Examining The Strategic Performance Management Of Askari Bank LTD Essay

Askari Bank Limited is one of the successful Bankss runing in Pakistan. The bank was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9th, 1991, as a populace limited company harmonizing to Company ‘s Regulation 1985 of Pakistan. It starts its operation on April 1st, 1992, and is majorly engaged in the concern of banking, as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962. The Bank is listed with Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. The bank has concentrated on growing through bettering service quality and better client services, investing in updated engineering and human resources, by using its big subdivision web which includes Islamic every bit good as Agricultural banking.

The agribusiness unit is concentrating on developing concern, and besides achieved farther polish in back office processing including recognition induction, operations, hazard direction, in line with the concern kineticss and regulative model. On the other side Islamic Banking unit opens the doors for Islamic banking solutions. With the aim to set in topographic point an efficient banking system supportive to economic justness and public assistance of society in line with Islamic criterions ( Corporate web site of Askri Bank, 2011 ) .

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Examining The Strategic Performance Management Of Askari Bank LTD Essay
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The bank is functioning for both consumer and corporate sectors of Pakistan. Consumer Banking division is offering merchandises and services chiefly comprise personal finance, mortgage finance, smart hard currency, Askari Credit Cards ( Master Card ) , car finance, Corporate Credit Cards, Zarai Credit Cards and i-Net Banking ( Internet Banking Service ) . And corporate division is offering different services to run into the unique concern demands and Investment Banking Group ( CIBG ) strives to run into their outlooks through proviso of customized and relationship based banking attack ( Corporate web site of Askri Bank, 2011 ) .

Corporate Social Responsibility is an built-in portion of the manner we do concern. In order to carry through our CSR aims, the bank effort to advance public involvement by promoting community growing and development through patronizing societal service events, athleticss, back uping instruction and environment and besides lend in socio-cultural activities ( Corporate web site of Askri Bank, 2011 ) .

Set Performance Targets of Team to Meet Strategic Objectives

Performance Management

Human is the major resource of any organisation, and effectual use of human resource and increase the public presentation and productiveness of any organisation. So if direction wants to cognize about the growing and public presentation of the organisation, they can analyse the effectual use of its human resources ( Riverside, 2011 ) . And public presentation direction is the method of analysing the effectivity of human resource use, where direction analyzes how efficaciously the resources are allocated and utilized. And what will be future line of action to better the public presentation so that organisation can accomplish the aims.


Through an effectual public presentation direction system an organisation can mensurate where it presently stand and if the ends and aims of the organisation are non accomplishing as planned, so they can modify the schemes for better and improved consequences. Weak countries can besides be identified through public presentation direction system and by bettering them organisation can besides accomplish the degree where it wants to be. It besides allow employees to cognize about their strengths and failings, which leads to actuate employees to cognize about what direction expect from them and what betterment should be made to accomplish the desire degree of satisfaction of direction.

Business Procedure Reengineering

If an organisation wants to do its system modernize and efficient, they can utilize concern procedure reengineering which allows an organisation to transform the organisation to acquire better public presentation and end product. The procedure includes redesigning of organisation procedure and systems while utilizing the bing resources ( Price, 2007 ) . By utilizing the reengineering procedure direction identifies different tools and methods to obtain the best consequences and productiveness from the bing resources of the organisation and with new procedures and processs.

Business procedure reengineering is used to modify the bing procedure for better and higher end product of the organisation. This could be a technological alteration and this could be the alteration of go outing patterns to keep and run different resources of the organisation, this could besides be for decrease of cost or decrease of clip, or for better organisation end product and productiveness. Reengineering could be conducted by choosing the best pattern of the industry and modify harmonizing to the demand of the organisation ( Price, 2007 ) .

The theoretical account was used by organisation for decrease of cost of bing resources ; the direction decides to centralise all procedure of consumer banking division. Initial we had different sections to aromatize different undertakings for each consumer division ‘s clients. Then direction decide that merely one employee will execute all undertaking of each client person and all employee will hold the surplus to a individual centralized system, this will cut down the cost of human resource and engineering and besides cut down the channels of interaction for clients.

Mckinsey 7s model

Mckinsey 7s model is can be used by direction to analyse its current place and how good the resources are utilised to accomplish the intending aims and ends. Mckinsey had discussed his model in two classs soft elements and difficult elements.

Soft Elementss

Shared Valuess



Soft elements allow direction to place which resources are utile and which are non, and which resources are more of import and need attending to accomplish the desire degree of successes.

Difficult Elementss



Difficult elements are in direct control of direction and it allows employees to cognize about what direction wants and expect from them and which countries have to be better to run into the outlook of direction. Effective mixture of the seven elements can take any organisation to accomplish their nonsubjective. But this theoretical account can non applied in my organisation as many maps in my organisation is outsources, and direction has non hold direct control.

Team Performance Target to Lend to Meeting Strategic Aims
Prosecuting Employee

Employee battle is new technique for driving high public presentation of squads and has competitory advantages for organisation for long term profitableness and fiscal consequences. An occupied squad relatively seeks more chances for single and team growing and bring forth more originative and productive thoughts to better the public presentation degree of squad and organisation as whole. For higher organisational public presentation the line directors of every squad should be clear and aligned with the schemes of direction, so that they can efficaciously use the human resource to higher squad and single public presentations. This is one of the primary responsibilities of of all time line director to prosecuting each squad member to the assigned undertaking harmonizing to their expertness.

If employees are cognizant with the cardinal cultural and environmental issues of the organisation they act consequently to see to follow them while making any undertaking. If direction engage employees in different activities other so the modus operandi occupations, and let them to work and brainstorm for cross-functional sections while offering different inducement, preparation and development plans, this will let and actuate employees to maintain more focal point on work instead any other functionary or unofficial activity. Another manner of prosecuting employees is to authorise them for their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities and determination, this will make a sense of ownership in employees and they will take more involvement in work, and will develop the accomplishments of better determination devising to guarantee the best end product and productiveness, on other manus direction will hold some really good hereafter directors for their organisation.

There must be some formal calling development plans for employee which aligned with the development plans of the organisation, this will develop sense of satisfaction in employees that they have good calling way and sense of ego appraisal, parallel the organisation carry through its aims through effectual use of employees. Second if direction allows employees to take portion in strategic degree determination, every bit good development of schemes, development of new merchandises or services, new action programs for betterments of merchandises or services, or execution of new programs of merchandise or services, this will besides promote the battle of employees in every country of organisation from development to execution of merchandise or service. Employee battle can besides be promoted through some formal mediums where employees can portion their feedback or advanced thoughts or betterment programs for better consequences of organisation.

My organisation promotes all these thoughts to guarantee maximal employee battle in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activity or long term planning for betterment of company. All employees have entree to the direction for suggestions and betterment demands through electronic and print mediums. Tasks squads are build on occasion to cover with exigency or critical instance with the intent to decide the job every bit good as to advance the better interdepartmental relationships so that all maps of the organisation operates swimmingly and organisation grows at higher gait.

It is of import for every organisation that all squads working in the organisation are focused towards their work. Our direction believes that the success of any organisation is majorly dependant on strong coordination between different degrees of sections, and for that our direction had develop and keep some schemes to develop interpersonal accomplishments in employees so that employees have strong coordination at all degree of sections and operations of organisation tallies swimmingly and efficaciously. There are some constabularies develop to decide and avoid struggle between different employee and different sections.

High Performance Team

For better organisation growing and success it is every bit of import for the organisation that the squads working in different functional countries of organisation are clear about the ends, mission, vision and aims of the organisation and their work and nonsubjective are linked with aims of the organisation and they contribute every bit to the successful tally of the organisation in both long and short term prospective. It is the responsibility of direction to see while choosing the squad that the employees working in the squads are clear about the ends and they are ambitious plenty to finish them. Management besides guarantee that squads are updated with the tools and engineerings runing within the organisation and they are flexible plenty to adobe the alterations for improvement of the organisation and they have capablenesss to follow and confront the different challenges with the transition of clip. They besides required accepting the challenge of betterment on uninterrupted bases ; squad should understand the importance of tools and cognition for betterment and betterment should be for the squad and organisation as a whole.

One of the major facet of a high public presentation squad is that took the duty jointly to guarantee the best end product of their accomplishments and cognition to accomplish the common aims of the squad, and all members focus on the public presentation of the squad as whole instead their ain single public presentation, and they support each other on common evidences so that the squad carry through the undertaking on seasonably and planned manner.

My organisation are utilizing the best patterns and tools for guarantee the better client satisfaction, and there are different actives and preparation plans are planned to develop and advance the strong coordination between different sections and use of new and updated tools and engineerings. Team directors guarantee that all members of squads are capable plenty to follow alteration and new challenges for better public presentation of the organisation, and all members are lending towards the success of squad every bit good as the organisation, and they conduct informal session with squad members to guarantee that every member is aligned with aims of the squads and if any employee is under executing they took suggestions form the squad to took those employees to the degree where the all members contributes every bit to the squad success.

Influencing and Carrying Skills to the Dynamics and Politics of Personal Interactions
Motivation is the internal drive force of homo being which activates the sense of making or accomplishing to fulfill their different demands or ends, motive besides provide waies to accomplish them. Motivating factors can change from single to single and effectual combination of these factors can take an single to accomplish its ends.

Motivation Models

Motivated employees are the major driving force of any organisation, the success and failure of any organisation is dependent of how efficaciously direction use the resources and these resources are motivated adequate to drive the organisation at continues gait.

There are many theories and models available to understand the importance of motive and through effectual mixture of the theories direction can place the motivation factors of different categories of employee and develop schemes consequently to guarantee that employees are motivated.

One of the most normally used models to understand and place the motivation factors for employees is the Maslow Hierarchy of demands, which provide bases to all motive theories. Maslow defines five phases of demands for homo and harmonizing to him every human autumn in to each demand category one by one ( Richard,2011 ) . Once the human fulfill its early degree need it moves to following degree and so on boulder clay human reached to the highest degree demand.

The first phase is physiological demand which in every human being to last, like the demand of basic necessity of nutrient, H2O, slumbers, shelter and sex. Until this primary degree demand is non satisfied no other actuating factor can works. Once human have fulfill this demand satisfied it moves to following degree which is security demand, where human seeks the safety and security from danger of losing the beginning of income and life. The following degree demand is societal demand, where the human wants to hold good relationships with household, friends and properties for so that human can fulfill the demand for fondness and love. Now the following two degree demands are see to be the higher degree demands where he seeks high place in the society for healthily life and the last degree demand is where human bury carry through its ain all stuff demands and now moves to carry through the religious demand where he merely think about other and aid others to carry through their demands.

In continuance of Maslow theory of demand, Herzberg refined the theory of Maslow and presents the motive and hygienic two factor theory by modifying the factors of Maslow ‘s hierarchy. Harmonizing to him there are some internist and extrinsic factors associated with the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of employees during their work. Harmonizing to him if employers remove the dissatisfaction factors for the occupation, it is non nessarey that employees will be satisfied now. There certain factors if they absent that can do de-motivation which are called hygienic factor and on the other manus the presence of certain factors can besides instance de-motivation.

Now it is the function of direction of the organisation to avoid the hygienic factors to avoid the dissatisfaction of employees every bit good as guarantee the proviso of factors that cause the motive and satisfaction among employees. And besides create the occupation adequate challenging so that all employees can do usage of their all possible and abilities.

It is non necessary that all demands are to the full satisfied, so it is of import for the directors to understand the degree of employee ‘s demand so that he supply the chances to carry through their demands for maximal satisfaction of their demands for upper limit end product and productiveness for organisation.

Monitor Actions and Activities defined to Improve Team Performance

Performance Appraisal

Performance assessment is a procedure where direction analysis the current public presentation of its resources to guarantee that the resources allocated are adequate to run into the aims of organisation and they are besides competent plenty that they will go on to execute for the organisation to assist the organisation to be where the organisation wants to be ( King, 2011 ) . A just Performance assessment procedure besides give the employees the equal opportunity to cognize what are the exactions of direction from them to run into the defined marks, and what are the countries which required attending to better for better consequences in future for the organisation every bit good as for their personal development and calling in front ( Riverside, 2011 ) .

On the other manus the procedure besides includes honoring employees harmonizing to their public presentation degree. Rewards include the monitory wagess in form of increases or bouncinesss and besides place the employees who deserve the higher place and duty in the organisation. Performance assessment would be more effectual when the direction took major focal point on positive facets of public presentations, and wages should be tantamount to the productiveness or part made by the employees.

Following are some major benefits an organisation can take from an effectual execution of public presentation assessment system.

Through public presentation appraisal direction can place the major failing of the resources allocated and modify or planned some schemes for better end product from employees in future. Through public presentation assessment direction and employees get alterations to pass on with each other and acquire an thought that what is the current degree of return and what are the existent outlooks. Strengths, weaknesses, menaces and chances can be identified through assessment system ( King, 2011 ) . And most of import public presentation assessment is a beginning of honoring employees harmonizing to their public presentation and part.

In my organisation the public presentation assessment exercising is conducted at terminal of every twelvemonth. Where directors of every squad do the assessment of each member of the squad on pre-defined appraisal signifier and direct the assessment along with recommended increase of salary to the direction. Then direction reviews the assessment of all squads and sends the blessing to human resource section to farther procedure. If direction disagrees with the assessment of line directors they send back the assessment signifier to the line director with recommendations, and directors will resend after reexamine the signifiers once more.

In my organisation, line directors do non portion the public presentation assessment and recommended increases with employees, they treat this as a everyday occupation which needs to be changed. To do this exercising more effectual if they portion and discourse the assessment of employees with them, so that employee acquire opportunity to portion their restrictions and demand to better the public presentation of single every bit good as squad. This will besides give employee motive to do suggestion for betterment and believe in that direction considers their recommendations for betterment. Furthermore it besides ensures the supervisory accomplishments of directors how will they reply the preies of employees sing the public presentation assessment.

Second if public presentation assessment system is used to develop, wages, promote and penalty of employees it can increase the importance and value of system in the heads of employees. Furthermore there must be some formal treatment session with employees, where supervisors discuss the current public presentation and the outlook of direction from them so that employees motivate to develop the accomplishments to carry through the demands of direction, and this should now be a erstwhile activity, supervisors should besides guarantee the uninterrupted monitoring to mensurate the betterment and sporadically suggests them the effectual methods and tools for betterments, and appreciate the betterment of employees to maintain them motivated.


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