Examining The Definition Of The Millau Bridge Construction Essay

The Millau Bridge, is a cable-stayed-bridge that is located in southern France, the span will link the A75 expressway from Paris to Barcelona. Millau Bridge is constructed over the Tarn Valley near Millau a little town in southern France. Designed by the Gallic structural applied scientist Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster, it is the tallest cable-stayed-bridge in the universe which stands at 343 metres tall. It took approximately 10 old ages of research and four old ages of execution to finish the undertaking. Construction began October tenth 2001 and was intended to take about three old ages to finish. However, bad conditions and high air currents delayed the initial agenda. A 2nd agenda was so calculated and aimed for the span to be completed by January 2005. Once revised it was completed many hebdomads in front of agenda. It so opened for traffic on December 16th 2004.

The building of the Millau Bridge was to be managed and financed by Eiffage group under grant from Gallic authorities. Subcontractors including Eiffage Construction ( in charge of the building ) , Eiffel Company ( in charge of piecing the steel deck and pylons ) , Forclum ( in charge of all the electrical plant ) , Appia Research ( in charge of the development and application of the coating for the deck ) and Eiffage Concessions ( in charge of tolls ) .

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Examining The Definition Of The Millau Bridge Construction Essay
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The planning stage for the Millau Bridge began in 1987. It took governmental functionaries, applied scientists and interior decorators fourteen old ages before traveling on to the building stage. The initial planning phase started with the thought of linking the northern expressway with the southern expressway, traversing the Tarn Valley. Sketches and design lineation of the span traversing the Tarn Valley were so developed. Research into the undertaking took about 7 old ages to calculate out how this undertaking was traveling to be done. They eventually decided to construct the Millau Bridge a few kilometers in an country downstream of Millau. It took a farther two old ages to take the winning design for the span. The winning design was created by Michel Virlogeux, and was drawn by Norman Foster. In 1998 the authorities gave permission for the building of the span to get down in December 2001, after 14 old ages of planning.

Eiffage teamed up with two environment specializers who steered them through the planning stage every bit good as executing phase of the undertaking to guarantee the environment friendliness of the undertaking. The building of the span was planned in such a mode as to minimise the environmental impact. By utilizing steel in topographic point of concrete for most of the building, the undertaking besides employed fewer machines and trucks. Using steel will besides cut down cost. As we all know, steel is a reclaimable stuff, so that it can be recycled on a big graduated table. Using steel agencies less concrete is used and hence less H2O, an of import advantage in a really dry part.

Construction of the Millau Bridge took topographic point on October tenth 2001. Construction started foremost by puting the foundation for the concrete wharfs in December. Factories fabricated certain parts of the steel deck to cut down the volume of stuff that had to be worked on-site, that is something that couldn & A ; acirc ; ˆ™t be done with any concrete construction. The usage of steel has another advantage ; steel constituents could be welded together, assembled and painted on site or in a mill. This has great affect on the quality of the finished piece it besides guarantees safety. Less equipment and stuff would be used, so there were less trucks traveling back and Forth choke offing up traffic and disturbing locals.

The fabrication works contracted with Eiffage which is located in Lauterbourg had 18 months to provide the elements for the deck and the wharfs for the span. The deck spans were push-launched into topographic point utilizing 100s of hard-hitting hydraulic cylinders, pumps and a PC-synchronised lifting system utilizing up-to-date engineering and orbiter guided pilotage systems. The Millau Bridge was a well planned and executed undertaking.

There was nil that truly went incorrect with the undertaking merely had to cover with two major issues, one was identified in constructing the construction. Traversing the Tarn Valley was the biggest obstruction the immense spread from one tableland to the other made it a monolithic challenge for applied scientists. The solution that was proposed is alone, utilizing seven pylons alternatively of the typical two or three.

The docudrama should get down by concentrating on the rich history of the metropolis and the beautiful sight environing the Millau Bridge. It should take a closer expression at why the span was built at that place and how the thought came approximately. It should subsequently concentrate on the technology glare of the undertaking and how it was managed. It should inquire the really of import inquiries like:


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