Examining Business Communication Processes in Burger King Essay

The Burger male monarch is international Fast Food concatenation was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville Florida. At that clip the name is insta-burger. The original laminitiss and proprietors, Kieth J. Kramer and his married woman ‘s uncle Matthew Burns, opened their first shops around a piece of equipment known as the Insta-Broiler. After the original company began to waver in 1959, it was purchased by the Miami, Florida franchisees James McLamore and David R. Edgerton who renamed the company Burger King. After independent for eight old ages, the company spread outing about 250 locations in the United States, when they sold it to the Pillsbury Company in 1967.

Harmonizing to my cognition the Burger male monarch in New Zealand the old proprietor was Dennis Jones and Mark Backhaus and they sold out Burger king to Anchorage Capital Partners Australian Company. Anchorage spouse Mark Bayliss become president of the New Zealand Burger King operation.

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Examining Business Communication Processes in Burger King Essay
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My aim in this study is discoursing communicating procedure in Sylvia park Burger male monarch. The ground behind this to take this concern because I was working in this company for about one twelvemonth and I was watching twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours communicating procedure, how it is effectual and how it is of import for concern.

Business demographics:
Business Communication: concern communicating is the communicating between the people in the organisation for the intent of transporting out concern activities. It may be unwritten, verbal, written etc.

In Burger male monarch there is different phases where the communicating procedure takes topographic point, in internally the communicating is MEMO ‘S, BUSINESSLETTERS, E-MAILS, MANUALS, METTINGS, NEWSLETTERS and these communicating are really of import in concern to run into chief aim.

The communicating procedure in direction degrees are.

That means how communicating is occurs in different degree of direction degrees that are following.

Top degree direction CEO and other top degree direction.

Top degree director ( country director ) and eating house directors.

Restaurant director and lower degree director.

Restaurant director

Assistant director

Salary director

Hourly director

Team leader


The communicating procedure in different station in Burger male monarch:

Front counter and order devising: in this procedure, the forepart counter individual take the order of client and after that trough screen the order shaper got message to do a client order.

Drive thru individual and client: when a auto comes to drive thru the order taker and client communicate each other via earphone and talker and mice.

Order devising ( boat ) to the fry station: the cooked merchandise is presenting FRY STATION to the boat PHU ( PRODUCT HOLDING UNIT ) harmonizing to the order demand by verbal communicating. For illustration if there is order of five Bk poulet so the boat individual told fry station individual delight down five poulets if other individual says yes so boat individual says thanks that is compiled communicating procedure.

In our Burger male monarch ( Sylvia Park ) there is screens in each station for illustration forepart counter order, thrust thru order, boat station, fry station and boiler station. That means how message is base on ballss from one station to other station.

Drive thru and order devising: in this procedure, thrust thru individual take the order of client and after that trough screen the order shaper got message to do a client order.

Burger king menu board is good illustration of gestural communicating procedure because if client come to put order foremost see what he/she want after looking menu board he/she make up one’s mind what is good repast trade.

I have one good illustration to explicate the whole communicating procedure in stairss

Measure 1: Front counter individual taking order ( verbal communicating ) between the client and front counter individual.

Step2: Enter order in the system.that is encoding electronic machine that message to look counter to the kitchen screen ( decode message in read able signifier ) , that is non verbal communicating.

Step3: Boat individual prepare order and direct ordered Burger on the degree.

Step4: After acquiring burger the packing individual packs the order and gives to client.

So for complete communicating procedure there is assorted stairss and how these stairss are of import in concern communicating.

Burger king ends:
Burger king want to individualise each client ‘s order and supply the fastest service possible that the fast nutrient eating house purpose and supply good client service.

Burger King ‘s policy is to give the client many picks and to accurately and rapidly supply whatever the client chooses for illustration our eating house menu board provide clients graphical communicating.

Burger King ‘s processs are besides consistent with their ends. In order to individualise each order they provide clients with many options when telling. Some options include french friess or onion rings, cheese, bacon, mustard, catsup, mayonnaise, boodle, tomato, pickles, and onion.

The client can pick any combination of these options that they desire, such as different repasts of beef Burger, chicken Burger and salad Burgers.

One employee takes the client ‘s order, the client so moves down the line where another employee is fixing the order. Meanwhile, the original employee is taking another client ‘s order. Customers besides get their ain drinks while they are waiting for their repast. This makes service much faster in that employees do non hold to fix drinks or supply refills.

The clime at Burger King was really pleasant and client can bask their repasts by watching telecasting at dining room.

The eating house was really clean and there were no loud noises from the service country. They besides provided loosen uping music for clients to listen to while dining.

Burger King possessed more than equal communicating and leading. Employees gave the clients feedback on their orders. Each client received a reception, which enabled them to double-check their order. The employees besides read the order back to the client before passing them the order.

In footings of leading, a director does see to every station and he is taking order and training staff in proper manner. FOR EXAMPE he is do supervising every station and communicate every squad member so everything goes in proper mode.

Burger king civilization and moralss:
Burger king civilization means how up moralss in administration that means moral rights and incorrect of any determinations in Burger male monarch.

How people behave in administration for illustration in our Burger king company had made some regulations and ordinance so all the staff should follow those regulations, and how all the staff behaves with each other and how they behave with clients.

By supplying staff proper preparation to keep company values so that all member of the administration should larn proper manner of work.

For illustration in the Burger king the company puting criterion of all nutrient and safety like temperature, keeping clip of all merchandises, and the civilization of Burger king includes criterions, linguistic communication, manner of behaving, manner of communication, manner of dressing.

Standards: puting criterion of merchandises temperature, keeping clip and the full staff member follow these criterions.

Language: we have different staff signifier different civilization and moralss values but at work topographic point all the staffs speaks merely English linguistic communication.

Dressing: company holding frock of all staff so that frock communicates any one is working in Burger male monarch.

Way of behave: every staff behaves courteously and friendly.

Management of cognition resources:
Harmonizing to that construct knowledge direction how the cognition put in practically and how it is good for any administration. So for this first make up one’s mind what administration aim is.

For our Burger king the chief aim is supplying good quality of fast nutrient and good client service to accomplish this aim there are some stairss.

Manager should hold good cognition of nutrient.

Good quality of nutrient

Good cookery equipment.

Trained all staff in proper manner

All staff should follow regulations in fast nutrient administration

Provide latest engineering equipment and sharing that cognition with staff and how effectual it is.

To trained staff how to sale more merchandise by proposing client, if client want merely whopper Burger so suggest him purchase meal it ‘s cheaper.

To portion cognition of new equipment to all staff.

Group kineticss:
Is the survey of groups, and besides a general term for group processes. Relevant to the Fieldss of psychological science, sociology, and communicating surveies, a group is two or more persons who are connected to each other by societal relationships. Because they interact and influence each other, groups develop a figure of dynamic procedures that separate them from a random aggregation of persons. These procedures include norms, functions, dealingss, development, need to belong, societal influence, and effects on behavior. There is some barrier

Risking: when taking in group how much a individual can take hazard in communicating.

Expectations: that means in group what the other people expect from you and how to command your outlooks.

Avoidance: that means behavior of a individual to make utilize to avoid, may be that is habit or people can alter their behavior to do more relation with their group.

Probing: that means how you explain in group harmonizing to the demand of other member of group.

Control: when any one pickings in group and other member control you in his manner how you feel in that communicating.

Silence: sometimes it better manner to maintain silence in group harmonizing to the state of affairs.

Meeting direction:
In any concern meeting is really of import portion of communicating, and to do meeting run efficaciously are following points.

An effectual meeting serves a utile intent. This means that in it, you achieve a coveted result. For a meeting to run into this result, or nonsubjective, you have to be clear about what it is the intent of meeting. Largely director in any administration call a meeting to discourse something of import treatment.

Use clip sagely: clip is a cherished resource, and no 1 wants their clip wasted. With the sum of clip we all spend in meetings, you owe it to yourself and your squad to streamline the meeting every bit much as possible. So in run intoing make docket, the docket is what you will mention to in order to maintain the meeting running on mark and on clip. For doing agenda some points should be consider.

Priorities-what chief subject is discuss in meeting.

Results-what determinations will be taken.

Participants-who are go toing the meeting.

Sequence-order of discussed subject.

Timing-discussion clip of subject.

Date and Time-when will the meeting take topographic point.

Place-where will the meeting take topographic point.

Satisfied participants that a reasonable procedure has been followed: Once you have an docket prepared, you need to go around it to the participants and acquire their feedback and input. Once in the meeting, to guarantee maximal satisfaction for everyone, there are several things you should maintain in head:

If certain people are making conversation, do a point of inquiring others for their thoughts.

At the terminal of each docket point, rapidly sum up what was said, and inquire people to corroborate that that ‘s a just sum-up. Then do notes sing followup.

Note points that require farther treatment.

Watch organic structure linguistic communication and do accommodations as necessary. Possibly you need a interruption, or you need to halt person from talking excessively much.

Guarantee the meeting stays on subject.

List all undertakings that are generated at the meeting. Make a note of who is assigned to make what, and by when.

At the stopping point of the meeting, rapidly sum up following stairss and inform everyone that you will be directing out a meeting sum-up.

The Burger king manages to pass on with all interest holders with who are straight and indirectly linked with the administration.

Management and employees: they besides communicate with Burger king their occupations, wage and working hours etc

Customers: clients are besides pass oning with administration when they buy any merchandise.

Supplier: different provider can pass on with administration such as bakeshop provider, beef and poulet patty provider, salad providers, equipment providers all are communicate harmonizing to their demand.

Banks: company communicate with Bankss, straight reassign money to company history by utilizing eftpos ( electronic device ) .

Fiscal administration: provide finance to an administration.

Government: the authorities revenue enhancement policies particularly Inland Revenue communicate with administration to pay revenue enhancement harmonizing to gross revenues of administration.

Trade brotherhoods: these brotherhoods are pass oning with worker of administration to supply Torahs and rights of worker.

City council: communicate with administration that concern tallies harmonizing to authorities criterions and supplying good quality merchandise.

In our Burger king at that place assorted methods of communications such as telephone, facsimile, cyberspace, E- mail, etc. There are two types of webs

LOCAL AREA NETWORKS ( LANs ) : where all the electronic machines are connected with each other and close to each other.

WIDE AREA NETWORKS ( WANs ) : where computing machine communicate with each other via telephone lines or wireless transmittal.

Some illustrations of webs in Burger male monarch are:

Minder: That ‘s electronic device which connected with PHU ( PRODUCT UNIT HOLDER ) calculated which merchandise is expires after a certain bound so the screen of minder communicate with staff which poulet cake is expired.

Drive thru system: that electronic device which can pass on between Burger king staff and clients.

Internet: communicate directors with caput office via electronic mails.

Telephone: this is besides good beginning of communicating in concern.

Electronic device to assist taking order on forepart counter and thrust thru and that system linking with chief computing machine in the office.


To reason that the communicating procedure takes topographic point in different degree in Burger male monarch, like as verbal, and non-verbal and different beginnings are used to finish this procedure measure by measure and how it is effectual in the administration. In our administration how people communicate with staff, director communicates with staff, webs used in administration.


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