Evolution and Ecological Succession

non similar species becoming more similar
two similar species becoming more different
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Evolution and Ecological Succession
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Fossils, geographic distribution, similarities in structure, similarities in development, molecular biology
What is evidence for evolution?
one organism captures and eats another species
Predator/ prey
both organisms benefit
one individual benefits and the other in unharmed in a realtionship
one organism benefits and the other doesnt
the role or function of an organism or species in an ecosystem
the set of resources that a population is theoretically capable of using
Fundamental niche
what actually happens once an organism is put in an environment
Realized niche
among different species
Inter-specific competition
among the same species
Intra-specific competition
primary and secondary
What are two types of ecological succession?
What does primary succession need to begin?
What does secondary succession need to begin?
Does primary succession take longer than secondary succession?
it is used to break down the rocks to form soil
Why is a pioneer organism needed in primary succession?
no soil=no nutrients
Why is it difficult for plants such as shrubs and trees to grow in primary succession?
to the first organism in a food chain
from one link to another in the food chain
make their own food
How do producers/autotrophs eat?
other consumers or producers
What do consumers/heterotrophs eat?
eat plants
eat meat
eat plants and meat
eat dead organisms
a feeding level
What is a trophic level?
there is less energy the higher you get on the pyramid
Why are there only 5 trophic levels?
living organisms
dead organisms
when two organisms have a relationship (live together)
What is symbiosis?
Who has the most energy in an ecosystem?
relies on the population
Density dependent
doesn’t rely on the population
Density independent
food supply, disease, living space, predator/prey
What are examples of density dependent factors?
earthquake, fire, other natural disasters
What are examples of density independent factors?
they use the ammonia to convert to nitrates
Why do plants need bacteria?
through nitrates
How do plants get nutrients from the soil?
plants would grow at a slower rate or die
What would happen if you remove n-fixing bacteria in an area?
a change in a plant community over time
What is ecological succession?
the final stage of ecological succession
What is climax community?
What is a well-known pioneer organism?
no because the resistance occurs through genetic variation; the insects pass down the resistance as they survive
Do insects make themselves resistant to pesticides?
no, species evolve
Do individuals evolve?
the number of pioneer organisms would be the highest in the beginning, but then the larger plants will dominate
How can you tell if succession is taking place?

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