Example Answers to Questions on Culture in the Loreal Group Essay

The LOreal group has been the market leader of cosmetics and the beauty industry. The merchandises it chiefly gross revenues are in the Fieldss of cosmetics including, hair colour, make-up merchandises, skin attention merchandises, aromas etc. Company has besides launched its several merchandises in the field of dermatology and pharmaceutics. The gross revenues and net incomes are maintained through its broad scope of professional consumer luxury and active merchandises demoing a strong through it. It was founded in 1909 by Eugene Schueller and shortly it grown into universe ‘s largest company in the industry. The turnover of the company has grown over 19 one million millions euro ‘s with over 11 per centum of growing which well indicates the success of marketing schemes of L’Oreal group. The company market over 70 international trade names along with a figure of local trade names made specifically for the state it is marketing with the same international criterions and flexibleness harmonizing to the local demands and demands that are to be sold to both work forces and adult females over 150 states.

The company has shown adequate growing in the continents of North America and Western Europe with its outstanding public presentation of twice the market tendency growing of the markets of Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. The planetary selling attempts of the company with its smart merchandising attempts brought the enormous sum of success for it. The differences between the different civilizations and the demands of the native people of those different civilizations have been rather successfully understood by the company ‘s selling personals. To understand and to reply the decorative demand of the different types of people in the universe the company has setup its five world-wide research and development Centre which are established in the different continents like 2 in France, 1 in the US and 1 in Japan and 1 in China in order to do the merchandises fabricating managed harmonizing to the demands of different civilization.

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Example Answers to Questions on Culture in the Loreal Group Essay
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L’Oreal group has successfully projected itself as a nice illustration of a good multi national corporation that manages its net income with considerable success through the competitions in the market ‘s surrounded by the assorted geographical, societal, economical and cultural hazards. The company reached out to the assortment of the clients with different economic position and cultural background in overall different perceptual experience through its all right planetary stigmatization schemes. Through its merchandising of different merchandises the company sold different genre of merchandises like Italian elegance, New York street smarts, Gallic beauty, etc through different planetary stigmatization methods. In this study we are asked to discourse about different planetary selling schemes adopted by L’Oreal group and how much the company is successful in understanding the different cultural differentiation in the different international market. ( L’Oreal Group )

Part 1


The celebrated L’Oreal group utilized its planetary selling schemes to its utmost extent in order to demo and bring forth the great growing chances in a really elegant manner. The company is known for and has ever been infliction of its clients as a supreme elegant Gallic merchandise with smart monetary values and brilliant packaging. The general belief of the direction of the company is about the basic being of two different dominative beauty civilizations which are Gallic and the American.This has been a major ground behind the company to setup two central offices one in the Paris and one in New York. These two states are culturally far different in footings of the background of the people, the head set of the society and the originative background of their civilization. The company even laid down the constitutions of the different trade names as the portion of same organisation in competition to each other in the field of selling but takes the research and developmental portion in the coaction as suggested by marketing caput of the L’Oreal, Owen Jones.

He suggested and implemented assorted smart and advanced selling schemes that stimulated the creativeness in his section like traveling around the streets of the local market to research and analyse the demands and outlook of the merchandise in the point of position of the native clients so that the merchandise can be designed and marketed consequently. The determinations over the selling schemes in the central office of the L’Oreal group are made after confer withing examining and holding the proper penetration of the local markets while presenting with the touch of international criterions maintained giving the feel of the popular method of implementing the planetary along with the local satisfaction.

The L’Oreal efficaciously focused on the international graduated table with its revolutionist which brought batch of success to the company across many states and continents. The growing of the company in states like India, Mexico, Malaysia, few African states was along with its immense success in its fatherland of Europe and America besides with its appreciative enlargement in the tough markets of China and Japan which was rather important and stat mis rocks.The chief jobs faced by the selling squads of the company in the states in which L’Oreal has non been that successful as compared to other parts of the universe like Japan and China where there are rigorous wellness related regulations and ordinances and the complex distribution of markets is the considerable illustration may be that of Japan which is the 2nd largest cosmetics market in the universe.The company really good shouts its planetary presence with its subseries mills and fabricating units and selling mercantile establishments all across the assorted continents of north America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

To back up this fact with the informations and the statistical demand the company has 18 subordinates and 8 mills in the continent of north America,169 subordinates and 22 mills in the states of Europe, 29 subordinates and 5 mills in Latin America,23 subordinates and 4 mills in south Asia and with its extension in Australia, in-between E and many other African states as per the information available harmonizing to the information at the terminal of the twentieth century. The planetary trade names of l’Oreal includes the L’Oreal itself the Garnier, Lancome, Biotherm, Vichy, Maybelline, Redken, Ralf Lauren, Goirgio and Helena which are being launched in different types of markets of the universe for the different types of people in the universe. The company besides adopted celebrated selling policy of geting the market through acquisition policies.This non merely helped the company to settle in the abroad market but besides to spread out and go its leader. Some of the popular acquisitions of the L’Oreal group include the not guilty companies like organic structure store, soft shininess, matrix, etc.

To sum up the overall selling scheme the company has to keep the standardisation globally every bit good as to hold the range of local optimisation as per the demands and demands of the different civilizations bing all round the Earth. The company ever had some standard merchandise with uncomparable nucleus characteristics and the most significantly its range of being coupled up with the optimisation required with the merchandises in order to maximise its local response by the native clients by doing accommodations in the characteristics of merchandises with its monetary values without compromising with its international trade name value and quality. These were the major grounds behind the company ‘s outgrowth as the planetary leader of the decorative market for different civilizations and hopes of the beauty of the local work forces and adult females worldwide.


The civilization of any company described is in the footing of how it handles the persons runing in the group and manages its diverseness in its really ain manner, its ain on the job conditions, hierarchy and the general engagement.The L’Oreal has been following nice effectual policies to non merely manage the personal but besides the professional activities of the single employee ‘s through different methods like motivational wagess, preparation and instruction, employee ‘s assessment through different strategies etc. The company takes the endowment development and apprehension of the corporate civilization by its employee as one of its duties. Company allows the employees to be geographically nomadic, provide high working cadences and assorted other Gallic benefits. The calling development of the employee are maintained through the wagess like the rise and hurting, internal publicities, in transportations options it besides conducts the activity like bi-development interview and even therefore established several direction development Centre ‘s every bit good.

The one-year enlargement program of the person with the company is done through interviews, rating of the one-year public presentation, taking into the consideration their demand and professional aspiration, the coordination and communicating between the employees and the employees with the top degree direction is efficaciously maintained inside the organisation, the external communicating with the clients with the market is done through effectual trade name pull offing with the aid of imperativeness and media and holding the well client attention direction to decide any issue that may originate. With the usage hierarchical manner of communicating among the employees of the organisation, the dealingss among them is maintained and besides the internal struggles is resolved through effectual direction. Electronic mails are one of the most of import ways of communicating for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours disposal of information and the general intent to convey information with the employees of the company.

The company promotes its trade name through its effectual manner of external communicating through imperativeness, electronic media, web publicity, etc it besides maintains its trade name image through promotional run done through sponsorships. There are assorted nines and communities within the company that are established to keep the better relationship between the employees.The company besides really efficaciously follow the client antiphonal civilization.The proper internal and external operation of the company is handled by the strong cultural backgrounds of its moralss and principal.

The company has developed an embrace civilization which has short processs for making the work which non merely supply the intent of less wastage of clip and energy but besides gives the feeling of independency and liberty to each of its employees.The unwritten communicating is considered better than the written process in order to hold flexibleness in work but it besides provides a type of easiness to work out any struggles if they arise. The company really good handles its diversenesss in its squad and the clients which is reflected through its successes at every degree.The company function his merchandises to many civilizations harmonizing to the demand of any civilization through its dedication and proper apprehension. The direction adopts such policies so as to use the working capablenesss of its employees to its maximal extent. Sometime the force per unit area on the employees besides builds up but overall they work their harmonizing to the single perceptual experience.


The companies like any other transnational company with a high prestigiousness consist of board of managers, direction commissions and the shareholders. The board of managers as the regulating organic structure including 15 members. The present members belonging to core commission are: denim Paul Agon, Francisco Basco, Werner Bauer, Liliane Bettencourt, Francoise Meyers, Peter Brabeck, Charles Fillipi, Xavier Fontanet, Bernard Kasriel, Marc Lacharrier, Jean Meyers, Lindsay Owen-Jones, Franck Riboud, Annete Roux and Louis Schweitzer. The direction commissions have different commissions responsible for administering the different sections.

The commission includes Jean-Paul Agon as Chief Executive Officer, Beatrice Dautresme as EVP of corporate communications, Christian Mullieze as EVP of fundss, Fredrick Roze as Chief Executive Officer of L’Oreal USA, Jean Grollier as EVP of R & A ; D, Jean Lebel as the president of consumer merchandises, Nicolas Hieronimus as the president of professional merchandises, Geoff Skingsely as EVP of Human Resources and Marc Menesguen as the president of Luxury Products. The major shareholders of the company are Bettencourt household, Nestle, exchequer portions and the others holded by the general populace for the trade. The distribution of the portions are the Bettencourt household geting the 31 per cent of the company ‘s portion, 29.8 per centum of the portions are acquired by cuddles, 2.4 per centum portions reserved for the exchequer for the hereafter and the staying 36 per centums of the portion available in the market for the general public trade.

Part 2


As described by the celebrated writer Schein, the civilization in mention to the corporate universe is the different corporation ‘s acquisition that is developed by different finds, innovation and the development for managing the internal and the external issue efficaciously.These acquisition and development should be successful plenty to be passed and taught to the coming and fall ining employees for managing such personal businesss in the hereafter.He besides remarked the celebrated quotation mark, ” the civilization has a same significance to the group what personality has to with single ” . Besides it is good understood in the current epoch of planetary market that a successful transnational company has to hold an in-depth cognition of the environment and the different cultural background of the different states and parts in which it is runing to hold a considerable sum of success. As a universe leader in the field of cosmetics and beauty industries, the L’Oreal group is ever up with the blend of beauty with the design of merchandises by intense research in scientific discipline and engineering with a touch of inventions.

The company has been selling its merchandises to the work forces and adult females to more than 130 states based on different civilizations, different mentalities and with the different perceptual experiences to measure its merchandises. For lasting in these diversenesss, the company has to take invention and quality direction as one of its major demand for its merchandise manufactured. The company sells the most advanced merchandise in each and every state it is functioning independent of any civilization it has to function.Being present in any state the company ever gives the credits to its employees to construct the L’Oreal a leader in the beauty and decorative Industry of the state by their unequal and unparallel endowment and aspiration in making so.

As described above the company has opened its subordinates and research centres mills etc all around the Earth with the vision of holding some standardised moralss and rules along with range of flexibleness to follow the different civilizations for its employees and clients to keep its trade name value at the international degree. The four different civilizations that can be taken under the consideration can be that of USA, India, Canada and China which can depict how good the company has been successful in covering up with the civilizations which were wholly different in many positions.

The L’Oreal USA which is based in New York has worked successfully good to sell its merchandises chiefly related to hair colour, hair attention, skin attention, skin attention, aromas and the colour cosmetics in the consumer and the professional markets. The major causes of the success of the company had been its progressive research and development of the new and advanced merchandises, high sum of the dedication shown by its employees and the good distributed selling of its merchandises. The company besides did some success supplying acquisitions for illustration that of the Maybelline, Soft Sheen, matrix, etc. ( L’Oreal USA ) The L’Oreal group in the state of India succeeded with its aim of concentrating all its energy and know-how of the Indian demand which it used during the fabrication of the merchandises and so its merchandising through effectual Indian manner selling schemes. The company provided the Indian work forces and the adult females with its all new and advanced merchandises with latest promotions developed in its research and the development centres. The company gives the recognition to its more than 600 employees who worked with all the devotednesss to construct the L’Oreal India with all success in beauty and the decorative market in India. ( L’Oreal India )

The L’Oreal China had entered into the Chinese market in 1996 with all attempts to supply the clients in China their desired decorative demands but supplying its cardinal merchandises of international quality and some particularly made merchandises accommodating the Chinese tegument, hair, etc. The company did really good in following the local selling schemes by coming up with the merchandises like that of lightening and the anti-aging picks, etc. The L’Oreal group performed highly good in the state of Canada with same committedness of inventions, best quality merchandises and its effectual selling and distribution. The company launched its 25 esteemed trade names to get the better of the high sum of beauty and decorative demands of the people of this state. There are 1200 employees working in L’Oreal Canada with the same dedication and devotedness for the net incomes of the company.


For any of the successful MNC, it is really indispensable to understand the different cultural differentiations between the different civilizations. The merchandising of same sorts of merchandises in the markets that are wholly different in footings of their cultural backgrounds has ever proven to be rather a tough undertaking. Besides, the merchandise or services should non go against any regulation or ordinance based on the civilization of the state it is runing. The promotional runs and the manner of the advertizements besides should be designed harmonizing to the cultural background of the part it is traveling to be launched or shown. If these things is non taken into the selling scheme, the merchandise which had been really much successful in one state, may even neglect in the other. The local stigmatization schemes, direction of the human resources, etc all should be decided and implemented while taking into history the cultural differentiations on whose footing its pertinence and the feasibleness has to be decided.

The same wages strategies, motivational methods, desired working environments, etc besides can non be the same for different employees working for the company in the different states and therefore it besides needs the apprehension of different facets of the impacts of the cultural differences. For good relationship of foreign supervisor with its low-level local employees, the cultural apprehension of both becomes an indispensable object. When it comes to the market, the clients with wholly different civilizations have a different position of looking the merchandise and make up one’s minding its feasibleness for them which depends upon their general mentality, monetary value tickets, quality and characteristics required as per the natural clime, and its importance for them as an person.


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