Evolution of Physics Essay

Pursuit of human to define the incomprehensible nature of its comprehensive nature. So long human have been successful to define various phenomenon occurring be it the supernova exploding in deep universe or the small quarks breaking to the string. The language of nature is vast and the mathematical equations are the rough imitation of the same language. Human have been in regular pursuit to define the wonder of nature. The belief of existence of other dimension beyond the perspective f human eye date back to centuries and have also approached them on are like Cubism and Expressionism.

The mathematical work of Riemann is also important. Though without physical concept, he developed the equators and gave ten metric terrors in the equation which showed that the forces ay the consequences of distortion of space and time. This concept shows how space and time can be interchanged and time is not other than fifth dimension. Einstein came to the same conclusion independently on the 20th century. So the search existence of other dimension is also in progress.

The fifth dimension for example is regarded to be such tiny that even our smallest particles cannot pass through the loop hole. Though LLC have been pursuit to locate using the high energy collision of particles such that its existence can be known indirectly. After the space -time had been unified next goal was to unify all the fundamental forces of the nature. For this even Einstein got puzzled sorting out the equitation. The letter from kalmia was interesting.

He added eight as the vibration of other dimension and hence he wrote down the Riemann metric in five dimension. Though the existence of the five dimension couldn’t be proven at the current stage. Oscar Klein deduced the size of fifth dimension to be 10-33 CM(plank length) and testing such dimension would require high amount of energy which was not practically possible. The evolution of quantum theory and gaps in the existing theory hence took a new turn in physics. A new mechanics was going to evolve which would defy the every existing laws and grip a new concept.

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Evolution of Physics Essay
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