Exam 2

mass number
________ is defined as the number of protons plus the number of neutrons.
Oxygen has a greater pull on the electrons.
Why are both ends of each water molecule positive and the middle negative?
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ability to form droplets
What property of water is due to hydrogen bonds?
________ are the primary water-insoluble components of cell membranes.
Skin, hair, muscles, and enzymes are all made up of ________.
glucose + oxygen → water + carbon dioxide + energy
Which of the following reactions represents cellular respiration?
hydrogen bonds
________ cause water molecules to interact and adhere to one another.
that is acidic would have a pH lower than pure water
Precipitation ________.
We use ________ to catalyze the chemical reactions of digestion.
Forming the cell walls of stems, leaves, and roots, what compound is the primary structural constituent of plant tissues?
potential energy
River water held behind a dam is best described as a form of ________.
there is net consumption of water and carbon dioxide
During photosynthesis within plants, ________.
Undersea earthquakes and volcanic eruptions may produce ________.
What is the type of rock formed when magma or lava cools?
heat in the deepest layers of the earth
The force driving plate tectonics is ________.
Rock that has undergone heat or pressure that causes it to change form is called ________.
core, mantle, crust
What are the three distinct layers of the earth?
A system
________ is any network of relationships among a group of components, which interact with and influence one another through the exchange of energy, matter, or information.
dynamic equilibrium
A system stabilized by negative feedback, with opposing processes offsetting each other, is said to be in ________.
it leads to deforestation, increased agriculture, and increased use of fossil fuels
Overpopulation contributes to global warming when ________.
modern human lifestyles
The primary source of increased levels of greenhouse gases on Earth is ________.
Climatic change is a major concern for environmentalists because it can directly lead to ________.
Carbon present in coal, oil, and natural gas becomes carbon dioxide when these fuels burn.
Why does burning fossil fuels contribute to global warming?
excess nutrients from fertilizers
The eutrophication that has taken place in Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and other locations appears to be due to ________.
lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere
What are Earth’s structural spheres?
an ecotone
Containing elements of both forests and coastal marshes, the swamplands of extreme southern Louisiana would be an example of ________.
The first essential step in changing atmospheric nitrogen into more usable NH3 is called ________.
sum of all the planet’s living organisms and the abiotic portions of the environment with which they interact
The biosphere consists of the ________.
tropical rainforests
Biodiversity is partially influenced by net primary productivity. Where can the highest terrestrial rates of Net Primary Production be found?
sedimentary rock
The largest pool of carbon in the carbon cycle is ________.
mutualistic and free-living bacteria
Nitrogen fixation is a process that makes nitrogen available to plants and is carried out by ________.
by producing synthetic fertilizers and applying them to crops, lawns, and parks
Humans have dramatically altered the rate of nitrogen fixation into forms usable by autotrophs ________.
increase; decrease
In an aquatic ecosystem experiencing eutrophication, levels of dissolved macronutrients ________ and dissolved oxygen levels ________.
underground water reservoirs
Aquifers are ________.
A) It can save home-owners (or renters) a lot of money on their bills.
B) It is important to understand so you can be less wasteful with natural resources.
C) So you can potentially make modifications to your home that are more energy efficient
D) Because it is important to understand issues that affect our natural systems.

(choose all of the above)

Why is energy conservation in your home worth discussing?
energy cannot be created nor destroyed
What is the first law of thermodynamics?
Earth is the only planet that does this
Which of the following is NOT true about the greenhouse gas effect?
To see how much CO2 would have been removed if your lot was a forest.
In Module 3 of your lab exercises, what was the purpose of calculating the acreage of your living space?
Photosynthesis produces more sugar than plants need.
How do plants sequester carbon?
A) By burning fossil fuels.
B) By producing garbage and waste.
C) By heating our homes.
D) By removing trees for car dealerships
(choose all of the above)
How do humans drastically affect the Carbon cycle?

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