Examining Human Resource Management Policies in Marks and Spencers Essay

Company Profile

M & A ; S made a low beginning as a individual market stall ; and have grown to go one of the UK ‘s taking retail merchants of vesture, nutrient, place merchandises and fiscal services. M & A ; S employs 68,000 employees over 30 states, has more than 500 shops and cater 10s of 1000000s of clients each and every hebdomad.

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Examining Human Resource Management Policies in Marks and Spencers Essay
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M & A ; S is committed to supply superior quality merchandises and that excessively at attractive monetary values. M & A ; S ‘s turnover is ?8 billion.

Success narrative of M & A ; S has been built on a figure of nucleus company values that have remained about unchanged. These values are:

QualityA – Delivering first-class criterions systematically.

ValueA – Delivering exceeding value to clients.

InnovationA – Need to go on to be at the head of invention in both general selling and nutrient.

TrustA – The most sure retail merchant. M & A ; S have a proud heritage of staff public assistance, client attention and engagement in the community.

ServiceA – They are committed to present the best services to clients.

ValuedA – Employees contribution to the concern is rewarded.

Reasonably treatedA – Employees are respected and valued, whoever they are.

ProudA – Employees take pride in everything they do.

CommittedA – To presenting great client service.

InvolvedA – Employees are informed of new developments and kept up-to-date with the advancement of the company.

ChallengedA – Employees challenge each other constructively every twenty-four hours and work at full potency.

From the above mentioned points it is clear that quality of Human Capital at M & A ; S forms the footing of their values.

“ It ‘s all about making a on the job environment that encourages people to add to their accomplishments, and where they ‘re provided with everything they need to accomplish their possible. ”
( Belinda, HR Head, M & A ; S )
HR Policies and Rules:
Service Rules:
Promotion Policy & A ; Rules:
Any chances for publicity are unfastened to all and depend on ability, accomplishments and experience.

Wage Structure:
Each occupation is positioned within a wages degree harmonizing to degree of duty and market value. This enables M & A ; S to:

Provide competitory wages for each occupation taking into history market rates.

Reward everyone harmonizing to their part.

Payment is by BACS ( Bankers Automated Clearing System ) so it goes directly into employees account.

How wage is calculated

If a individual is on an hourly rate of wage, monthly wage is calculated as follows:

Store administered employees

( Hourly rate x lower limit agreed hebdomadally committed hours x 52.25 ) /12

Head Office administered employees

( Hourly rate x lower limit agreed hebdomadally committed hours x 52 ) /12

For those on an one-year wage, the computation is:

Annual salary/12

* The Company militias the right to suspend wage where an employee fails to advise about absence from work.

Employee motive & A ; public assistance strategies:
Reward Policies
Marks & A ; Spencer believes in sharing its advancement and profitableness and wages consequently. They offer a scope of benefits which are service-related, so they build up as service of an employee additions. Each component of the benefits bundle is reviewed on a regular basis to guarantee it remains competitory and maintains Marks & A ; Spencer as a taking employer. Some of them are:

Employee Discount
Car Allowance
Healthcare Offers
M & A ; S offers following health care options to all monthly paid employees and their spouses:

Private wellness insurance

Dental program insurance

Hospital Saving Association ( HSA ) .

Travel & A ; Expenses
Travel is an built-in portion of work for many people. Marks & A ; Spencer offers travel options and disbursals so employees can go in a secure and comfy mode.

Social Activities
The Company provides a grant each twelvemonth for athleticss and societal activities which are organised at concern unit/store degree.

Sharesave Schemes
Sharesave allows to salvage tax-free for three to five old ages and at the terminal of that period employee can purchase Marks & A ; Spencer portions at a specially discounted monetary value.

Season Ticket Loans
They provide a subsidized catering service for all employees.
Life style Options
M & A ; S provides following options and benefits:

Flexible working – Including a scope of options:

parttime working, occupation sharing, term-time working

Unpaid particular leave – up to nine months. If an employee have two old ages ‘ uninterrupted service and the timing fits with the operation of the concern, he can take up to nine months ‘ unpaid leave.

Paid particular leave – In instance of serious personal troubles, e.g. where a kid is hospitalized.

Unpaid leave – up to 48 hours.

Political assignments – If an employee has a lower limit of five old ages ‘ service, a interruption of five old ages is available for all who are wishing to go campaigners for any UK or European parliament or assembly.

Public duties/involvement in local community – In instance of any other public responsibilities to go to, an employee can talk to his line director for accommodations.

Justice of the Peace or school governor – If an employee intends to go, a Justice of the Peace or school governor, accommodations are made in the working hours.

Armed Forces Volunteer Services – Offer a period of paid leave to voluntaries and ex-service work forces and adult females who are required to travel on one-year preparation exercisings.

Confidential helpline – A 24-hour confidential support service which help employees to pull off emphasis, personal, traumatic or fiscal issues which are impacting their attending or public presentation at work.

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity and Parental Leave entitlements.

IVF – Supply support if an employee or his/her spouse is holding IVF intervention.

Fostering – Support is provided if an employee is sing to go a surrogate parent.

Health & A ; safety regulations:
M & A ; S is committed to guarantee the wellness, safety and good being of all its employees, clients and others who visit or work in their premises.

M & A ; S Policy on Health and Safety includes:
The Health & A ; Safety Committee

It advises on wellness & A ; safety policy, monitors its effectivity and reviews cardinal public presentation steps on a quarterly footing. The information is provided by the Fire, Health & A ; Safety Officer Network Groups which besides meet quarterly. Information from each location is exchanged with Fire, Health & A ; Safety Officers at Business Involvement Group Meetings ( BIG ) .

The Store/Site Manager

The Store/Site Manager is responsible for guaranting with Fire, Health & A ; Safety Officer that Company Health & A ; Safety Policy is implemented. This includes:

Suitable Induction and Legislative Update preparation for Fire, Health & A ; Safety.

The bar, probe and the coverage of accidents.

 The completion of ongoing Risk Assessments and care of known jeopardy information.

The Fire, Health & A ; Safety Officer ( FHSO )

He assists the Managers and works closely with the Central Retail Operational Support Fire, Health & A ; Safety squad.

Business Engagement Groups ( BIGs )

It represents all employees in a two manner communicating. They discuss wellness & A ; safety policy, public presentation and execution as an docket point at each meeting and update the concern through the FHSO Networks.

Retail Operational Support Group

This group is responsible for finding and supervising the Fire, Health & A ; Safety Risk Assessments, work patterns and enforcement steps.

Property, Development and Facilities Management

They are responsible for the proviso of working countries, equipment and stuffs that are safe and do n’t present any hazard to wellness.

Occupational Health Servicess

Under this, they provide advice and support to line directors on pull offing the impact of work on wellness, and wellness on work.

It creates to safe, secure and pleasant working environment for employees.

Training and development:
Personal Development
Learning & A ; calling development
M & A ; S is committed to develop its employees into skilled, customer-focused, enthusiastic and motivated employees. They do this through preparation, developing the necessary accomplishments and cognition to execute efficaciously and carry through possible. An employee is every bit responsible for larning and development. One should actively place preparation and development demands by recognizing strengths and failings.

Proper formal preparation dwelling of coaching and practical on-the-job experience, supported by a broad

scope of learning resources is provided. Training is given as and when required e.g. the execution of new systems.

Employees with disablements
M & A ; S assist disenable employees to gain their full potency and supply them with the same calling chances and promotional chances that are available to all employees. In add-on, they are provided with the retraining, rehabilitation and sensible accommodations for those who become handicapped during the class of working life.

Review of public presentation
Line directors review public presentation continually in order to measure how a peculiar employee is making. It helps employee in measuring themselves and look for farther development.

Pull offing Diverseness:
Marks & A ; Spencer have a diverse scope of employees and are committed to an active Equal Opportunities Policy. This does n’t merely cover enlisting and choice processs, but tallies right through preparation and development, assessment, publicity chances and finally to retirement.

M & A ; S is extremely dedicated and committed to advance an environment free from favoritism, torment and exploitation and work hard to guarantee everyone is offered equality of chance to accomplish their full potency. All the determinations are nonsubjective, free from prejudice and based entirely upon work standards and single merit.A

Highlights of Equal Opportunities Policy are:
Promote a on the job environment free from favoritism, torment and exploitation on the footing of:

gender, sexual orientation, matrimonial or civil partnership position, gender reassignment

race, coloring material, nationality, cultural or national beginning,

hours of work

spiritual or political beliefs



Adequate concern is shown towards person ‘s personal fortunes and the demands of the concern in order to happen solutions to such issues. Reasonable accommodations are made to guarantee that handicapped workers or appliers are non placed at a significant disadvantage by a pattern or policy that exists at M & A ; S. Proper aid is provided to people with disablement or who have larning trouble to finish the application procedure online and besides in telephone appraisal.


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