Evaluation of open source virtualization tools Essay


The practical universe, practical world, virtuality… These and similar constructs that are come ining into our life more profoundly from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Modern growing of involvement in virtualization engineerings was exactly designated four-five old ages ago with the beginning of their broad usage in calculating systems on the footing of architecture x86. Harmonizing to IDC, world-wide cargos of waiter hardware platforms with virtualization capablenesss installed are presently forecast to turn from 330,000 units in 2005 to over 1,400,000 units in 2010, driving over $ 18 billion in client disbursement of hardware, package, and services in support of virtualized environments. Interest in use of virtualization engineering is turning quickly from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. [ Humphreys, J. , 2006. ]

The practical machine is a plan which you start from the operational system. The plan emulates the existent machine. Equally good as in instance with existent machine, you can set up operational system on the practical machine and you can prove assorted operational systems, non go forthing yours. The practical machine has BIOS, a difficult disc ( the allocated on your difficult disc ) , CD-ROM ( your Compact disc read-only memory or the affiliated ISO-image ) , web arrangers for connexion with your existent machine, web resources or others practical machines, etc. You can interchange files between the basic operational system ( host ) and guest operational system ( guest ) without jobs. It is carried out by simple dragging of files from the file director of the client in a window of invitee system or in the opposite way. Convenience of the practical machine to proving automatic installing merely invaluably. Simply adequate to link a loading ISO-image alternatively of CD-ROM in accommodations of the practical machine and installing of system will travel in the same manner, every bit good as by the existent machine. Actually existent offers of practical machines proceed from such companies as: VMware, Microsoft, SWsoft ( nowadays Parallels ) and Sun Microsystems. Harmonizing to our assignment undertaking we were required to download two practical machines for its features probe. For this intent we have chosen VMware Workstation and Sun Virtual Box.

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Evaluation of open source virtualization tools Essay
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Purposes and aims

Harmonizing to our assignment undertaking we were required to download two practical machines for probe their features. Notably, it was of import to measure the public presentation and virtualization package ‘s abilities. For this intent we needed to set two OS, in our instance it was Linux Fedora OS, on the computing machine and utilizing them for both machines investigate and measure public presentations such as CPU, memory, HDD, paging, networking with the host computing machine. After that utilizing any unfastened beginning benchmarking trial with mutable virtualization and systems parametric quantities it was necessary to compare obtained consequences.


The probe procedure of our group consists of following stairss:

– we had to lade both operation systems on computing machines in university. In aid, after we were certain that we understand how the programmes operate we had copied the package so we could put in them on our laptops.

– besides we needed to happen the benchmark package which could move as a theoretical account for our Fedora Operating system. At first glimpse we considered it as an easy undertaking to carry through, but as Fedora is non the 1 widely used Linux OS and benchmarks are non excessively common it turned out to be more hard.

– After that it is left to the benchmarking tool that we made to happen out the comparing of the defined two practical machines that is VMware and Sun practical box. So in the procedure of probe we made usage of a benchmarking tool which would run in both the practical machines, this benchmarking tool was purportedly called as “Geekbench” .

– the Geekbench tool was compiled and executed to obtain the undermentioned consequences in both of the practical machines which are explained further. The manner of executing of this Geekbench runs through the basic Linux bids.


On the footing of obtained consequences from the graphs it is obvious that the rankings provided by the Geekbench benchmarking tool, VMware is more efficient in comparing to Virtual Box because the ranking of Sun Virtual Box is 1634 and of VMware is 1717. Similarly when the other parametric quantities are compared the efficiency of VMware proved out to reasonably impressive ( from the careful observation from the graphs below ) .

Evaluation of obtained consequences

VMware Virtual box

Memory Performance

VMware Virtual box

In this sort of public presentation VMware is a victor, as we can see from informations provided by “Geekbench” overall mark of VMware is 1579 and the consequence of Virtual Box practical machine is 1551. It is obvious that higher memory public presentation is more preferred particularly in that instances when user applies multiple invitee OS.

Process Integer Performance:

VMware Virtual box

Harmonizing to the consequences obtained from the “Geekbench” it can be seen that the overall mark of VMware is 1442 that is higher than the consequence of Virtual Box which is 1351. It means that the velocity of processing and undertakings of VMware if higher than the Virtual Box.

Process Stream Performance

VMware Virtual box

Floating point Performance

VMware Virtual box

In the Floating point public presentation we gained following consequences: VMware – 2120, and Virtual Box – 1972.

The Geekbench trial plan studies processor drifting point public presentation in MFLOPs. Although most public presentation indexs look at the possibility of a processor grip whole number informations, drifting point applications ( spreadsheets and some in writing plans and games ) make usage of floating-point processor more and more extended.


During the work on this assignment we were required to compare 2 virtualization packages, for this we used as an operating system Fedora and as a benchmarking tool “Geekbench” . After series of actions we gained necessary consequences, the differences were obvious. Harmonizing to the consequences and by analyzing every public presentation subdivision of the benchmark VMware was much effectual than Virtual Box.


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This assignment was prepared by three pupils: Dulat Salimbayev ( 0810409 ) , Krishnapuram Tirumala ( 0820487 ) , Naresh Bodda ( 0919576 ) . This paper was prepared by members of the group during multiple group meetings.

Tirumala Krishnapuram: installing of the Fedora in Virtual Box along with the study.

Dulat Salimbayev: installing of Fedora in VMware, public presentation of the benchmark, alliance of the gathered informations and readying of the study.

Naresh Chanderbodda: placing the package in benchmarking roll uping the information.

For both installings, username is set to „Fedora” and watchword is set to „123.. Besides, the root watchword is set to „123456..


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