Examining Linkage Between Job Analysis And Employee Efficiency Essay

In the concern universe today, it has become critical to mensurate the employee ‘s public presentation in footings of undertaking completion enterprises and so onaˆ¦ Human resources directors, officers and even outsources human resources advisers have been working truly difficult to heighten employee ‘s effectivity and efficiency.

In add-on to that many inquiries arose when carry oning psychological science trial on employees while seeking to happen accounts to the issue of underperformance of employees: is it the deficiency of motive that leads to that? Or is it because they did non cognize what their place ‘s demands are?

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Examining Linkage Between Job Analysis And Employee Efficiency Essay
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The industrial psychologist have narrowed these two inquiries into one reply which was found the most likely 1: the ground behind the underperformance of employees is the fact that most of them do n’t cognize what they are supposed to make in other words, the specifications of the occupation they are carry throughing.

To hold efficient employees, one must carry on a good structured occupation analysis, in order to set up an effectual occupation description that helps making a direct nexus between a occupation analysis and employees ‘ public presentation assessment.

The occupation analysis is frequently presented as the milepost that helps the successful employee choice attempts and public presentation direction enterprises. A occupation analysis involves a processed systematic aggregation of information about a specific occupation or place. The job-analytic methods are frequently approached as through the usage of two attacks. One attack is the task-oriented occupation analysis which involves an scrutiny of responsibilities, undertakings, and/or competences required to carry through a certain occupation.

A occupation description is normally developed by carry oning a occupation analysis, which includes analyzing the undertakings and sequences of undertakings necessary to execute the occupation. The analysis considers the countries of knowledgeA andA skillsA needed for the occupation. A occupation normally includes several functions. The occupation description might be broadened to organize aA individual specificationA or may be known as Footings of Reference.

AA public presentation appraisalA ( PA ) orA public presentation evaluationA is a systematic and periodic procedure that assesses an single employee ‘s occupation public presentation and productiveness in relation to certain pre-established standards and organisational objectives.A Other facets of single employees are considered as good, such asA organisational citizenship behaviour, A achievements, possible for future betterment, strengths and failings, etc.A To roll up PA informations, there are three chief methods: nonsubjective production, forces, and judgmental rating. Judgmental ratings are the most normally used with a big assortment of rating methods.

This leads us to our thesis that will take into consideration the relation between a set occupation analysis in conformity to the employee ‘s efficiency. This survey will be capable of theoretical reappraisal about occupation analysis ‘s that will unite the procedure of development of occupation descriptions and occupation specification, and a qualitative survey reacting to the reply to our chief research inquiry: Is the occupation analysis ever necessary to command the employee public presentation?

Problem Statement

Research workers have developed a relationship between HRM patterns and organisational public presentation, but the relationship between HRM patterns like occupation analysis – employee Job efficiency remains undiscovered. ( Ajmal Waheed, 2005 ) In order to develop and adequate occupation description and specification for a certain place, we find ourselves obliged to carry on en efficient occupation analysis, and this is important for Human Resources directors in the procedure of carry oning public presentation assessments by foregrounding employees ‘ public presentation sing their place ‘s occupation description. ( Dory Daw, 2011 )


The intent of this survey is to demo how a satisfactory occupation characteristic improves employee efficiency inside a house in Lebanon. The procedure will be done through a face to confront structured interview with 3 human resources companies:

Kawas Consulting

How To Consult


The population of our survey is Human Resources directors in Human Resources consultancy companies whose specifications reside in recruiting, preparation and occupation analysis development.

The research was developed through qualitative methods in order to demo explicate the linkage between occupation analysis and employees efficiency. This means that it is qualitative and explanatory.

Research Question

The old surveies about the relation between occupation features and employee efficiency is limited. Most surveies have investigated occupation penchants, demands, and satisfaction of working people without associating them to efficiency. Furthermore, there is no old survey that has investigated about the influence of organisational and occupation features on employee efficiency. When it comes to carry on an employee ‘s public presentation assessment, we should hold a certain standard to follow, therefore a set occupation description. But, is the occupation analysis necessary for control the employee efficiency?

Significance of the Study

The significance of the survey resides in the fact that concerns today ‘s chief aim is to put an efficient occupation analysis in order to acquire knowledge on how they differentiate employees functions within the house, in conformity to assist them measure their strength and failings in the place they are keeping. Hopefully at the terminal of the thesis, we can demo a qualitative survey on the topic in an effectual mode that will assist future concern directors assess their occupation efficiency to better their public presentations. In add-on to that, we will be able to demo how this effectivity will assist measure the turnover of the company, furthermore assisting us cognize how to be more cost effectual salvaging the company tonss of money.


Human Resource Management: is the direction an organisation ‘s work force, or human resources. It is responsible for the choice, developing appraisal and rewarding of employees.

Job Analysis: is an analysis conducted in order to put the specifications of a certain place held by the individual in charge of making the occupation.

Job Description: is the guideline for a certain occupation set after carry oning the occupation analysis.

Employee public presentation: is the figure of undertakings or the per centum of completion of the employee in regard to his/her occupation description.

Performance assessment: in the analysis done by Human resources officers and/or section directors in order to mensurate the grade to which an employee is effectual and efficient in executing the needed undertakings set by the occupation description in order to carry through his/her place.


This first chapter showed us the debut to our capable where we have created a linkage in the thesis statement between the Job Analysis and the Employee ‘s public presentation. In add-on to unveiling our methodological analysis of work, our sample and population and the attack we will be utilizing, in add-on to our job statement and definitions of the cardinal words used in this thesis. Employees are seen as critical resources for an effectual concern public presentation. In an attempt to leverage their concern public presentation, companies refer to making an attractive work environment that motivate employees and lead to better work outputs. This survey discusses the impact of a well set occupation analysis on employees ‘ occupation satisfaction and efficiency. Job analysis stairss, features, and feedback are all discussed and interpreted in the research. Both primary and secondary informations collection tools were used in this survey to back up and achieve the end of the survey.

The primary information was based on a face-to-face interview conducted with three human resources directors. The key of success for every concern is related to the satisfaction of the employees who will better their public presentation. The concern features are altering based on many factors such as demographics, demands, and accomplishments, therefore organisations tend to alter their occupation descriptions in order to engage the best employees that will be satisfied in their occupations. In the past, companies focused on the quality of their merchandises, the development of the used engineering, and on the services ; whereas these yearss companies are concentrating on the employee ‘s satisfaction in viing each other ( David, 2004 ). Companies realize that pulling and retaining qualified employees is really of import in viing in this altering market. That ‘s why, the organisation demand to be able to make, manage, and reassign cognition in order to guarantee the importance of qualified employees.

The qualified employees are characterized by their intelligence, accomplishments, experiences, and committedness. The organisation are seeking to do themselves the best attractive employer offering occupations with of import and preferable properties to future appliers. The employees who are seeking for a occupation, wants to happen a good occupation where can be satisfied ( Bruce, 1999 ). Sometimes, employees are obliged to remain in their work due to fiscal restraints, nevertheless they are non satisfied. Job satisfaction is related to the following property since every employee applicant seeks them in the occupation. First the promotion chances are the opportunity for publicity and calling promotion offered by the company.

The employee wants to cognize if the type of the work in order to avoid the drilling and everyday occupation. The exciting and disputing occupation motivates the employee to better his Performance. Beside the company ‘s type, every company has its repute which increases its positive popularity while the civilization is a shared set of attitudes, values, and ends. The employee will be satisfied when his occupation is unafraid which decrease his concerns about expiration ; on the other manus preparation chances improve the employee efficiency ( Brown,1997 ) .

Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal

Human resource direction is the use of persons to accomplish organisational ends. In order to accomplish these ends, occupation analysis is required where it determines accomplishments, responsibilities, and cognition required for executing occupations in an organisation. Job specification specifies the minimal acceptable makings a individual should hold to execute a certain occupation ( Firesmith, 2007 ) . The achievement of these ends needs a set of properties, accomplishments, and cognition that makes the person more likely to derive employment ( Lees, 2002 ) .

Education is the procedure that prepares pupils to be successful in the existent concern universe through giving the right methods in heightening their accomplishments. In other words, instruction is besides intended to develop, subject, and uncover one ‘s ability.

Harmonizing to Topel ( 2004 ) , a individual with great accomplishments will be able to increase employers or the workplace productiveness. Harmonizing to Robinson ( 2000 ) , employability accomplishment is non similar to an business or proficient accomplishment. This accomplishment is closely related with attitudes and actions.

Fugate ( 2004 ) stated that employability accomplishment is the development of the employee in order to increase their on the job abilities.

Students focus in completing their educational old ages and geting the grade without concentrating on the context of the classs. Each academicals class tends to supply the pupil with a particular accomplishment that is required for occupation.

Plenty of fresh alumnuss are confronting many jobs to happen a occupation or to lend to the occupation they are executing due to the deficiency of accomplishments needed to execute the occupation.

Therefore in this literature reappraisal, the research worker will take into consideration all the factors that combines the procedure between both terminals, get downing from the occupation analysis, traveling through the psychological factors a occupation analysis accent on, to eventually come through the public presentation assessment, to sum up in the terminal the nexus between the occupation analysis procedure and the public presentation assessment.

Job Analysis

Good employees display qualities such as dependableness, promptness, enterprise, a positive attitude toward the occupation, ability to acquire along good with others, flexibleness, motive, organisation, and an ability to execute assigned duties. Work values have been shown to be related to the manner people feel about their work, the manner people behave on their occupations and their overall occupation satisfaction ( Spence, 1985 ).

Occupations have five features depicting extent of accomplishments assortment where the employee uses a broad scope of accomplishments. Task individuality where the employee involves in all undertakings of occupation from get downing to stop of the production. Task significance where the workers feel the undertaking is meaningful for the organisation. The employee has freedom to schedule undertakings and transport them out which is called liberty, eventually employees get the feedback about their public presentation to the occupation ( Mc grew, 2007 ).

Job Characteristics Model

Figure 2.1 Job Characteristic Models

Beginning: Hackman and G. & A ; Oldham ( 2007 )

Job Analysis Research Methods

The organisational properties influence occupation pick determinations and companies ‘ attraction to occupation appliers. There is a popular premise that organisations with flexible work agreements are more attractive to jobseekers than those with a standard work agreement ( Hyland & A ; Barbara, 2002 ).

The most of import factor considered by occupation appliers in accepting a new place is bettering and equilibrating the work life. Flexible work agreements are popular with appliers since the increased flexibleness allows the worker to manage viing demands from work and personal involvements ( Goldberg, 2003 ). The attraction of these agreements depends on occupation searchers ‘ inter function struggles. This means that originating force per unit area in one function is incompatible with force per unit area originating in another function.

There are three types of inter-role struggle: work to household, household to work and work to school. Employees with high function struggle are more attracted to an organisation when flexibleness was offered. On the other manus, employees who have non conflict are somewhat attracted when flexibleness working agreements are provided ( Goldberg, 2003 ).

The most well-known meta-analytic attacks are those associated with Hunter & A ; Schmidt, A Rosenthal, A andA HedgesA & A ; A Olkin.A With the aid of meta-analysis, Hunter & A ; Schmidt advanced the thought of cogency generalisation, which suggests that some public presentation forecasters, specifically cognitive ability trials ( see particularly Hunter [ 1986 ] A and Hunter & A ; Schmidt [ 1996 ] ) have a comparatively stable and positive relation to occupation public presentation across all occupations. Although non undisputed, cogency generalisation has wide credence with respect to many choice instruments ( e.g. cognitive ability trials, occupation cognition trials, work samples, and structured interviews ) across a wide scope of occupations.

Forces Choice

Business is the thought of examined schemes that are studied for a concluding construction. Then this becomes a solid stuff for building in an effectual company for bring forthing a merchandise in types of stuff, societal service, or political service. For accomplishing a company ‘s ends and objectives the place of employees must be studied as good. Every individual employee must hold his ain duties to accomplish his specific function. The most used organisation construction consists of a director, a seller, a human resort director, client service, gross revenues work forces, comptroller, and workers ( Philip, 2007 ).

The company indicates the demand of a specific occupation place which makes the squad to find the type and sum of information for make fulling the place. Then, the choice standards will be identified by the directors based on one of the three standards: generic, indispensable, and desirable. The company permits for a high figure of appliers to use for the occupation based on the choice standards in order to choose the most qualified employee. Therefore, the applier must be go throughing the three choice standards due to the high challenge. ( Philip, 2007 ).

The indispensable standards in the choice must be met by the appliers in order to hold the opportunity in deriving the occupation place. However, it is non really of import for the applier to hold all the cognition and makings mentioned in the desirable standards. The applier will increase his opportunities of wining in the choice procedure if he pass the choice standards and beef up his ability to vie and confront the challenges.

The Selection standards highlight the personal qualities, accomplishments, abilities, cognition, and makings of a individual who wants to execute the function efficaciously. These standards involves in analyzing the ability of the applier to execute in the occupation in a manner that provide the company with advantages.

Choice standards can be divided into two standards ( of import and less of import ):

Important standards are every bit subjected.

Less of import standards are at equal rate but less subjected than the of import standards.

Each place in the company needs a list of indispensable and desirable choice standards including instruction degree, experience, and accomplishments. The company focuses on these standards in order to add to its staff a qualified employee that will actuate the squad supplying the place an effectual function in the concern public presentation. On the other manus, the applier for the occupation must turn out that he is the suited individual for this occupation by run intoing the bulk of choice standards. ( Philip, 2007 ).

Choice standards have many positive points in which it can assist to modulate employment procedure through insure the usher for both employees and employers, as an of import and most desirable demand while looking at an applier ‘s application, non merely this it besides be aid to minimise the personal and societal bases in our determination devising in order to see that the choice of the suited applier.

The choice standards indicate the personal information of the applier such as cognizing his age, gender, reference, and instruction degree. In add-on to that, the applier will supply information about accomplishments and experiences stipulating the occupation he wants to work in adverting the wage he has the desire to acquire.

The choice standards differ from public sector and private sector. A public sector place must hold choice standards from human resources for all places summarized in occupation advertizements. If that section has a web site so the choice standards may besides be available on that site under headers such as “ employment ” , “ places ” , and “ human resources ”. Furthermore, the applier may name the Human Resources section on the telephone figure listed in the advertizement. On the other manus, the choice standards in the private sector depend on the employer in saying if it is formal or non, nevertheless they must hold at least the short list of demands for needful place. The choice standards in private may non be clear as in the public sector ; nevertheless both are mentioned in the occupation advertizement. ( Villiers, 2008 ).

There are many stairss for the appliers to turn to the choice standards in order to demo the capableness. This requires groundss on how to fall in all the choice standards supplying specific inside informations and expose the consequences utilizing the STAR theoretical account ( state of affairs, undertaking, application or action, and consequence ) : ( www.bom.gov.au, 2008 )

Measure one: understanding the choice standards: it is of import to clearly understand what is meant by each choice standards.

Measure two: opening sentence: to turn to any choice standard one must get down with an gap sentence that need illustrations and inside informations to be supported by.

Measure three: brainstorming thoughts: it is made for each standard by restricting the thoughts to the last two or three old ages of employment.

Measure four: expand on the brainstorming thoughts: this may happen by utilizing many groundss that refer to each standard and take what evidences needed to be used, one time completing the groundss the applier must measure the figure of them that met the different facets of standards. In this measure the STAR theoretical account is most needful.

Measure five: checking work: the appliers must look into whether they used positive and specific linguistic communication, strong action words, avoid unsupported claims about abilities, and addressed all facets of standards.

Job description

The occupation pick determinations are related to company ‘s image or repute, which provides competitory advantage to companies when enrolling. A company ‘s repute has been defined as the image noticed by corporate leaders, Investors, consumers, employees, or pupils ( Montgomery & A ; Catherine, 2003 ) . Company ‘s repute besides influences the companies ‘ ability to pull appliers. It was indicated that pupils indicated they would accept a lower wage to work for a extremely reputable company.

Job description is designed by the direction to demo the appliers responsibilities, duties, and rights. However, sometimes the outlook of the employee does n’t run into the occupation demands.

Making a occupation description

A occupation description is normally developed by carry oning a occupation analysis, which includes analyzing the undertakings and sequences of undertakings necessary to execute the occupation. The analysis considers the countries of knowledgeA andA skillsA needed for the occupation. A occupation normally includes several functions. The occupation description might be broadened to organize aA individual specificationA or may be known as Footings of Reference. ( Dr.Khadij,2007 )

Functions and duties

A occupation description may include relationships with other people in the organisation: Supervisory degree, managerial demands, and relationships with other co-workers.


A occupation description need non be limited to explicating the current state of affairs, or work that is presently expected ; it may besides put out ends for what might be achieved in future.


Prescriptive occupation descriptions may be seen as a hinderance in certain fortunes:

Job descriptions may non be suited for some senior directors as they should hold the freedom to take the enterprise and happen fruitful new waies ;

Job descriptions may be excessively inflexible in a rapidly-changing organisation, for case in an country topic to rapid technological alteration ;

Other alterations in occupation content may take to the occupation description being out of day of the month ;

The procedure that an organisation uses to make occupation descriptions may non be optimum. ( Human Resource Management )

Strategic human resource planning

The human resort section has designed several choice tools such as the interview which facilitates the determination doing based on the public presentation.

Interviewing campaigners without a sketch is a critical accomplishment. If the employer is a telephone testing a campaigner referred to him, he will non hold the ability to mention to the sketch in order to bring forth the inquiries ( Falcone, 2002 ).

The Supervisor responsible for doing the concluding hiring determination indentifies theA keyA classs of behavioural qualities and cognition demands of the place in order to develop the interview inquiries ( Graves & A ; Ronald 1998 ).

The choice procedure consists of several stairss ; it starts with the Preliminary Interviews. The organisation uses this type of interview in order to supply the applier a brief overview about the company and the duty of the occupation. The intent of this type is cut downing the figure of campaigners by taking who do n’t run into with the standards. After the preliminary interview coating, the clean application starts ; it contains information record of the campaigners such as inside informations about age, makings, ground for go forthing old occupation, experience, etc.

The organisation behavior a written trial based on the choice standards, it includes intelligence trial, concluding trial, personality trial, etc. after the consequence of the written trial show on, the recognized campaigners are called for an employment interviews which is an interaction between the interviewer and the possible campaigner.

The medical scrutiny is conducted to guarantee physical fittingness of the possible employee. Based on all the old interviews, trials, and scrutiny, the selected campaigner will be given an appointment missive in order to inform him that he is appointed ( Employees Selection Process, 2009 ) .

In the diary of direction, Thomas Wright and Douglas Bonett examined in their survey that was published in 2007 the occupation satisfaction and the psychological well being as forecasters of workplace turnover. In the survey, the two writers refer to many experts who have examined the relation between occupation satisfaction which lead to employee ‘s efficiency and the workplace which mean the occupation analysis. First, they introduce their articles mentioning to the two writers ( Schmitt & A ; Chan ) who mentioned in 1998, that the company makes attempt in choosing qualified employees based on the occupation analysis in order to guarantee the high productiveness. The article shows that if the satisfaction is high, so the employee will remain in his current place doing an attempt in heightening his productiveness in order to be efficiency. The old surveies shows that the deficiency in occupation satisfaction leads to employees turnover and diminish in the efficiency. The article explained that the most of import thing for productiveness is employee work felicity which is resulted from occupation satisfaction due to the lucifer between employee outlook and occupation description.

In the international diary of concern, Solomon Markos and Sandhaya Sridve published in 2010, a survey about “ Employee Battle: the key to bettering Performance ”. They highlight on the employee engagement in of import undertakings such as occupation analysis in order to better the organisational public presentation. They said that the employees who are extremely involved in their occupation are motivated to increase their productiveness and their efficiency. The article ensures that disputing concern environment is doing it difficult for the directors since the organisation is in demand for many qualified employees.


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