Evaluation of the Human Resource Management Idea Essay

Idea cellular is Aditya Birla Group Company, which is presently runing in 26 states. Idea cellular is publically listed company, listed on national stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange. In footings of gross thought stands on 3rd largest nomadic service operator in INDIA. Non urban and rural markets contribute upper limit in the growing of thought in the Indian telephone market. They have the highest portion among entire endorsers of thought, amongst GSM participants.

The company has won licence to offer 3G services in 11 service countries, which generate over 81 % of the company ‘s entire gross which is applicable from 2011.

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Evaluation of the Human Resource Management Idea Essay
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The company has won many esteemed awards for outstanding invention.

‘The Emerging Company of the Year Award ‘ at the Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2009

Avaya Global Connect Award for being the ‘Most Customer Responsive Company ‘ in the Telecom sector in the twelvemonth 2010

GSM Association Award for ‘Best Billing and Customer Care Solution ‘ for 2 back-to-back old ages

‘Mobile Operator of the Year Award – India ‘ for 2007 and 2008 at the Annual Asian Mobile News Awards

Service Rules

Team members fall ining the services of the company as trainee under thought trainee plan will be conformed and absorbed under the functions of the company after successful completion of preparation period.

HOD will carry on quarterly rating in 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month.

If the public presentation of the employee does n’t better even after giving proper preparation so his service will come to an terminal with the blessing of main human resource officer.

All squad members fall ining the service of the company will be under probation for the period of 6 months.

In instance of transportations the employee will acquire a notice a month prior but he/she is required to pass at least 1 twelvemonth if he/she move before 1 twelvemonth of service he will non acquire the allowances towards resettlement which includes travel, transit of family goods.

Team members fall ining the company will be eligible as per the domestic travel policy for the travel for ego or household on 2 occasions.

The squad members will be provided “ disruption leave ” for 3 yearss and “ disruption allowance ” of Rs. 5000/-

The squad members in flat R1 ( asst. director ) and above will retire from service of the company on achieving 60 old ages of age and degree R2 ( elder executive ) will retire at 58 old ages of age. In both the instances the notice will be issued 6 months prior than the retirement.

Wage construction

Wagess are framed in such a manner that it covers basic life disbursals, maintain up with rising prices, go forth some money for salvaging and increase with the clip.

Difference in the wage is based on how good occupation is performed but non on what occupation is performed.

Apart from fixed wage, variable wage depends upon

Excess work done

Advanced work done

Seniority based rise

Promotion wage

Cost of life accommodations

Appropriate rewards are calculated on the footing of as instruction, accomplishments, experience and duty and on the market value of occupation.

Promotion policy

Promotions are done on the footing of experience and evaluation system which keeps the public presentation record in the company.

All the Promotions are done in a specific clip continuances which is the month of April.

Employee motive & A ; public assistance strategies

Under employee strategy there is employee referral policy

Purpose: to honor the squad members to place and pull suited and competent endowment in order to run into our resource demands at the optimal cost.

Apart from the employees of HR section the policy applies to all the other squad members including trainees.

To help the squad members at the degree of asst. director or asst. frailty president to hold a telephone and cyberspace at abode that can be official every bit good as personal demand.

To help squad members get or build an flat or house anyplace in India and retain endowment as per company demand by subsidising loans taken through a lodging finance company. All the members are eligible for this public assistance strategy.

All erstwhile disbursals incurred on SIM activation, characteristic charges, if any, will be borne by the company. Policy is applicable to all “ regular ” squad members of Idea Cellular Ltd who are on the axial rotations of the company.

Domestic travel policy

This policy provides counsel to team members for official concern travel within India.

The continuance of outpost travel responsibility should be more than 12 hour for full ( 100 % ) entitlement of get oning allowance ( BA ) and less than 12 hours but more than 5 hours can claim 50 % BA irrespective of the distance.

Team members utilizing their ain vehicles for going can be reimbursed as below


Training organized for lower directors and supervisors one time in a twelvemonth to heighten their proficient accomplishments.

Regular Workshops on policies and schemes framed by the top degree direction and how to accomplish them

Career of invitee lectors to actuate employees to acquire success through edifice assurance, personality development etc

Employees besides get aid to pull off work force per unit area and personal life force per unit areas.

Degree centigrades: UserssamritiPicturesimage001.jpg

Health & A ; safety regulations

Executive wellness medical examination policy implemented in 2005 on 1st of December

Under this policy the company will form one-year wellness medical examinations for employees and their partner after they have completed 1 twelvemonth of service ( including preparation and probation ) with the company.

All the employees above 30 old ages are advised to undergo cohesive executive medical examinations.

The cost of cheque authorized is 2500/- for individual and 5000/- for twosome.

A common strategy for Accident Cover and Hospitalization coverage for Management Cadre employees and their dependants has been designed. The term of the policy is one twelvemonth and it will be renewable on an one-year footing.

The insurance coverage for both these strategies has been provided by New India Assurance Company Limited ( NIA ) and Birla Insurance Advisory Services Limited.




“ Presidents fit the pieces of the company together ” . A frailty president is the top degree executive who straight works under the coordination of CEO. He is the individual who plans the schemes and forms the policies to run into mission and aims of the concern. They have the most feverish occupation of working for hours accompanied with frequent traveling.


Vice president as the portion of top direction takes portion in puting the mission and direct overall concern.

VP is concerned with the planning of budget which includes proper use of the resources.

VP besides heads the plans to advance the growing and development of the concern.

VP provides counsel and way to travel in front.

VP controls and coordinates the activities within all the sections in the company and besides appoints the in-between degree executives.

VP is responsible for maintain for healthy relationship outside the company.

Last but non the least he is besides responsible for the stockholders public presentation.


Educational Qualifications:

10 to 15 old ages of progressive operational and managerial experience in industry

Bachelor ‘s grade with an MBA ( with strong academic record )

Proven path record in the direction of company operations, finance, and quality confidence


Vice presidents are really clear and influencing communicators.

They are analytical and can take big volumes of information and formulate such information into detailed, concise studies.

They are experts in taking, motivation, and elaborate judgmental accomplishments.

VP ‘s may besides hold proficient accomplishments like accounting or technology accomplishments.


Measure 1: send personal mails to the selected people who have required making and experience mentioned above through naukari.com or monster.com every bit good as put an advertizement in “ The times of India ”

Measure 2: Behavior a trial consisting of specific cognitive abilities such as specific mental abilities, determination devising accomplishments etc in the organisation.

Measure 3: Name the shortlisted campaigners for personal interview with their sketch to judge the occupation ‘s cognition and quality of experience of the applier.

Measure 4: will carry on background cheque to look into whether the applicant holds a good and sincere character or non.

Measure 5: Send mails to the selected campaigners within given clip to the campaigners.


Fixed salary variable wage ( inducements ) total salary

350000 15000-20000 500000-550000

Training and development

Vice presidents are trained on bettering their analytical accomplishments and strategic accomplishments in order to take broad determinations.

They are taught hazard direction. The workshop is organized one time in a twelvemonth.


A subdivision director takes attention of overall operations of big concerns located outside the chief subdivision. He acts as leader and in charge of a specific subdivision.


A subdivision director maintains the employee – client contact to guarantee the quality service is being applied.

Behaviors public presentation rating and motivates employees to better.

Gives wagess to the employees who have contributed excess in gross revenues and operation which sets illustration for others to execute better.

Tackle with some of the client ailments which supervisors fail to go to.

Proctors each dealing made in the concern and ensures the growing of the peculiar subdivision.

Sets criterions to guarantee client satisfaction, cleanliness, salary received by everyone, non-working vacations, working vacations and other events which may impact the day-to-day operation of the concern.

Update the concern position to the chief subdivision and top direction authorization by directing studies.

Analyze and fix the one-year budget for the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours disbursals of the concern subdivision.


Educational making

Experience: minimal 5 old ages in Experience supervision and pull offing a professional staff

Graduation: compulsory station alumnus Management Qualification ( MBA or M.com )


Strong communicating accomplishments

Ability to organize and work in squad with diverse originative employees

Expert in societal media scheme, selling staff and external PR bureaus.

Acquaintance and accomplishment with the tools of written communicating, web site development, market research, Microsoft package suite of merchandises, ocular communicating package merchandises, and originative services.

Knowledge of Managing launch runs and distribution channels for new and bing services.


Measure 1: Publish advertizement in the newspaper every bit good as send mail through naukari.com with needed making and experience.

Measure 2: behavior 2 instance surveies to measure the managing and job work outing accomplishments every bit good as communicating of the campaigner.

Measure 3: Name the selected campaigners for interview with sketch to interact on his every bit good as company ‘s involvements and outlooks.

Measure 4: send mail or personal missive conforming to the campaigners whether he qualifies to acquire the occupation or non.


Fixed salary variable wage ( inducements ) total salary

125000 10000-15000 135000-140000

Training and development

Thrice in a twelvemonth workshops for directors to better their analytical accomplishments through instance surveies.

Training on developing soft accomplishments, personality and motive thrice a twelvemonth.


Supervisors are fundamentally concerned with directing and commanding the map at lower degree. They are the image builders of the endeavor because they are in direct contact with the workers.


A supervisor assigns the undertaking and proctors his squad to guarantee that all the undertakings are running swimmingly with quality work.

He makes agendas and clip sheets for the employees and manages the absence of employees.

He monitors the employee ‘s phone calls at call Centre to guarantee proper solution given to the client.

He supervises and guides the subsidiaries and attends their ailments or issue.

They communicate workers jobs, suggestions, and recommendatory entreaties etc to the higher degree and higher degree ends and aims to the workers.

He makes the necessary tools available to the employees.


Educational making

Full clip experience of 18 months and portion clip experience of 2 old ages

Bachelor ‘s grade from recognized university ( regular )


Good communicating to explicate policies, processs and new information to their employees in a method in which they can understand.

They must hold proficient cognition in order to cognize how to execute specific occupation every bit good as the dialogues accomplishments.

He should hold analytical and job resolution accomplishments.


Measure 1: Publish advertizement in the newspaper every bit good as apply postings in the b-schools and training institutes.

Measure 2: will carry on a group treatment among the recruited campaigners to look into their communicating and commanding abilities in a squad.

Measure 3: choose the campaigners and have personal interview to understand and fit their & A ; company ‘s aims.

Measure 4: Inform selected campaigner through mail or a phone call.


Fixed salary variable wage ( inducements ) total salary

50000 10000 60000

Training and development

Training and debut of new techniques coming in the concern universe

Workshops on teamwork and motive and the ways to manage the alterations in the concern universe

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ( common for all the degrees )

Performance Management Process is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Goal scene and ends finalisation

HR section will make the Performance papers for the fiscal twelvemonth and direct presentment to all employees to get down the Goal Setting procedure with specific deadlines for its completion.

Then the director will discourse each of your direct studies, their KRAs and Goals for the public presentation twelvemonth

Employee will capture the Job Purpose, KRAs and Goals along with the weightages & A ; measurement standards as discussed with your director into the Goal

Manager will so reexamine the Goal scene papers, integrate any alterations you may experience required, discourse the same with your direct study and finish the end puting papers.

The Goal scene Procedure is completed one time director has reviewed and completed the ends puting papers.

Phase 2: Midyear reappraisal

HR section sends presentment to all employees and directors to get down the Mid Year reappraisal procedure with specific deadlines for its completion.

Manager will reopen the ends papers for each of your direct study.

Employee will reexamine the Goals and advert what per centum of the ends have been completed, enter your midterm review remarks and submits the same to your director ( immediate supervisor ) for reappraisal and blessing.

Manager will reexamine the ends papers, discuss with employees direct study about his advancement against each of the ends set, you and your direct study may reciprocally make up one’s mind at this phase to add or cancel any KRAs/Goals depending on the concern demands. You, as director, will so enter your midterm review remarks and finish the end puting papers.

Once you complete the Goals scene papers, the papers will be available to your direct studies.

The Mid Year Review Process should typically be completed by terminal of October.

Phase 3: Annual Performance Appraisal

HR section will direct presentment to all employees and their directors to get down the one-year assessment procedure with specific deadlines for its completion.

Self Evaluation

The Annual Appraisal starts with self rating. Employee needs to rate his ain public presentation against the ends set every bit good as against the group values identified.

An employee remarks box is besides provided in the signifier to capture any remarks such as any facilitating or impeding factors you may hold faced on the occupation or any aid you need in any peculiar country of public presentation. Then submits completed self rating signifier to your immediate supervisor.

Performance Discussion

Discuss and portion your rating of your direct studies public presentation against the ends set with him every bit good as his attachment to values. What you think are the preparation demands of your direct studies every bit good as his calling aspirations will besides be discussed.

Then the director will discourse all your evaluations, single end evaluations every bit good as overall evaluations, for each of your direct studies with employee ‘s immediate supervisor

Moderation Committee

Manager need to modify the concluding evaluations as recommended by the moderateness commission and resend the same to HR section. After having the blessing for the same, director will finish the papers and the completed papers is made available to employee ‘s direct study.

After completion of the complete public presentation assessment procedure, the completed papers which gives elaborate end wise evaluation every bit good as overall evaluations will be available to your direct study for sing.

The Annual Appraisal rhythm typically begins at the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth and should be completed by the terminal of May every twelvemonth for the old fiscal twelvemonth.


For 1st portion of the inquiry

Idea is a really systematic telecom company which follows a good defined construction and more accent is given on betterment, motive and invention.

Good working environment provided to the employees harmonizing to their employees public assistance and actuating strategies.


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