Examining Financial Statements Of Bintang Sdn Bhd Accounting Essay

Accounting records are really of import paperss to all concern organisation, because its carries critical fiscal dealing grounds on concern public presentation. Harmonizing to Frank Wood ( 2006 ) aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ . Accounting records is all paperss used in readying of fiscal statement, such as general leger, subordinate legers, gross revenues bills, cheques, verifiers, and written understandings, and so on. Bintang Sdn. Bhd measures all clients instead than roll uping in hard currency and checks when services are rendered. However, Harmonizing to the instance scenario, Miss Joan, the helper comptroller of Bintang Sdn. Bhd, has committed condemnable breach of trust and sham patterns.

The intent of the chief fiscal statements for Bintang Sdn. Bhd is to supply information about the fiscal place, public presentation and alterations in fiscal place of an endeavor that is utile to a broad scope of users in doing determinations. Fiscal statements should be apprehensible, relevant, dependable and comparable. Reported assets, liabilities and equity are straight related to an organisation ‘s fiscal place. Reported income and disbursals are straight related to an organisation ‘s fiscal public presentation. Fiscal statements are intended to be apprehensible by readers who have a sensible cognition of concern and economic activities and accounting and who are willing to analyze the information diligently.

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Examining Financial Statements Of Bintang Sdn Bhd Accounting Essay
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Fiscal statements provide an overview of a concern fiscal status in both short term and long term. There are three basic fiscal statements which is balance sheet, net income and loss, and besides hard currency flow. Balance sheet besides referred to as statement of fiscal place or status, studies on a company assets, liabilities, and net equity as of a given point in clip. Net income and loss refer to describe on a company income, disbursals, and net income over a period of clip. Meanwhile, hard currency flow is report on company hard currency flow activities, puting and funding activities.

Balance sheet

A balance sheet used in order to assist a little concern like Bintang Sdn Bhd proprietor rapidly acquire a grip on the fiscal strength and capablenesss of the concern. Harmonizing to balancesheet.org, ( 2009 ) , The Balance Sheet besides provides paysheet and recordkeeping services for little concern. The Balance Sheet is good known for its ability to supply cardinal strategic resources for persons and little concern. A balance sheet includes assets, liabilities, and proprietor ‘s or stakeholders ‘ equity. The balance sheet is divided into two parts which are assets and liabilities and proprietor ‘s equity based on the undermentioned equation, must be each other, or equilibrate each other out. This means that assets, or the agencies used to run the company, are balanced by a company ‘s fiscal duties along with the equity investing brought into the company and its maintained net incomes.

What we understand, balance sheet is a statement of a concern or organisation that lists the assets, debts, and proprietors ‘ investing as of a specified day of the month. In fiscal statement, a balance sheet or statement of fiscal place is a sum-up of a individual ‘s or organisation ‘s balances.


Asset consists of current assets and non-current assets. Current assets have a life span of one twelvemonth or less, intending they can be converted easy into hard currency. Examples of current assets would be look intoing histories receivable, and notes receivable that are due within one twelvemonth ‘s clip. Meanwhile, non-current assets are assets that are non turned into hard currency easy, A areA expected to be turned into hard currency within a twelvemonth or have a life-span ofA more thanA a twelvemonth. Fixed assets include land, edifices, machinery, and vehicles that are used in connexion with the concern.

1.1.2 Liabilitiess and proprietor ‘s equity

Current liabilities are the company ‘s liabilities which will come due, or must be paid, within one twelvemonth. On the other manus, the entire current liabilities is the sum sum of all current liabilities owed to creditors that must be paid within a annual clip frame. This includes all debts and duties owed by the concern to outside creditors, sellers, or Bankss that are collectible within one twelvemonth, plus the proprietors ‘ equity. Owners ‘ equity is made up of the initial investing in the concern every bit good as any maintained net incomes that are reinvested in the concern.

1.1.3 Important of Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is one of the most of import pieces of fiscal information issued by a company. It is a snapshot of what a company owns and owes at that point in clip. TheA income statement, on the other manus, shows how much gross and net income a company has generated over a certain period.A NeitherA statement is better than the other – instead, the fiscal statements areA built to be used together to show a complete place of a company ‘s fundss.

Having a solid concern program and a good balance sheet statement to work from is even more of import with a trade name new startup concern. While the established concern will most likely already have a recognition evaluation of its ain, it is frequently much more hard to find merely how successful, or how recognition worthy, the trade name new startup concern will be. That is why the balance sheet statement is such an of import papers, and it is the face of the new concern to the universe.

Net income and loss

Net income and loss is a 1 of the cardinal fiscal studies which summarizes the concern grosss, disbursals, and net income over a specified period of clip. On the other manus, it can specify as a fiscal statement that lists the different types of grosss that a company has earned and the disbursals that it has incurred.

1.2.1 Important of Profit and Loss

Net income has an of import function in apportioning resources. Put merely, falling net incomes signal that resources should be taken out of that concern and set into another one which is lifting net incomes signal that resources should be moved into this concern. Without these signals we are left to think as to what is the best usage of society ‘s limited resources.

Cash flow

Cash flow shows the sum of hard currency generated and used by a company in a given period, calculated by adding non-cash charges such as depreciation, to net income after revenue enhancements.

1.3.1 Important of Cash Flow

Cash flow is one common step of a company ‘s fiscal wellness. It is typically defined as hard currency grosss minus hard currency payments over a given period of clip, or, the net net income minus the sums charged-off for depreciation, depletion, and amortisation.

In measuring possible hard currency flow issues, it is of import to look at all three classs and intermix them right to acquire the clearest possible image. This blending is normally done in a study called a “ Cash Flow Statement ” which is an of import tool for mensurating short-run and long-run profitableness. Cash flow is an of import factor that can maintain concerns in front of their competition and even a profitable concern can endure if it has hard currency flow issues.

1.4 Decision

The balance sheet, along with the income and hard currency flow statements, is an of import tool for investors to derive insight into a company and its operations. The balance sheet is a snapshot at a individual point in clip of the company ‘s histories which are covering its assets, liabilities and stockholders ‘ equity. The intent of the balance sheet is to give users an thought of the company ‘s fiscal place along with exposing what the company owns and owes. It is of import that all investors know how to utilize, analyze and read this papers.

Undertaking 2 ( LOC 1: AC 2 )


Accounting follows certain guidelines that govern how accountant to mensurate, procedure and communicate. The fiscal statement autumn under the General accounting acceptable rules ( GAAP ) or besides call Law of accounting. Harmonizing to www.investopedia.com GAAP are imposed on companies so that investors have a minimal degree of consistence in the fiscal statements they use when analysing companies for investing intents. GAAP screen such things as gross acknowledgment, balance sheet point categorization and outstanding portion measurings. Companies are expected to follow GAAP regulations when describing their fiscal informations via fiscal statements. General accounting acceptable rule ( GAAP ) are guided the accounting field and its profession. The feature of GAAP is such as relevancy, dependability, consistence and so on.

Cardinal accounting construct

There are about three cardinal accounting constructs which are accumulations constructs, prudence construct, and consistence.

Accumulations concept

Accrual describes the construct that recognizes grosss and disbursals when they are earned incurred or accrued regardless of the existent hard currency payments or grosss. Actual payment of an point in a period is taken to fit against the gross of the period that net net income is calculated. For illustration, Accrued gross is gross is recognized before hard currency is received. Accrued disbursal is an disbursal is recognized before hard currency is paid out. The effects of dealing and other events are recognized when they occur and they are recorded in the accounting records and reported in the fiscal statement of the periods to which they relate.

For illustration, Bintang Sdn Bhd has received hard currency RM 40,000 from his clients. However, the company really has done all work satisfactorily and the clients have acknowledged the work done which can charge for another RM 20,000. Furthermore, the disbursals for the RM 20,000 work done have been taken up into the books of history. So, based in this construct, the company has really completed all work done, the work done besides have being acknowledged by the clients, therefore income RM 60,000 should be taken up and non merely the hard currency received.

The importance of accrual construct blablabla..

hypertext transfer protocol: //basiccollegeaccounting.com/cash-versus-accrual-accounting/

Jim Co is a confer withing company which has the undermentioned gross and disbursals for the month of October 2008


Jim Co


Accrual Accounting

Cash Accounting







Rent disbursal



Wagess expense



Utilities expense



Repairs disbursal


Stationery disbursal


Assorted disbursals



Net Net income or ( Loss )



The company earned $ 10,000 but received merely $ 8,000 in hard currency

Expenses were as follows

( I ) A Rent $ 2,000 which was paid

( two ) Wages disbursal: $ 1,600 of which merely 3 /4 was paid

( three ) Utilities disbursal: $ 700 was paid

( four ) Repairs disbursals: $ 500 was unpaid

( V ) A Stationery disbursals: $ 200 was unpaid

( six ) Assorted disbursals: $ 100 was paid



hypertext transfer protocol: //basiccollegeaccounting.com/answer-to-question-on-cash-versus-accrual-accounting/

Prudence construct

Prudence construct is normally use by comptroller has to utilize by his judgements to make up one’s mind which figure he will take for point. The construct fundamentally does non promote the expectancy of acknowledging income when it is non certain. It prefers that any disbursals that can be moderately ascertained should be taken up.

For the illustration, Bintang Sdn Bhd has completed 50 % of a undertaking. Based on its costing and other grounds, it knows that the undertaking is traveling to incur losingss. In this state of affairs, utilizing a prudence construct, the company should rapidly in its fiscal twelvemonth take up these losingss alternatively of waiting for the 100 % completion of the undertaking. The prudence constructs means, usually accountant will take the figure which will instead minimize the net income.

Prudence construct is observed when describing all accounting information. It is careful accounting patterns are observed so that assets or grosss in Bintang Sdn. Bhd. are non overstated and liabilities or disbursals are non unostentatious. This is explicating why shuting stock is ever valued at the lower of costs or market value so that net incomes are non overstated during the current period.


This construct advocates that there must be consistent intervention for similar points within each accounting period and from one period to the following. When a house has one time fixed a method for accounting intervention of an point, it will come in all similar points that follow in precisely the same manner. However, it does non intend that has to follow the method until the concern closed down. A house can alter the method used, but a such alteration is non made without a batch of consideration.

A alteration in accounting rule should non be made unless it can be justified as being preferred. An illustration of a alteration is exchanging from the Straight Line Depreciation method to the Sum-Of-The-Years’-Digits method. A deficiency in consistence over clip distorts the net incomes tendency and creates uncertainness in measuring a Bintang Sdn. Bhd. Consistency is observed to forestall deceptive net incomes originating from differing accounting methods, from being reported.

If let say, Bintang Sdn. Bhd. has received one-year discounts from its provider about to RM 1 million. Every twelvemonth, it is the company ‘s accounting policy to sack these discounts against the purchases from the providers. But for this twelvemonth, this is taken up as income. Under the consistence construct, this is non right as every twelvemonth the company has been taking three discounts against the purchases but all of a sudden, it changes its accounting policy by taking up gross.


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