Examining Entrepreneurship Network Express Courier Service PTE Ltd Essay

Network Express Courier Service PTE LTD is the messenger company that provides bringing service within Singapore and other states like Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Network Express Courier Service PTE LTD founded by Mr. V.S. Kumar that has bringing service as their chief concern that cognizing the battle that faced in their employee from the work experience in the competitory and fast paced work environment, this state of affairs makes Network Express Courier Service PTE LTD to spread out their concern to planetary market by offering service with high quality in the competitory monetary value ( Network Courier 2010 ). As the consequence Network Express Courier Service PTE LTD become one of the largest messenger service company in the Singapore that develop invention as their scheme like holding their ain Path and Trace system that called NETRACE to heighten the service by making greater values in their bringings and aggregation.

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Examining Entrepreneurship Network Express Courier Service PTE Ltd Essay
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Definition of entrepreneurship

Person can be categorized as an entrepreneurship if the individual have ability to make and construct something from nil that can be inspired other individual and to execute this activity the individual must hold creativeness inside them than by holding the analysing accomplishment. Based on Mohanty ( 2005, 11 ) the definition of entrepreneurship have a different assorted like Joseph A. Schempeter that defined entrepreneurship to be more focussed on the creativeness activity by making something that out of ordinary, but harmonizing to A.H. Cole entrepreneurship is an activity of single or group to originate or keep net income by bring forthing and distribute goods and services. From these different assorted sentiments it can be make up one’s mind that entrepreneurship is an single that create new concern from their creativeness and their experience in work life that makes them hold certain experience to carry through their aims.

Mr.V.S.Kumar can be categorized as the entrepreneurship because he started courier concern when sing the state of affairs of work environment in the Singapore that makes the employees must felt certain battle in their calling like competition between workers. As the consequence Mr. Kumar make up one’s mind to open a messenger concern based on his experience in the messenger concern as the despatch rider for 28 old ages and from this experience decide to open a local messenger concern Network Express Courier that provide the client with maximal quality service with competitory monetary value.

Characteristic of entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship is non merely categorized people based on their creativeness to do a new concern that ne’er have been in the market or have work experience that makes them cognize about market status in the local state and make up one’s mind the concern that will execute in the local state based on the status of the market. From this analysis it shows that enterpriser needs several feature that will assist them in their concern and if they do non hold these characteristic it shows the enterpriser will hold lower opportunities in their concern success. These characteristic can be the determination devising, hazard pickings, invention, adept direction, accepting challenge, constructing organisation, and mobilisation resource but based on Carland et Al ( 1996, 3 ) there are another characteristic that must necessitate by the entrepreneurship it is need of accomplishment and the ability to place and work out jobs.

These characteristic is need by the entrepreneurship to keep and pull off their concern in certain status like holding determination doing it makes the enterpriser to make up one’s mind the class of action from several of alternate that given to accomplish their ends, holding hazard taking that makes the enterpriser to hold duty for every loss that may happen in their determination devising procedure and they will analysis the state of affairs to cut down the hazard that will happen to obtain certain net income, and holding a mobilisation of resource to guarantee the enterpriser did non hold scarceness job that will take to many activities that will ensue to achievement of end besides holding invention that will take the enterpriser to hold new goods and service in the market by treating a new development in engineering for executing organisational map.

Some characteristic in the entrepreneurship is non merely to keep their concern but besides to keep the organisational by holding constructing organisation to ease the organisation by giving the governments and holding a proper leading, adept direction is to better the organisation by novice and design an organisation betterment undertaking that will associate to organisation chances, and another feature like demand of accomplishment of the enterpriser to get down their concern can actuate the organisation public presentation and the enterpriser must hold ability to place and work out jobs because by holding this characteristic the enterpriser can cognize the job inside their organisation and can do a determination to work out the organisation job.

From these characteristic the enterpriser like Mr. V. S. Kumar that owned Network Express Courier Service can hold a competitory advantage in their merchandise, service, and inventions and makes the company to go more market driven and client oriented by fulfill the client demand and have positive relationship with the client. Even though the feature can assist the company development the enterpriser need three dimensional procedure like invention for seeking a new creativeness in the merchandise and service that will develop the organisational map, hazard taking dimension were the enterpriser to perpetrate important resource into chances by holding a sensible opportunity of dearly-won failure and their effort to pull off the hazard, and pro action is the execution of the scheme to do the aims of the company go on through certain ways ( Davis, Morris, and Allen 1991, 44 ).

Beginning of finance for entrepreneurship

Many enterprisers that started their concern must hold certain capital to startup their concern ; the enterpriser can hold this capital from different type of beginning that available to startup the concern like equity capital and debt capital ( Crane and Meyer 2011, 190 ). The equity capital is the investing that made by single, partnership, or some corporation in the return for the some signifier of the ownership through the purchased of the stock based on the company public presentation normally this sort capital will makes the portion in the company must be divided between the laminitiss and investors for illustration VC. In the debt capital the enterpriser tries to borrow certain sum of money to carry through their payment for the wages and other disbursals like operating or electricity that needed for their concern operation for illustration bank finance or bank loans.

This two equity have different consequence towards entrepreneurship but for enterpriser that involvement to holding higher interest by utilizing VC prefer holding bank finance as their penchant because from VC the enterpriser can hold high portion in their venture returns ( Bettignies and Brander 2007,826 ).From this two beginning it shows that the enterpriser will hold some disadvantage if they to depend on in the debt capital because with the debt capital the enterpriser that merely startup their concern is holding a short hard currency and they must run into their clip of payment whether their concern holding net income or non besides based on ( Black and Strahan 2002,2811 ) bank loan will supply high liquidness towards little company or even startup company that makes the enterpriser will bounded by the liquidness constraints that will impact the concern public presentation.

From this point of position many enterpriser find other beginning in their funding to startup their concern without depend on the investor or holding loan from bank. This beginning of funding can be from the enterpriser ain economy, household and friends salvaging, angel investor, venture capital, and direct strategic investing ( Crane and Meyer 2011, 191 ). The enterpriser ain economy is the beginning of funding that came from the enterpriser personal economy in their concern and from this salvaging the enterpriser can hold many different possible beginning inside laminitis ego funding like personal hard currency that will be invested straight into company in the signifier of equity. The household and friends can be another beginning for the finance because these single can be the enterpriser support web and their beginning for the startup capital job.

For angel investor they are sing as the group of people that have sensible public presentation aim in the venture that invested their ain money in certain investing and this angel investor like to assist new enterpriser by sharing their cognition when the enterpriser startup their concern like holding trouble in client payments or provider. The venture capitalist is the of import section in the beginning of funding because from this beginning enterpriser can hold certain sum in their capital for their concern by provide support to innovative and assuring company for certain old ages until it became mature.

In the beginning of funding job it can be determined that Mr. V.S. Kumar as the laminitis of web express messenger service depend on the personal economy that came for the work wage for 28 old ages and besides came from the support of the friends or household that have involvement in the messenger concern that lead Mr. V.S. Kumar to open a messenger concern. Because of the startup of the concern the company can non utilize debt equity as their capital beginning until the company can derive net income.


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