Everything Is Possible Essay

Everything is possible. Charles F. Kettering said that “Nothing ever built to touch the skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed that it could, and some man willed that it must. ” Everything is possible in each of our lives; we simply have to sense it, see it and act upon it. After all, where would we be without men like Thomas Edison who believed there could be light, saw the vision in his mind and acted upon everything that was possible for him? Emily Dickinson phrased it best in her classic ode “Touch the Skies:” “We never know how high we are Till we are called to rise; And then, if we are true to plan,

Our statures touch the skies. ” All it takes to touch the skies and invoke change in the world or in ourselves is the ability to see the need for change and capturing the inspiration to create the change. That inspiration can come in a multitude of manners and in the most unlikely time and space. About fourteen years ago I was traveling through El Paso on my way home to Las Cruces, New Mexico. A friend had left his cd in my car and as I listened, one song hit me like no other had. It was the most beautiful lullaby; not a lullaby designed for a child, rather this melody was designed for a more mature ear.

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Everything Is Possible Essay
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And as I listened the more I realized, the tones I was interpreting were that which I had so longed to hear, not from a parent or loved one, but from myself. Fred Doll, the author of “Everything Possible” tells the tale we all long to hear. “You can be anybody that you want to be. You can love whomever you will. You can travel any country where your heart leads and know, I will love you still. ” Who amongst us has not yearned to be able to say, I can change if I want, I can have the dream, I can be everything I ever wanted to be.

The melody culminates with the most brilliant line: “You can dream all the day never reaching the end, of everything possible for you. ” For years this song stuck in my mind as I would sing it to my niece and nephews. I realize now, that my singing to them was not to solely make them believe, but it was to make myself believe it as well. You see, I have taken many the back and broken road in my life and am far from proud of where I have been. Somehow, though, I kept dreaming. I continued the dream about what was possible despite the life I was living-up until I had hit my rock bottom.

It was during this dark period with too much time on my hands and no one able to hear my cry that I made a promise to myself – that should I get out of this one last horrific jam, I would return to school and give myself a proper future – the future I deserved. I was enrolled 3 months later. I was beginning to believe that something was possible for me. Conventional school proved difficult for me, however, as extenuating psychological circumstance took their toll and one day I knew that I could not continue in the scholastic capacity I had been.

I tried enrolling in a vocational college and lasted only a day. I became further depressed and had no clue of what to do. Then, one day, on an off chance, I called the University of Phoenix. More than two years later I now stand before you, a graduate of the U of P, obtaining a degree I had once thought impossible to achieve. Today I am living proof that there is no end to possibilities and no end to dreams. Everything is possible. My dream does not end with my degree, or with the culmination of what I do next.

My dream ends when we have all realized that everything is possible for each of us, in whatever manner that may be. We have all faced our challenges, here today marking a momentous achievement – We did it! We have made it to the brink of the Promised Land! Now, I ask you, is today the day you end your possibilities? Keep dreaming! Keep striving! Look to the sky and see what else may touch it, believe that it can be achieved, create it and touch the sky yourself – Everything is possible. It is said that the children are the future.

This could not be more true, but we must teach the children by showing them that it is alright to dream, that any future is possible. Everything is possible. I urge each of you to look within yourselves daily and find today’s dream while thinking about tomorrow’s dream while contemplating all the dreams of your life. Everything is possible. There are no limits on what we may do or what we may become or where we will end up. The key is to dream, dream big, never give up and listen to the words of the lullaby that so inspired me: “You can dream all the day never reaching the end of everything possible for you. ”


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