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With increasing prevalence of environmental issues on a global scale, controversy has risen from whether We’ as humanitarians are taking responsibility for our actions. A transcript of Professor Chris Lee’s speech at the 2010 International Biodiversity Conference asserts that, the time to talk is over,’ and that now “is the time for serious action” to be taken towards making amends for the environmental damage and economical imbalance in society today.

Lee contends that we must re- establish fundamental goals for the future, and to ultimately “safeguard the variety of fife on earth: biodiversity. ” Accompanying images, a ‘2010’ header and an image of the earth in a humans palms highlight the importance and vulnerability of earth’s future, supporting Lee’s overarching message. The issue of ignoring biodiversity is complicated primarily by the broader implications of disparate power, which is reflected by the “continuing pattern of inequitable and untenable growth on a global scale. Through Chris Lee’s informative yet sincere tone, his opening paragraphs are characterized by use of time as a reference to reflect progress. The diminishing Netscape of the “past 100 years”, commitments made from “eight years ago’ and the level of education “to date” positions the reader to question whether alongside our educational intellect, our knowledge and awareness of the earth has followed.

Moreover, facts and statistics are continually listed including the “lost 35% of mangroves and 40% of forests” to increase Chris Lee’s credibility and reliability, which in turn, predisposes the listeners to adopt his latter assertions. Veracity and sincerity is maintained throughout his speech to ensure that his audience, “leaders in the area f biodiversity’ are willing to listen and advocate Chris Lee’s perspective as they are essentially the most apt to educate secondary audiences that consist of “the politicians, the corporate leaders, even the everyday householder. To assist his approach, Lee undergoes a shift in tone to one of composed criticism in order to persuade the audience that past acts do not suffice the needs of today. Inclusive language is prevalent as Mr. Lee engages the audience to question, “what have WE – what have YOU and YOUR country – actually done since 2002? ” This attempts to engage listeners to reflect on their input into the planet, and to furthermore insinuate guilt that urges them to take action for the future.

In addition, Lee uses appeals to sympathy as the lack of unity and equality of power is projected as the amplifier of mass poverty and “vulnerability’ of poor rural communities. Lee continues to appeal to Justice when mentioning that the “needs of the poor are subordinated to the interests of us, the powerful economic giants. ” Again, Lee positions the audience to feel overly fortunate and guilty to encourages the audience the “affluent hunters” and gatherers to “conserve more and preserve more. The guilt and sympathy simultaneously. Accompanying images support Lee’s overarching contention, whereby a ‘2010’ header incorporates animals, humans and nature. This illustrates to the audience that action and improved knowledge of biodiversity is needed now, in 2010. The child and guardian holding hands also depict the link between this generation and the next, essentially connoting that we hand over our knowledge to the children of the future for them to live on earth. This encourages the audience to

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