al ( 2007 ) these tools provide a agency whereby William Hill can place and so cut down waste and cost while guaranting that quality of the service is improved at all times in order to guarantee that client satisfaction is maximised. In the instance of a Just-In -Time [ JIT ] Operating System, Management Accounting will supply information to direction which will assist it to set the bringing of the service. This is due to the fact that JIT is antiphonal to alterations in the bringing of service every bit good as to alterations in the operating environment. Therefore, if short term costs rise or grosss fall so the JIT system will be able to help the direction of William Hill in doing elusive short term alterations. On the other manus with Total Quality Management, direction is provided with information on the costs of quality. Nevertheless, in order to place the appropriate concern sectors to which overhead costs should be allocated, the tool which Management Accounting provides is Activity Based Management. However, in order to place the restraints which may be faced by William Hill, in the bringing of its services, the appropriate tool to utilize will be the Theory of Constraints. For illustration, a restraint may originate because William Hill is unable to spread out its on-line service capableness because non adequate money has been invested in waiter capacity.


This paper has evaluated and analysed the fiscal public presentation of William Hill every bit good as placing the factors which will be responsible for impacting the fiscal public presentation of William Hill. In this context, it was identified that inauspicious conditions conditions and an externally deteriorating economic environment can hold serious effects for the fiscal public presentation of William Hill. This was clearly illustrated by the diminution in the company ‘s profitableness, as measured by the three profitableness ratios of its net income border, return on assets and return on equity. This diminution was particularly more important in the period 2008-2009, in the fiscal period merely after the planetary economic crisis of 2008. Furthermore, the analysis of the company ‘s liquidness ratios suggested that it was in the period 2008-2009 that William Hill saw a important bead in its ability to pay its short term debts as measured by its current and speedy ratio. However, in the same period the company ‘s debt-equity ratio improved rather significantly. This was in kernel due to the fact that William Hill issued a big figure of portions over the period 2008-2009 to shoot more money into the company. Indeed, this addition in equity was by about 50 % . This paper besides discussed the Management Accounting tools which are available to William Hill. These include the value concatenation analysis, JIT, Total Quality Management, Activity Based Management and the Theory of Constraints.


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