Examine How Educational Research Can Improve Essay

Research Is Influenced by the need to find an appropriate solution to a dilemma. In the absence of a dilemma or a problem It becomes logically Illegitimate to undertake a research. Among a vast array of sources that have been used to acquire knowledge some of which have been deemed to unorthodoxly and unreliable. Research has proven to be a consistent reliable source of knowledge. Research basically involves three areas which include process of data collection, summation of the data and a critical analysis of the data.

Success in educational research is determined by the searcher’s knowledge of the problem, what type of data he or she has to collect, what information can be inferred from the data coupled with how the data should be analyses in an endeavourer to make a meaningful interpretation. This write up seeks to make a critical analysis or examination of how Educational research can improve the quality of teaching and learning. Cohen, (1998) see research as a systematic and objective experimentation which allow feedback and assessment to be created. The Praxis enables both the teacher and student to observe Judge and act approximately

In order for the desired possible outcomes to be realized. Thus educational research makes It possible for quality teaching and learning to take place. It Is worthwhile to present a clear testimonial of positive and strategic innovations that have accrued in the special needs education field where appropriate adoptions have since been implemented in an endeavourer to enhance the optimal independent mobility and educational performance of students with disabilities. For Instance Educational research has been used in an endeavourer to determine how students who are visually Lind can be assisted to maximize their educational development.

This resulted in the adaptation of any array of devices such as Braille, software technology and computer design, optical and electro optical devices, light and glare control devices and visual system transplantation techniques. Thus the fundamental rationale underlying educational research in this scenario Is to disarm educational challenges affecting persons with disability In a mathematics test and reveal that students who performed very lowly In Math registering a class average percentage mark of forty recent (40%) recorded a very high performance in environment science where they recorded a class average of ninety percent (90%).

The results show that there is a very low correlation between the class performances in the two subjects. Hence in the interest of demonstrating explicit concern and support for the normalization of the correlation gap[ results from the two test papers can be used to devise more effective teaching and learning methods. In this scenario educational research can be used to find a solution that will result in the students’ better or improved reference in mathematics.

Best (1970) observes that schools are under pressure to meet collects clear academic expectations and standards. While on the same vein Heady (1980) propounds that research enables one to Indulge deeper Into an area of speculation which In turn Increases expertise. Educational research also can be noted to lead to learning cycles of new knowledge. Research be it action research or experimental research wall always nave an Impact on ten participants Involved I. E. Both the researcher(s) and the respondents.

When get involved in a research be it at elementary school level or tertiary level a clear understanding of the problem drives them to brain storm and adopt the most appropriate research method that can be used in their endeavourer to find answers relevant to it. Farrell, Devoid and James (2007) posit that educational research leads to an atmosphere of intellectual excitement. It needs not much emphasis to assert the process of brain storming is a powerful tool which provokes the students’ thinking and that compels them to be innovative.

Through Educational research opportunities are cleared for Knowledge to be rendered interchangeable between the researcher and the respondent. For instance a regular class teacher of a heterogeneous class may be compelled to carry out a research to find out why a majority number of his or her students are failing to construct and articulate simple, complete and sensible English sentences. As the teacher strives to get to the root cause of the students’ poor performance he or she is likely to adopt some remedial education strategies that he or she employ in respect of the concerned students.

While in the process of interfacing with the learners and cording their strengths and weaknesses, the process creates a vibrant and embracing social context between the teacher and the students and among students as they partake in group based assigned language tasks. Bog and Gall(1990) advocate that Action research should be used by education practitioners for example by teachers who need to study learning challenges faced by their students as well as their teaching methods and approaches which they need to look at scientifically in order to guide correct and evaluate their decisions and teaching strategies. This

Educational research leads to explicit concern and support for individual development. There is too larger extent an element of truth in the assertion that without educational research very little or no progress at all would be realized in the institutions of learning in particular and in society in general. An analysis of student’s performance analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles or theories in prediction and control of events. Array, Jacobs and Archaize (1979) say educational research is the application of he scientific approach to the study of a problem.

It is a way to acquire dependable and useful information in response to a sensible problem. Thus its purpose is to discover answers to meaningful questions through the application of scientific procedures. Crawford and Sided (2003) define Educational research as a systematic and refined technique of thinking, employing specialized tools, instruments and procedures in order to obtain a more adequate solution to a problem. An appraisal of the foregoing definitions of terms denotes that research is a systematic process which is meant to avail lasting solutions too problem.

In addition to the above characteristics, it involves the collection of data, analyzing it and crawling conclusions. In a nutshell educational research is a renowned, tried and tested reliable source of solutions to barriers that seldom hinder the effective performance of both the teacher and the learner. If systematically and scientifically executed it can undoubtedly lead to the creation of quality teaching and learning through the adaptation of appropriate resources and technologies coupled with curriculum adaptations based on results.

The action research method is more applicable to a lassoer setting since It deals Walt a small sleaze sample AT students 10 demonstrate the desirability of educational research in the Zimmermann context one needs to revisit the scope and guidelines of the mismanaging commission(1999) which among other driving factors endeavourer to equalize educational opportunities for all children of school going age regardless of differences in race, color and creed.

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