Evaluating Motivational Practices Case of UAEU Essay


John Harvey-Jones, former Chief Executive of ICI, one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the universe, said: “ the existent intent of direction is motive of the group to utilize its energy to accomplish aims ” ( Islam & A ; Ismail, 2008 ). The subject of employee motive is one of the complex issues in the field of direction because each person has different motivations and grounds for work. It could be money, esteem, need for accomplishment, security or merely socialising.

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Evaluating Motivational Practices Case of UAEU Essay
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Harmonizing to Harvard Business Review, a study was conducted by the AshridgeA Management Index to mensurate what directors value more and the consequence was that they value “ ambitious and interesting work ” more than increased compensation ( Baldoni, 2008 ). The study besides revealed that 50 % of directors indicated that their organisation ‘s attack to motive was non right for them ( The Ashridge Management Index 2008, 2008 ).

Leaderships should cognize what motivates their employees and if they do n’t cognize they should inquire. Dr Patrick Dixon, who is ranked among the top 20 most influential minds by Thinkers 50 2005 and named Europe ‘s Leading Futurist by Press Association ( Patrick Dixon – Futurist ), said that organisations talk most of the clip about growing, net income and market portion, but the people working in those organisations talk a different linguistic communication ; they talk about personal felicity, household and friends, and the universe we all live in. This spread, Dr Dixon says, is the ground why organisations are non making their full potency through people, because they talk different linguistic communication and as a consequence, employees are losing passion about their work. ( Youtube, 2007 ).

The intent of this study is to research some theories of motive in greater deepness through analysing a existent organisation in the existent clip and describe how the theory is practiced in this organisation and what could be the enablers or barriers for application. We have selected the United Arab Emirates University – UAEU located in Al Ain City for our research intent.


The research workers have invited cardinal forces at UAEU for interviews to obtain their penetrations about the research subject. Two of them have accepted the invitation and consequently the interview clip and day of the month was scheduled, besides a consent signifier was sent to the interviewees explicating the intent of the survey, the process and the confidentiality footings.

Datas were gathered through in-depth, semi- structured interviews, appendix. A questionnaire was designed to place what motivates employees and to which extent they were motivated in their occupation at the clip of the survey. 10+ responses were received out of 12+. A transcript of the used questionnaire is found in appendix. The official web site of the university was a chief beginning of information assemblage every bit good.

What is Motivation?

Many research workers and writers have defined motive in different ways. Harmonizing to ( Islam & A ; Ismail, 2008 ), motive is a group of psychological procedures that stimulate, direct, and prevail a voluntary activity that is end oriented. Besides, it is defined by the “ individual ‘s desire to make the best possible occupation or to exercise the maximal attempt to execute assigned undertakings ” ( Mejia & A ; Others, 2007 ). Besides, ( Mathibe, 2008 ) has described motive as being “ knowing, a individual makes a pick to move, and directional, bespeaking the presence of a impulsive force aimed at achieving a specific end ”.

Why Motivation is of import presents?

As motive goes up, so does productiveness. It is that of import for organisation to concentrate on heightening their employee morale and motive which will reflect on their fiscal charts ( Youtube, 2007 ).

Organizations should concentrate on actuating their employee now more than of all time because of the economic downswing. Organizations are doing monolithic determinations of redundancies and the impact on those who “ survive ” is important. Many organisations have either put a freezing on their one-year wage addition or hold reduced the wages. Directors should happen other ways to maintain employees motivated to come to work and remain focused despite the increased work load with nil much to offer in footings of money.

Teams are going an indispensable portion of any organisation. Pull offing squads to develop and implement undertakings is a hard undertaking. The first inquiry that people ask when you assign them for a undertaking is: ” What is in it for me? ” An effectual squad leader should cognize how to actuate squad members to work together towards one end and acquire their buy-in and committedness.

Theories of Motivation

The theories aim at understanding what motivates people and why they are motivated by one type of activities or work. Theories on motive aid directors and organisation to convey out the best of their employees by planing motivational plans or re-designing their occupations ( Mejia & A ; Others, 2007 ). There are many theories on motive and in our study we will discourse some of them for the intent of the survey:

Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs

This theory was developed by Abraham Maslow and it states that each human being has basic demands that should be fulfilled. The demands are shown in the diagram below and the chief thought is that low degree demands ( like physiological and safety demands ) must be fulfilled before higher degree demands ( like self realization ) can be satisfied.

Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs

Beginning: ( SHRM, 2009 )


The hierarchical facet of the Maslow ‘s theory is supported by small grounds. This comes from the statement that people can fulfill different degrees of demands that are non needfully in the same order presented by Maslow. This could be because of cultural differences as some civilizations value societal demands before anything else. Another restriction is that people can fulfill more than one demand at the same clip which contradicts the theory ( Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs ).

Adam ‘s Equity Theory

Named for John Stacey Adams, who developed this theory in 1963.The chief thought of this theory is that people need to be treated reasonably to be motivated. They do that merely by comparing their input and result with others ‘ input and result. If they feel that others are having more result for the same sum of input that they both gave, people start holding unfairness feelings which may take finally to discontinuing the occupation. Input signals can be the attempt, makings or instruction degree, and results could be the wage, benefits received, position ( SHRM, 2009 ).

Organizational Justice:

This subject has expanded the function of equity theory to present the undermentioned three constructs ( Nabatchi & A ; Others, 2007 ) :

Distributive Justice: The extent to which people feel reasonably treated when it comes to administering or allocating resources.

Procedural Justice: The extent to which people feel treated reasonably when it comes to the procedures in the allotment of resources.

Interactional Justice: The extent to which people feel that they are treated reasonably when those procedures are implemented.


The equity theory has been a subject for many research workers. Some of its restrictions which were reported by ( Gilmore, 2001 ), are the ambiguity of the equity construct, the suggested methods of how employees can cover with unfairness make the consequence more equivocal, for illustration, employees have a pick of “ behaving in a manner that induces others to alter their inputs or results ” ( SHRM, 2009 ). Finally, it is non clear how employee can take “ others ” or what is called “ referent ” as footing for comparing.

Herzberg ‘s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

The Two factor theory of motive, developed by Frederick Herzberg, attempts to place and explicate the factors that employees find hearty and dissatisfying about their occupations. Harmonizing to his theory, people are influenced by two factors:

Incentives: are internal occupation factors that lead to occupation satisfaction and higher motive. In the absence of incentives, employees will likely non be satisfied with their work or motivated to execute up to their possible.

Hygiene factors: are external to the occupations ; they are located in the work environment. The absence of a hygiene factor can take to active dissatisfaction and demotivation and utmost state of affairss, to turning away of the work wholly.

Harmonizing to Herzberg, if direction provides the appropriate hygiene factors, employees will non be dissatisfied with their occupations, but neither will they be motivated to execute at their full potency. To actuate workers, direction must supply some incentives. ( Luis Gomez, 2008 )

Beginning of image

Limitations/ Drawbacks

Goal Setting Theory

Goal puting Theory, developed by Edwin Locke, suggests that employee ‘s ends help to explicate motive and occupation public presentation. The logical thinking is as follows: Because motive is purposive behaviour, ends that are clear and disputing will ensue in higher degrees of employee ‘s motive than ends that are equivocal and easy.

Work on the theory of goal-setting suggests that it ‘s an effectual tool for doing advancement by guaranting that participants in a group with a common end are clearly cognizant of what is expected from them if an aim is to be achieved. On a personal degree, puting ends is a procedure that allows people to stipulate so work towards their ain aims – most normally with fiscal or career-based ends. ( Ghebre, 2008 ).

Directors can increase employee motive by pull offing the goal-setting procedure ; goal-setting theory has some of import deductions for directors:

Employee will be more motivated to execute when they have clear and specific ends.

Employees will be more motivated to carry through hard ends than easy ends.

In many instances, ends that employees participate in making for themselves are more motivative those ends that are merely assigned by directors. Directors may set up reciprocally agreed-upon ends with employees through a direction by aims ( MBO ) attack or by making self-managed squads that take duty for set uping their ain ends.

Employees who receive frequent feedback on their advancement towards making their ends sustain higher degrees of motive and public presentation than employees who receive sporadic or no feedback. ( Luis Gomez, 2008 )

Limitations/ Drawbacks

Job Design

Job design refers to forming undertakings, responsibilities, and duties into a productive unit of work. It involves planing the content of occupations and the consequence of occupations on employees, and placing the constituents of a given occupation is an built-in portion of design.

Importance of occupation design:

Job design can act upon public presentation in certain occupations.

Job design can impact occupation satisfaction.

Job design can impact both physical and mental wellness.

Planing the construction of the work to better satisfaction and productiveness through:

Job Simplification – cut down the figure of undertaking that a individual must make, typically done with workers of low accomplishment degree. Job design frequently based on scientific direction rules

Job Rotation – helps to supply assortment and stimulation.

Job Enlargement – makes a occupation more varied and interesting by spread outing the range of the occupation.

Job Enrichment – combines a series of undertakings into one new broader occupation. Gives employees greater chance to be after, form and command parts of their occupations, and requires a foreman that is willing to depute some of the duty to the worker ( Safficool, 2009 ).

Other Forms of Motivation by Job Design are, flex-time, working from place, occupation sharing, parttime employment, insouciant frock, on-site twenty-four hours attention, fittingness centre.

Limitations/ Drawbacks

Stretch Goals Management and Motivation Approach

The term “ stretch ends ” which is considered a chief facet of the Six Sigma model, was implemented by Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, who increased the company ‘s market value from $ 12 billion in 1981 to $ 280 billion in 2001 ( Value Based Management ). He restructured the company and the manner its leaders think. The construct is that GE leaders should look outside the box and set the mark high for their employees to make the unachievable or impossible given the current state of affairs or resources. He believed if they do so, so they might really accomplish more than what they would hold done without “ stretching ” their ends. He says: “ By making for what appears to be the impossible, we frequently really do the impossible.A And even when we do non rather do it, we necessarily wind up making much better than we would hold done ” ( Schindlholzer, 2008 )


Stretch ends, or as ( Hughes, 2001 ) described it “ Mission impossible ” is all about seeking for the impossible but if you do n’t put the right ends you may burnout your employees ( Schindlholzer, 2008 ). Besides, this scheme is non applicable in all state of affairss because of its high hazard of failure where the organisations may non be able to manage such degree of hazard, and because it requires high degree of integrating. ( Hughes, 2001 ) in his work survey about the contingent usage of stretch ends said that “ the ideal state of affairs for the execution of stretch ends can merely be found in independent work units aˆ¦with minimum or no workflow integrating ” ( Hughes, 2001 ).

Open Book Management ( OBM )

OBM is another of import modern attack to maximise the engagement of employees and as a consequence enhance the organisational public presentation. The construct was originated by Jack Stack, CEO of Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, which is known as an employee owned company where employees have a interest in the result ( SRC ). As the name indicates, the unfastened book direction tendency is based on the thought of handling employees as concern spouses through sharing fiscal information and gap up the books ” so that employees will be motivated to do better determinations about their work and better able to understand the deductions of what they do, how they do it, and the ultimate impact on the bottom line. It requires leading and doctrine of sharing the determination devising and the wealth ( NCEO ). It is believed that OBM increases employee satisfaction as it motivates them to believe outside the box as they feel portion of the company and get down working as an advanced squad. It identifies a line-of-sight between their occupations and the large image ( Bado, 1999 ).

Some organisations take open-book direction a measure farther. For case, employees non merely acquire fiscal information but besides receive fillips and inducements pay based on net income betterments.. ( Robbins & A ; Coulter, 1999 )


On the other manus, those who are against the construct believe that opening the books may ensue in feelings of dissatisfaction if people see they are having less compared to others irrespective of their part, or they may be disappointed if the promised sweetening in their wage bundles is non yet received. Harmonizing to ( Bado, 1999 ), sharing fiscal informations could be unsafe because employees will hold the power to act upon or oppugn the determination devising, and they would leak the sensitive information to other rivals.

Management by Objective ( MBO )

MBO attack is based on the goal-setting theory and it was developed from the surveies of Peter Drucker in early 1950 ‘s ( Business Dictionary ). The chief thought is that both employee and supervisor participate in the end puting procedure and they agree to pre-determined set of ends and aims to be achieved before the following rating rhythm. It is believed that this attack would heighten employee motive and committedness as they feel they ain portion of the procedure and at the terminal they would be rewarded based on their accomplishment ( SHRM, 2009 ).

Problems with MBO:

Harmonizing to Hofstede, MBO is really suited to USA context because it assumes dialogue between subsidiary and supervisor ; it besides requires low degree of power distance and weak uncertainness turning away because both sides should be willing to take hazards, where in other states like France it has faced jobs due high power distance ( Mejia & A ; Others, 2007 ). Other troubles include clip and attempt needed for this procedure, it requires a batch of preparation and it could be confounding for employees if excessively many ends are set.

Management by Walking Around ( MBWA )

Originally called “ Managing by Rolling Around ”, it is a technique in which directors walk around and speak to employees in an informal manner to heighten the communicating, acquire their feedback and bond with employees in extremely trustworthy environment. It was developed by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman but it was already practiced at Hewlett-Packard since 1973. It aims at bettering motive, trueness, trust and occupation satisfaction ( Serrat, 2009 ).

Problems with MBWA:

Directors may see this pattern interfering with their direct and clear authorization. Besides, some employees may take personal advantage and kick about their directors. MBWA takes clip to be portion of an overall doctrine of engagement ; ab initio employee may be leery of frequent visits by direction.

About UAEU

UAE University is a taking institute in academic and educational services industry and it is considered to be the first and first comprehensive National University in the state.

The university, which is located in Al Ain City, was established as a little academic establishment by the Federal Law No. 4 in 1976. The laminitis was H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan. It was founded to be the first and the lone university functioning the state. Since that clip, it has expanded from an original 4 colleges to the current 9 modules. As of 2010, the UAEU has over 12,000 pupils and over 3,000 module and staff.

In order to vie efficaciously with more than 60 universities and colleges in the state, UAEU in conformity with the Chancellor ‘s vision has started the transmutation stage to be one of the top 100 research-intensive establishments in the universe and the best in the Middle East.


“ The United Arab Emirates University will be an internationally distinguished comprehensive research university. While adhering to UAE values, it will go a first centre for applied research, national and international outreach, invention and outcome-based acquisition. It will guarantee the quality of all plans and services through international accreditation and external quality confidence reappraisals. ”


“ As the UAE ‘s first and most comprehensive residential university, the United Arab Emirates University is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate instruction, research and service to the state and beyond. Through a student-centered educational experience, the University develops the rational, practical, originative and leading abilities of the state ‘s work forces and adult females while heightening cultural, societal and economic growing. ” ( UAEU )

Why we selected UAEU?

Academic establishments strive to present high quality instruction to their pupils and to do a part to the society. In Addition to that, UAEU has taken the lead to go a research-intensive university of international stature and to be in the planetary top 100 universities within following few old ages. In his transmutation study, the Chancellor H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, said: “ Most of our money is spent on people ; most of our effectivity depends on people. We will alter our procedures to guarantee that the investings in people are every bit effectual as they can be in heightening instruction, constructing our research capableness and development and keeping links with the communities that we serve ”. This new vision requires full committedness and battle of employees. It besides requires exceptionally good motivated people. Therefore, we decided to analyze and analyse the extent to which the theories of motive are implemented.

Motivational Practices at UAEU

The undertaking of planing motivational patterns at any organisation is considered a disputing undertaking, as one of the HR senior staff said, “ specifying motive and cognizing what motivates each individual is hard and if it is all about money so you will ne’er fulfill people and they will ever inquire for more. ” ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 )

HR Practices

Orientation Procedure: The HR section at UAEU has released late the “ Welcome and Introduction Guide ” that is designed to welcome the new joiners and acquire them acquainted with the university values and norms and both national and organisational civilization. It contains “ Before Arrival ” and “ After Arrival ” phases. The usher has 50 pages which provide information about their basic demands like life in UAE, directing their kids to schools, shopping centres, visa ordinances and other endurance demands ( UAEU ). This pattern ensures that new employees are motivated to work and be extremely involved from twenty-four hours one.

Another factor that influences employee motive and committedness is what UAEU calls “ Brand Identity ”. One portion of that is the designation card that employees receive and it provides an extra benefit like particular price reductions for university employees at several hotels and shops in Al Ain.

Performance Management System ( PMS ) : The University understands that holding a PMS is a critical constituent of the strategic program to transform the university into a prima research intensive establishment. Therefore it has established a new PMS where both supervisors and employees set the ends and a program for achievement. Besides, the new PMS will let employees to discourse with their directors their ain calling ends and how they can develop within the university as the system is an on-going procedure where directors are expected to train and wise man. The PMS will besides let directors and employees to place their preparation demands. It besides provides a just and merely tool to measure employee ‘s public presentation and make up one’s mind one-year salary addition which spreads a sense of organisational justness. Employees are asked do self appraisal before they meet with their supervisors. The MBO construct is implemented in the new PMS in UAEU through three good defined stages of Performance Management:

Plan: Smart Goals are set and personal development program is created

Develop: Continuous coaching and support

Evaluate: Review informations before formal rating conversation

The PMS contains two types of ends ( see appendix ) :

Career development ends, which are related to employee ‘s future calling way within the following 2 to 3 old ages.

Performance Improvement ends, which are ends for following 12 months foregrounding the development needs in employee ‘s year-end public presentation rating.

At UAEU the ends are cascaded from top direction down to directors and so to employees, to guarantee everyone understands how they participate in accomplishing the ends. The PMS procedure is published in university ‘s official web site and specific timelines are besides established to guarantee procedural justness. See Appendix xxxx. Part of the PMS is the Career planning inquiries that directors inquire their employees like: What motivates you? What potency you have? What type of function should you make next? Does your profile fit the following function?

Recruitment: Employees have the chances to use for internal occupation transportation and they are given precedence over external campaigners if they are qualified which helps in placing their endowments and better tantrum between occupation and individual. The internal poster plan was a consequence of ailments received from staff for non being promoted to higher places ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ). Besides, UAEU offers Secondment which describe the procedure by which an employees is assigned to a vacant place outside the UAE or a impermanent assignment of an person to a vacant place within the UAEU to run into a short clip specialised human resources demand, and the intent is normally for calling development intents.

Job Design: Functions and duties are clarified through the PMS so that employees know their exact duties and have the chance to discourse with their directors how they can increase skill assortment or liberty. One of the chief benefits of their new PMS is to supply motive and two manner feedback, as the director of Performance and Development, Ms Sally Al Shafey said in the informational presentation on their web site ( UAEU ). Through the PMS different types of development activities can be agreed upon between the director and the employee like rotary motion assignments, moving assignment, and expansion.

Compensation and Benefits: UAEU provides assortment of benefits such as monthly wage, adjustment, phone allowance, traveling disbursals, furniture, instruction allowance, air hose tickets, medical insurance, holiday leave which ensures a good degree of satisfaction and motive ( UAEU ). They besides provide auto loans which are involvement free up to a upper limit of AED30,000 for new module merely. They have automated some of the benefits so that employees can easy use online to avail their tickets or use for leave, for illustration. Appendix. The ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ) said “ The offered wage and benefits are comparable to those offered by establishments in the same industry, but they are much less than what other governmental organisations are offering, for illustration the Municipality, which can be a challenge for us ”

The allotment of benefits is based on pre-determined benefit strategy which ensures equity and organisational justness and it provides basic demands for bulk of staff members.

Immigration Unit: UAEU understands that staff members, particularly new comers, need aid to settle and get the better of the civilization daze rapidly, so they have developed an in-migration unit that assists in finalising visa issues for households. This ensures that the basic demands for employees are delivered so that they can be engaged in work every bit rapidly as possible without worrying about their household ‘s visa position.

Training and Development Unit

Training and development unit has been established to ease figure of preparation plans for UAEU employees through three chief watercourses. First is the “ Front Line Leaders ”, for illustration they late designed a preparation plan for all directors which includes techniques for actuating employees. The 2nd watercourse is “ Support Staff ” which is portion of the action program for HR unit for following twelvemonth, and the 3rd steam is developing specific for units ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ).

The Continuing Education Center ( CEC ), established in 1998, offers a scope of professional development classs and plans to develop the accomplishments and abilities of persons.

Brand Identity Philosophy

Brand Identity includes everything from the logo, colourss, symbols that identify how clients place a specific trade name in their head and how they compare it to other similar merchandises. It identifies the organisation ‘s place in the market place or what is called “ Brand Positioning ”. UAEU has adapted this construct and published a “ Brand Book ” that explains how the university places itself in the market. From the book we quote the followers: “ at the bosom of everything the University does, our nucleus trade name positioning summarizes everything we stand for ”. This attack helps actuate employees, particularly those who have “ y ” personality, as they look for high order demands that are identified by Maslow such as “ Esteem ”.

University Social Club ( Al Multaqa )

The UAE University Social Club was established in March 1999. Multaqa is the university ‘s societal nine which brings together module, staff and households to further personal relationships through sharing events. Some of the services offered are selling books and magazines, kids activities, eating house & A ; cafe, particular offers and price reductions for UAEU community, cafeteria and park, Al Multaqa store, ATM and Etisalat services, big screens for demoing Television channels, hosting several activities and events, tennis hall, hosting poesy eventides, set uping recreational and leisure trips. “ The chief aim of the Social Club is to beef up societal ties and to hold a convenient mercantile establishment for the assorted accomplishments and societal, cultural, scientific and athleticss activities. ” ( Al Multaqa )

The Office of Research Support and Sponsored Projects ( RSSP )

This office aims at promoting module members to prosecute in research activities which are funded by the university or by external grants. The aim is to develop many countries in the UAE and to guarantee the development of its module members as this is considered portion of their professional development which will impact their publicity and promotion in the University. Harmonizing to ( UAEU ), the university is now ranked the first in gulf country, the 2nd in the Arab universe, and the 9 in the Muslim universe as a research university. The office offers entree to great library beginnings across the UAE to ease research activities.

The Teaching Assistant and National Faculty Development Program

This plan was established to help national module members in professional development. It besides provides chances to offer scholarships for national campaigners to prosecute their academic surveies. A To promote and actuate subjects to use the plan offers attractive inducements like monthly wage, full sponsorship, travel and wellness insurance. Besides, they get to fall in the university as adjunct professors upon completion of their surveies ( UAEU ). National Faculty members are entitled to go to two academic activities ( conferences or symposiums ) and a preparation class each academic twelvemonth. It besides allows national learning helpers to go to academic activities during their survey to obtain Masters or PhD degree.

The University IT Services ( UITS )

The university IT services are really advanced and they aim to supply state-of-the-art services for clients and employees so they can join forces and pass on expeditiously. The university has its ain portal ( Web 2.0 tools – my.uaeu ) which is a gatewayA for all employees. Some of the services it provides are having university proclamations and messages, pass oning with other people within the university, holding entree to libraries, reading intelligence in both linguistic communications, maintain calendars and much more. E-service is another facet of the IT services provides for all employees of UAEU. Through e-services they can hold entree to their personal information, wage inside informations and they apply for holiday tickets. Blackboard, a class direction system that enables module members to pass on with pupils easy through confabs, treatments and electronic mail. It besides allows the module to better pull off the class and the classs and measure the public presentation of the category. Polls Service is another attractive service that brings people together to take part and direct their feedback on a specific subject.

The New Campus Development Department ( CDD )

As portion of its vision to go a prima research centered establishment, the UAEU is constructing a province of the art new campus to welcome and animate its employees every bit good as pupils. The new attractive edifices will incorporate a “ Faculty nine, expanded auto parking countries, stores and eating houses, and clustered college sites. ” ( UAEU ). All these installations are expected to supply a foundation for invention and universe category acquisition every bit good as working environment.

Institutional Effectiveness & A ; Planning Unit

How does it actuate:

Ex-husband: Concentrating on Performance Excellence, they implement processs to guarantee public presentation excellence comparative to comparable organisations and to allow benchmarks.

Accreditation ( Program And Institutional ) : Assist colleges in carry oning an effectual, efficient, and meaningful self-study for accreditation and re-accreditation of the plans.

Conducting study ‘s to mensurate employee satisfaction

Campus and General Services

Safety Procedures: “ An Emergency Emptying policy has been created because UAEU believes it is of import to protect the lives of staff. Part of this duty lies in being prepared should an exigency emptying of portion or all of the University be necessary ” ( UAEU ). A big safety and security unit is available to guarantee supplying safety steps.

Employee Services Unit of measurement: This unit is responsible for supplying services related to employee and household visa, lodging and wellness attention.

Community Relations Department

Center for Educational Technology

The Library

UAEU Organizational Culture

The UAEU is committed to rules of freedom for learning and rational question and to the ethical and reasoned behavior of research, publication of findings, and look of thoughts and beliefs.

Open communication+ Sharing intelligence and achievement – Convocation meeting Oct 2010

Future Schemes at UAEU to Enhance Employee Motivation

The UAEU Transformation Report has outlined specific ends and action programs to construct institutional capableness and a civilization of policy, deputation, audit and answerability to further creativeness. Besides, the new program aims at giving greater focal point on HR issues like effectual direction of public presentation.


The UAEU has started taking enterprises to heighten its employees ‘ motive. They realize that in order to make their end of being innovators in the field of research, they must acquire everyone involved and committed to the end. They are still at the beginning of the journey as they have announced the new transmutation study and the move from decree civilization to more deputation and authorization.

The motive theories are practiced in the university to some extent. For illustration, Maslow ‘s theory of demands is reflected in the “ welcome usher ” and the compensation and benefits system which both guarantee basic demands are fulfilled, besides the Office of Research Support ensures self realization and fulfilment. The Brand Identity doctrine fulfills the demand for prestigiousness and repute as indicated in the hierarchy of demands. Social demands are clearly demonstrated through “ Al Multaqa ” which has been a critical beginning of friendliness for all UAEU community. However, more attempt demand to be directed through higher order demands like “ Esteem ” and “ Self Actualization ”.

The Two factor theory is besides practiced to some extent. For illustration, the aˆ¦aˆ¦.. ( questionnaire ) and the National Development Program which provides acknowledgment and promotion for subjects, ( incentives ), on the other manus the Campus and General Services unit provides the basic demands ( hygiene factors ) for employees. Besides, they allow employee to adorn their work countries ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ). Harmonizing to ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ) more focal point is given to Hygiene Factors in most patterns of UAEU but this does n’t actuate people.

The Management by Objective Theory is at the nucleus of their PMS patterns as we have seen. For illustration, every month of November employees meet with their supervisors to discourse the ends and aims and how they can be met. This should let employee to take part by owing portion of the procedure which makes them experience satisfied and recognized. However, since the PMS is new and has non been yet implemented to the full, the consequences in employee satisfaction and motive will be seen in the following approaching old ages, hence the HR section should take the lead to guarantee full execution of the system.

Equity Theory is besides practiced at UAEU through just allotment of resources and just intervention. For illustration, they have allocated research grants for all modules to guarantee that all members have the same opportunity of developing their cognition. Besides, the compensation strategy followed at UAEU is based on specific classs and graduated tables that are pre-determined to guarantee equity and just intervention, yet they have different strategy for locals and non locals.

An illustration of equity pattern is the recent accommodations in the benefits policy related to one-year ticket allowance. Some employees at UAEU were non having this benefit as their classs would non let them to make so, consequently they addressed their concern to the HR Department and the policy was revised to include them in the ticket strategy ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ).

Job Design: Premenstrual syndrome

Talk about the lucifer between what senior leader thinks about the five things.

The unfastened book direction attack is non practiced in UAEU because of the nature of the organisation which is non net income, nevertheless, entree to budgetary information, for illustration, is allowed and it is non considered a secret ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ).

Enablers and Barriers of Motivation at UAEU



The mentality of employees that money is the best incentive is a large barrier as the ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ) said. He added that some directors lack the ability to actuate their employees because they are immature directors with no or little experience in managing and taking people. Another large barrier is the cultural diverseness at UAEU. He said that they have over 60 nationalities and in each nationality people are motivated in a different manner. Besides, the preparation budget is a challenge as they have specific allocated sums for this intent. Language is another barrier because some people do n’t talk English while others do n’t talk Arabic which consequences in communicating trouble. For module, the long instruction hours are non leting them to travel for conferences which demotivates them.

Although UAEU is traveling towards a civilization that is less decree based as we said, it is still considered to be extremely centralized and bureaucratic in many ways like most governmental organisations ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ), which could forestall employees from voicing out their demands or penchants. Lack of authorization and deputation is besides a barrier harmonizing to ( Senior Executive, 2010 )

Questionnaire Consequences


The current policies and processs of UAEU which are related to employees could be enhanced by concentrating more on engaging and authorising employees. Besides, more attending should be given to motivator factors, of the two factor theory, as they do n’t hold a formal plan for promotion or calling planning.

The public presentation direction system at UAEU is still new and will take clip to run into the outlooks of employees who are required to execute to a certain degree in line with the new scheme of transmutation, and since there is no formal plan for offering inducements to employees for their outstanding public presentation at UAEU, it is recommended that HR section aids unit caputs to place exceeding performing artists and honor them through simple items of grasp for persons or squad based wagess. This will hold a great impact on their motive and in turn their productiveness. ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ) said “ some sections implement the flexible working hours but other may non be able to make that due to work demands ”, we recommend that HR finds other solutions to assist employee make a work-life-balance, like telecommuting or flextime which have appositional influence on occupation satisfaction ( Ivancevich, 2010 ).

UAEU and HR in peculiar, should play attending to supplying proper ergonomic design to forestall work hurts and prolong employees ‘ wellbeing ( look into study ).

The ( HR Senior Staff, 2010 ) said that late the university had to cut 11 % of its work force and the choice of those who should go forth was left in the custodies of the Deans which may hold resulted in favouritism. The HR Department should play a cardinal function in this affair to guarantee that those who are laid off are chosen based on a job-related standard.

It is of import to recognize that professional development for module members is indispensable portion of their academic promotion ; hence, the Colleges should look into the fact that some of them teach for really long hours and are non able to go to conferences or seminars.



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